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We carry industrial quality battery chargers, DC converters, sealed batteries, solar chargers, pure sine inverters, and battery desulfators, built for commercial, marine, military, mobility, and home use. We supply components for 6 volt through 156 volt DC systems and have a Technical Advisor to aid in selection of the appropriate item for your specific application. Newer additions include application specific golf cart battery chargers, and industrial cart battery chargers, and sealed lead acid batteries, both AGM and true Gel types. We also have added the Quick Charge line of portable or on board chargers, and industrial 60 and 100 amp chargers, US built with a 3 year warranty. These include 72 volt, 84 volt, 96 volt, 120 volt, 144 volt, and 156 volt models, servicing the electric vehicle/alternative vehicle markets. The latest addition is the PulseTechâ„¢ line of battery desulfating and battery charging/desulfating products, for maximum battery capacity and life.

A DC to DC converter is an electronically controlled device that pulls equally from the parent voltage, i.e. two 12 volt batteries in series for 24 volts nominal, and supplies a precise, regulated voltage (say, 12 volts nominal) in the desired output amp range. They usually can tolerate a fairly wide input voltage, allowing for battery pack discharge, and charging system voltage variance. specializes in small solar panel applications in 12 volt and 24 volt, and medium 12 volt solar panel systems. We can advise and supply solar solutions for battery maintenance of single or multiple battery packs, or solar panel systems with small or intermittent current drains. Solar battery chargers can be appropriate for security systems (video, alarm), remote telemetry, radio repeaters, solar gate openers, solar fence charger, generator/pump starting batteries, heavy equipment batteries, GPS locators on semi trailers, marine applications, or as a solar trickle charger and many other situations. Appropriate lead acid battery types for these systems include the flooded, or wet batteries, absorbed glass mat (AGM), and sometimes the true Gel battery (Gel Cell).

There have been questions, particularly from commmercial customers, as to why our pricing on some items is significantly lower than average, on the web. Questions as to old stock, or refurbished units. We don't offer ANY rebuilt/refurbished/reconditioned items. All our stock is fresh, current batch, straight from the manufacturers. There are two reasons our pricing may seem too low: 1. We buy straight from the manufacturer at distributor level, and pass on that savings because of our low overhead. 2. Somebody else doesn't mind screwing you. If neither of these answers work for you, feel free to add a percentage until you get comfortable.

We have added a dedicated site for Golf Cart Battery Chargers at They range from 12 volt to 72 volt units, for all major golf cart brands, and all connector types. Includes tutorials, and desulfation devices. All US built. Golf Cart chargers are still available on this site as well. carries the Samlex, and SEC America lines of high quality DC DC converters for military, industrial, lab, and other applications which require a DC voltage step up (boost) or step down (buck). The high efficiency of these converters allows a compact size for the amp output, and lower heat generation (a product of inefficiency). The SEC America units are US built, and have potted boards for weather, vibration and shock conditions. They are highly efficient and have a very wide temperature range.

Though more expensive than modified sine inverters, the DC to AC pure sine power inverters provide better performance and longer life for most of the devices they power, which ultimately results in lower overall cost. For computer, video, and audio applications, we always recommend a pure sine power inverter. For more information, see our inverter tutorial.

Power inverters are electronic devices which convert DC power stored in a battery or battery bank into AC power for use in devices which run on wall outlet (utility grid) type power. They come in various inverter input voltages (12 volt, 24 volt, 48 volt DC), and are rated in continuous output wattage, and surge wattage. They are available as modified sine DC to AC inverters, and pure sine wave inverters. Modified sine inverters use a stepped output wave to approximate the smooth sine wave AC output provided in utility grid power systems. Pure sine power inverters (true sine) have a proper and well regulated pure sine wave output, that allows devices to run on the type of power they were designed for. This is more of an issue for some devices than others. We only carry pure sine inverters. We just added some inverter/chargers, and inverter/transfer switch models to our site as well.

The addition of the Quick Charge line adds another quality US built charger line to our selections. There are Portable chargers in voltages up to 156 volts and amperages to 40 amps in some voltages. The standard portables have been updated to incorporate all the charge profiles in one unit, with internal dip switches to select the profile, making these units more versatile. The On Board line are mountable, not necessarily for the marine market, and in voltages to 144 volts DC, so we can cover the electric vehicle market and help those building electric cars, motorcycles, etc. The On Board models are also excellent for scissor lifts, man lifts, etc. In the Industrial line, there are 60 and 100 amp units from 12 volts to 48 volts. These are for forklifts and other high amp hour battery electrical requirements, needing a single phase charger. There are aircraft APU models for 14 or 28 volt applications, that incorporate a charge function. Quick Charge recently added some multi-bank models with 2,3,4,6,10, and 12 banks, 10 amp per bank, with the internal dip switch settings for battery type at each bank. While more expensive than a single voltage unit for EV applications, these are superior in our opinion for high voltage EV use (72, 96, 120, 144 volt). All the Quick Charge models we carry have a 3 year warranty, except the Octopus 10 bank shop charger.

PBM battery chargers are available in a variety of models and output voltages to 72 volts, with selectable input voltage, in single phase or 3 phase, typically used for forklifts and other heavy industrial equipment. These units are CE, UL, and CUL approved, and have a four digit LCD display. They are microprocessor controlled, and dip switch programmable for various features. Excellent quality units, and stackable three high. We have a dedicated site for these units at

With the growing EV (Electric Vehicle) market, and private or home construction of EVs, we have created a separate page for EV Battery Chargers. These include on board and portable units, from 72 volts to 156 volts, and some new models that accept 115 or 230 VAC input. These are all US built chargers, with a 3 year warranty. Check out the EV Battery Charger selection.

At, we distribute industrial quality battery chargers in amperages from 2 amps to 240 amps, and 6 to 156 volts DC, including hard to find voltages such as 8 and 72 volt. Applications we cover with battery chargers include auto, motorcycle, ATV, golf carts, marine & boat, on board, forklifts, scissor lifts, floor scrubbers, personnel carriers, electric vehicles (EV), scooter & wheelchair, robotics, and most industrial uses. Most of our battery chargers are multi staged microprocessor controlled, which provides efficient multi-stage charging. The float stage in a microprocessor controlled battery charger is an excellent application of new technology in this computer age. Older battery trickle chargers usually maintained an amperage level that was too high for long term maintenance, and overcharged batteries, thus requiring constant monitoring. The new chargers can be left connected for indeterminant periods, and the battery charger only applies enough current to maintain the float voltage, or recharging as needed, compensating for internal battery discharge, preventing sulphation, and providing maximum battery life, with minimum observation.

We have also added a few charger/maintainers from Battery Doc, to cover 6 volt and 12 volt battery maintenance situations. The 12 volt Rainproof unit (2 amps), is, well, rainproof. Perfect for jetskis at the dock, and similar wet or moist situations, where maintenance is required.

This is the novelty piece for hot rodders and auto shop owners. It is a scale version of the venerable GMC 6-71 blower, cast from aluminum in 3 pieces. It serves as a business card holder, pen/pencil holder, and conversation piece. It also won't blow off your desk or counter. These are designed, pattern built, cast, and assembled in the USA. See more at

This internal discharge (self-discharge) is a common characteristic of lead acid batteries, but varies with battery type. The wet, or flooded lead acid batteries are constructed of a lead-antimony alloy, and have an internal discharge rate of 8% to 40%. The sealed lead acid battery types, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and Gel, use a lead-calcium alloy, which has a lower internal discharge rate, between 2% and 10% per month. This internal discharge leads to suphation of the battery plates, which can harden and either reduce battery capacity, or destroy a lead acid battery's ability to be recharged. A significant percentage of lead acid battery failure is from sulphation. Proper battery charging and use of floating chargers reduces the sulphation problem, and use of approved desulfation products such as the PulseTech line of chargers/desulfators prevents the sulfation problem and even cleans up most batteries that have been abused.

We have also added the MobileCharge24E charger, which plugs into the lighter socket or power port of a car, truck, or van, and charges a 24 volt wheelchair or scooter while you drive, and up to 2 1/2 hours after you shut the vehicle off. This is a micoprocessor controlled smart charger, that won't overcharge the chair batteries, or drain the vehicle battery. We have had a lot of requests for something like this, and now can offer this excellent unit.

For more information, see our solar tutorial. We have access to many more solar components, so give us a try!

Don't forget to check the tutorials for more on battery selection, charging, and restoration or contact us with specific situations, requirements.

We have added the PulseTechâ„¢ line of battery desulfation and battery charging/desulfation devices. These use the patented pulsing process, used in military and commercial markets for years. Some charger companies state that their chargers have a desulfation stage, but any lead acid battery charger knocks most of the loose sulphation off the battery plates in a proper charging cycle, hence their claim. It is the built up sulfation, or hardened sulfation that the patented process addresses, and we have seen and verified this in the shop. There are permanently attached desulfation modules from 12 to 48 volts, solar driven desulfators, solar driven charger/desufators, multi-station shop desulfators, and AC powered charger/desulfators, as well as larger and military specific units, and the new Quadlink charger multiplier which gives you 4 separate outputs for an XC100-P or X2 charger/maintainer. While we don't stock the PulseTech military line, we have access for quantity purchases. If you care about lead acid or sealed lead acid battery restoration, or want maximum battery life and capacity for your golf cart, floor scrubber, solar site, etc., check out the PulseTech/Battery Desulfation pages.

The SEC America Model 670 or Model 679 will boost voltage in 12V vehicles to levels between 15V and 18V, enabling the operation of communication equipment at full capacity. Check out these new dc boosters at the Model 670 page, or the Model 679ce page.

We are adding some of the sealed lead acid batteries to the site, both AGM (absorbed glass mat) and true Gel types. The manufacturer we are dealing with is Universal Power Group headquartered in Texas. While our charger and inverter lines have mainly steered clear of Chinese made products, the Universals are made in China in a plant partially owned by Universal. This gives them a say that a simple customer/importer doesn't have. The quality has been superb, and customer service outstanding. This is not the case with all imports. The sealed batteries are DOT approved for air transport, and deemed non-hazardous. This makes them suitable for shipping around the country without hassles. It also allows travelers flexibility to carry them in luggage, or take a mobility chair or scooter abroad. All models we carry are designed to be cycled, dead if necessary, and give their rated service life. Ask about quantity purchases, or sizes not found on the site.

We offer Quick Charge digital volt meters in 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 120 and 144 volt units. These are mountable, for such uses as golf carts, industrial carts, scissor lifts, etc., or can be portable. State of battery charge, and correct charger function can be determined with these units. More accurate than an LED bar graph, and made in USA. We also have Dual Pro Battery Fuel Gauges, microprocessor controlled, which accurately visually display battery pack state of charge. Available in 12, 24, 36, 48, and 72 volt.

The SAMLEX EVO SERIES is an inverter/charger/transfer switch combo. They are available in 12 volt at 2200 watts and 3000 watts, and 24 volt at 2200 watts and 4000 watts. We've been waiting for these for some time. Take a look.

The Samlex line of battery chargers are dip switch settable to deactivate the boost mode to function as a power supply at the float voltage, for backup power systems or power supply applications, up to their rated output amperage. The Samlex chargers are also dip switch settable for true gel batteries (gel cell), and internally selectable for input AC voltages (115/230). We use these in radio repeaters, industrial applications, robotics testing, or any application where there is a constant drain on a battery pack.

We are an experienced solar battery charger supplier. Our technical advisor has worked with the U.S. EPA on remote montoring stations, our U.S. military (for small mobile applications in Iraq, infrequently used vehicle battery maintenance, thermally activated training aids, and more), Homeland Security projects (parking/structure) video surveilance/recording, many colleges and universities for scientific monitoring and student projects, and the solar powered video documentation of the rebuilding at Ground Zero in New York called Project Rebirth.

The Soneil 24 volt chargers are premium quality units, and we use them in mobility (wheelchair/scooter) and other applications.

Check out our selection of battery chargers from Dual Pro, Iota Engineering, Japlar-Schauer, PBM, Quick Charge, and Samlex America. At, we select our battery chargers for reliability, design and function, warranty, and value. We deal with case pricing for quantity users. For more information, see our battery charging tutorial. has access to various wattage DC to DC converters, in step up and step down versions, and non-isolated and isolated types. We like the Samlex DC to DC converters because of their reliability, variety, and suitability in many applications. For more information, see our DC converter tutorial.

Military and heavy equipment applications may use DC to DC converters in a 24 volt DC system to provide a regulated, stable DC voltage source for 12 volt DC electronic devices such as radios, computers, data loggers, sound equipment, lights, etc. Marine systems can use DC converters for sonar, radar, instrumentation, computers, stereos, etc. Buses and heavy trucks are also appropriate uses for the DC converters. More communication/internet suppliers are using the Samlex converters in their facilities, as well as military/robotics applications.

We offer battery chargers specifically for mobility applications - wheelchairs and scooters. They are Universal 24 volt 5 amp models, one profiled for AGM batteries, one profiled for true GEL batteries, and one AGM profile with heat sink cooling instead of a fan. There is a small 2 amp AGM unit for smaller scooters that need a charger in this amp range, an intermediate 3 amp AGM, and a larger 8 amp AGM charger. They come with the industry standard 3 pin XLR connector, found on close to 90% of mobility devices. They are 3 stage chargers, and can be safely left hooked to the chair or scooter in the float mode until the device is needed, without risk of overcharging.

The PMBC series power supplies from PowerMax are purpose built for automotive diagnostics and reprogramming. They feature voltage adjustability (12.5 to 16.5 VDC), a digital display, and come with a 15 foot cable set. Take a look.

We are working on a whole new section about self reliance, that incorporates the products and technology we present here, as a lot of people use battery systems for camping, remote cabins, storm back up, etc. I hope we can fill in this section fairly quickly. Hopefully, watching your evening news urges you to study the subject.