After He Made Birther Remarks, CNN's Corey Lewandowski Nightmare Is Now A National Embarrassment


I can see why Jeff Zucker is so proud of this hire.

— Marlow Stern (@MarlowNYC) August 3, 2016

If Corey Lewandowski dropped an n-bomb while praising slavery, would that be enough for you to fire him? I can't tell from here.

Media figures across the political spectrum praised Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s joint press conference in Mexico with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, which Trump’s aides reportedly said was specifically designed as a “photo opportunity” to make Trump appear “presidential.” Numerous figures accordingly praised Trump as “presidential.” Regardless of optics, Trump has a long history of anti-immigrant and anti-Mexican rhetoric and xenophobia.

Wonder if Zucker still thinks Lewandowski is a great CNN contributor?

It's very fitting that a walking mediocrity like Lewandowski would be the one to bring this back up.

— Jim Roberts (@nycjim) August 3, 2016

CNN and contributor Corey Lewandowski continue to embarrass themselves, this time as Lewandowski wondered on-air if President Obama was “brought into Harvard University as a citizen who wasn't from this country.” Dozens of media figures slammed the former Trump campaign manager and CNN for allowing “birther crap” on its airwaves.

To say things like this, Corey Lewandowski makes per annum what most people make in eight years

Lewandowski embracing birtherism in 2016 should be the last straw for the network. Back in 2009, CNN was heavily criticized for employing “publicity nightmare” Lou Dobbs, who repeatedly pushed questions about President Obama’s birth certificate. CNN eventually parted ways with Dobbs, who now works for Fox. Will CNN finally do the same with Lewandowski and his disastrous tenure?

— Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) August 3, 2016

Corey Lewandowski was a birther this whole time too?

— Mike Drago (@MikeDrago) August 3, 2016

Yeah, that Corey Lewandowski was a great journalistic hire!

— Kate Aurthur (@KateAurthur) August 3, 2016

This is still nuts even after you sleep on it.

— Michael Hiltzik (@hiltzikm) August 3, 2016

Are you SURE you know what you're doing, @CNN? Corey Lewandowski went birther tonight on air.

— Marlow Stern (@MarlowNYC) August 3, 2016

More outrageous stuff from the Trump camp. Lewandowski on CNN: Was Obama a citizen when he went to Harvard?

— Jamelle Bouie (@jbouie) August 3, 2016

— Paige Lavender (@paigelav) August 3, 2016

Oh my God. @angela_rye speaks for me. Thanks Jeff Zucker, Lewandowski is enriching our election debate.

— Adrian Carrasquillo (@Carrasquillo) August 3, 2016

They shouldn't have ones like Lewandowski who are still being paid by campaign, have signed NDA preventing criticism

— Mathieu von Rohr (@mathieuvonrohr) August 3, 2016

— Kate Irby (@kateirby) August 3, 2016

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— Sam Stein (@samsteinhp) August 3, 2016

And, we’re back to birtherism. Courtesy of Corey Lewandowski but also CNN.

2016 Election Reality TV channel @CNN pays this guy, and is still unapologetic

— Julio Ojeda-Zapata (@ojezap) August 3, 2016

Hey @CNN any other total loons you want to use as @realDonaldTrump experts? I hear the infowars guy is available.

— Louise Roug (@louiseroug) August 3, 2016

— Josh Feldman (@feldmaniac) August 3, 2016

only 98 days until we never have to hear about corey lewandowski ever again

Tell CNN it's time to end the worst conflict-of-interest problem in the history of cable news.

View the discussion thread.

Anyone else wonder if @CLewandowski_ is still working for Trump campaign at CNN? Thought we were done with the birther crap.

Hey, @CNN,

— Jay Rosen (@jayrosen_nyu) August 3, 2016

Good hire, CNN.

— Charles Ornstein (@charlesornstein) August 3, 2016

— Daniel Drezner (@dandrezner) August 3, 2016

— Ian Millhiser (@imillhiser) August 3, 2016

— Nathan McDermott (@natemcdermott) August 3, 2016

— Justin Green (@JGreenDC) August 3, 2016

Great hire, @CNN. You've managed to get a birther onto the air

— Adam Weinstein (@AdamWeinstein) August 3, 2016

Jeff Zucker criticizes BuzzFeed, yet CNN pays Lewandowski to raise the birther issue again?

Media figures roundly criticized Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for campaigning on his claim that Mexico would pay for a border wall, then subsequently admitting he “didn’t discuss payment of the wall” when meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

"I'm just asking." -- clown 'contributor'. WTG, @CNN.

— Gideon Resnick (@GideonResnick) August 3, 2016

— Erik Malinowski (@erikmal) August 3, 2016

Lewandowski appeared on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon on August 2 and defended former boss Donald Trump’s obsession with President Obama’s birth certificate and college transcripts, asking: “Did he get in as a U.S. citizen, or was he brought into Harvard University as a citizen who wasn't from this country?”

— Trevor Aaronson (@trevoraaronson) August 3, 2016

— Steve Cavendish (@scavendish) August 3, 2016

Lewandowski’s idiotic remarks came shortly after CNN president Jeff Zucker publicly defended the network’s hiring of Lewandowski, claiming “he’s done a really nice job.” Numerous media experts have criticized Lewandowski’s hiring on ethical grounds since he has a reported non-disparagement agreement and he is “still receiving severance from the Trump campaign” while working for CNN. Media Matters president Bradley Beychok sent a letter to Zucker last month detailing the numerous ethical concerns surrounding Lewandowski.

Corey Lewandowski goes full birther on CNN the same day Jeff Zucker defends him and says BuzzFeed isn't real news

— Sarah Rumpf (@rumpfshaker) August 3, 2016

— Jesse Singal (@jessesingal) August 3, 2016

And Jeff Zucker trolls @BuzzFeedNews and @VICE? Hahahahahaha

On same day that @CNN honcho Jeff Zucker had the gall to criticize Buzzfeed (which breaks tons of stories), no less.

— Joshua Holland (@JoshuaHol) August 3, 2016

Dozens Of Media Figures Slam CNN And Lewandowski For Birther Debacle

Just to review, Corey Lewandowski is getting paid by Donald Trump to get paid by CNN to say Obama might not have been born in the U.S.

[email protected] killing it with the birther hire. Congrats guys

— Morris Dallacosta (@MoDaCoatLFPress) August 3, 2016

Corey Lewandowski is getting paid $500,000 to be a network Trump purports to hate and bring up birtherism again.

After Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gave a long-awaited speech promising to solidify his stance on immigration, media figures described Trump’s speech as a “repackaged version of Trump's standard stump lines,” and “vintage Trump,” highlighting his reiteration of his previously-detailed extreme policies.

Remind me again why Lewandowski is on CNN's payroll?

Great hire, @CNN. How about a moon-landing conspiracy nut next?

So CNN is paying Corey Lewandowski to go on TV and bring up birther conspiracies then?

Dozens of media figures responded to the remarks with criticism of Lewandowski, CNN, and Zucker. Here is a sampling of the media reaction:

Wow, that hack Corey Lewandowski just tried to legitimize the birther crap again on @donlemon. smh

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