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Personally I believe all the whoopla is because despite the popular mantra of the success of protective styling, weaves still have somewhat of a negative stigma.  Some healthy hair journeyers have a disdain for women who have long hair but mostly wear weave – often asking “What’s the point of having long hair if you never wear it?” and the more controversial natural hair debate “How are you proud of your natural hair if you constantly cover it with textures unlike your own?”  As a woman who has worn braided extensions since childhood and enjoyed the versatility of weaves since being a teenager, I think the debates are silly and judgmental.  Moreover, they only occur in our community!

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There you have it ladies…protective styling, more specifically wearing weave (and wigs) work to help you retain length.  If that isn’t your thing, fine.  But don’t look down your nose to those who do choose to enjoy weave as a style option.  If you are new to weave wearing, check out our free eBook The Ultimate Weave Resource Guide to learn the basics of getting started.  For a better look at Angela’s natural hair, check out her video on the Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System, for which she is a brand ambassador.

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Thank you for sharing this! She has said for the past few years that she is a firm believer in Protective styling as well as nutrition. Great take on the article!

Now that’s some good hair porn!  If you are wondering which brand Angela wears, she formerly promoted and had a special limited edition texture through Indique but now has her own line, Angela I Am Hair which is by DH Hair Boutique.  However, they are frequently out of stock of all textures – so I would highly recommend Indique for consistently reliable, quality hair with zero to minimal shedding and tangling.

Another good read! Great job!

Anyway, moving on to the point of this post – the long hair “secrets” Angela Simmons shared.  She wears weave.  That’s it.  She’s said as much many times and admitted to not having much to do with her hair’s maintenance, instead relying on great stylists who take excellent care of her hair before, during and after weave installations (via Curly Nikki).  In a recent post to her blog, Angela reiterates “If I had to pinpoint the length and health of my hair to one thing, I would say it’s due to protective styling.”

Her hair is gorgeous. I missed the article on CN so thanks for sharing here.

Kim Kardashian recently cut her extensions – or removed them altogether – passing it off as a hair cut and made headlines.  You may remember seeing Brittney Spears having bare edges with a sew-in a few years ago.  Miley Cyrus infamously removed her extensions and was very vocal about having worn them for years while on Disney as Hannah Montana.  Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton have their own line of hair extensions.  Long story short, women of all races have been wearing fake hair for years, weather to achieve length, texture, color or thickness they don’t naturally have and nobody is bothered except us!

Ever since the era of social media, celebrities have shared photos of their hair sans weaves first through Twitter and now via Instagram.  Angela Simmons’ hair share a few years ago quickly circulated the internet with women on blogs and hair boards alike in awe of how long and healthy her hair is.  Although there are plenty of women online with similar lengths of hair, those women are often documenting their journey to growing long hair so we have had the opportunity to witness the process.  Angela’s photo seemed to come out of no where and was of special interest because we are accustomed to seeing her with sew-in weaves, so to see her natural hair so long and healthy amazed many.

Great post! wow at Angela’s hair, it’s beautiful. Like you, I can’t believe that people still want to comment and dictate how another person should wear their hair. This debate is going on in my country almost all the time on the media. *yawn* I just think that: each to their own, and don’t worry about the next person.

I am not super big on the weave thing (‘specially the ones down to the butt lol), but I have to agree that I retain the most length when I am long-term protective styling. Nice post.