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"Everything opens up everything, so they can do it all," Belichick said. "They have great skill players. They can run the ball. They can throw it, throw it long, throw it short, run after the catch, extend plays. Everybody is involved – tight ends, receivers, backs, multiple receivers, a very experienced offensive line, big offensive line. Just keep going. We'll be here all day. There’s no real weakness on that offensive unit. They can’t come all on the field at the same time. Whichever ones they put out there are good. Whichever ones they take off and put out there the next play, they're good, too."

"Everything," Belichick said when asked what makes him so good. "Just make a list. He’s on all of it."

"They do a lot of things," Belichick said. "They get you a lot of different ways. [Running hurry-up is] one of the many tools they have in their box, one of the many things you have to defend. They do it when they want to do it. They don’t do it when they don’t want to do it. They do it well. They do other things well, too. It’s just another rock on a big pile of rocks."

Bell leads the NFL in yards from scrimmage this year with 1,684. 

Brown is just as good, as the receiver comes into the contest averaging 9.75 catches and 156.75 yards in his last four games.

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Belichick is always hyping up his opponent, but this time it's real -- the Steelers are really, really good.

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FOXBORO -- Bill Belichick knows what a big challenge the Patriots have this week trying to stop the Steelers offense.

Stopping a player like Antonio Brown or Le'Veon Bell is hard enough on its own, but when a defense has to stop both, it becomes borderline impossible.

"He's really good," Belichick said. "He's a tremendous player. He leads the league in yards from scrimmage and that’s about really all you need to know. He’s a receiver when he’s out of the backfield. He can run any run you want – inside, outside, runs with power, runs with a lot of skill and quickness in the open field. He’s an excellent receiver in the passing game. A big guy, blitz pickup, matches up well against linebackers and DB's that he has to block. He’s a tremendous player. Those two guys are both fabulous players on the same team, very hard to defend – [Antonio] Brown and Bell – just dynamic players that have the ability to do so many things, do them so well consistently. They’re there every week. They make big plays every week. Two thirds of the offense with two guys – that’s a lot of offense."