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Chloe is worried about when she is going to have her baby.

Also, Chloe's healing factor had a remarkable impact on Brainiac. The machine's power reserves were severely depleted after he attacked her at the Talon, as her ability to heal countered Brainiac's attempts to infect and render her comatose like he had done to Lana. After she recovered, Chloe has not successfully used her healing powers.[15] This was evident at the beginning of Season 8 when she tried to heal Clark from Oliver's arrow wound. She also didn't attempt to use it to save Jimmy in Doomsday, implying it is definitely gone, but it is never explained.

Later, Oliver tells Chloe that he is going for a walk but as the time passes Chloe realizes that Ollie's "jogging" excuse was just a sham.

While exploring a secret LuthorCorp lab, Chloe temporarily acquired the kryptonite-based power to compel others to tell her the truth. As with other examples of kryptonite-enduced powers, this ability seemingly lowered her morality, as she made people tell her their private thoughts and details about their past with no regard for the consequences to those who were speaking, such as when she exposed a well-liked teacher's past role in a man's accidental death. She even influenced Pete Ross into mentioning Clark's abilities and Martha into mentioning Clark's conflict with his biological father- although Clark was able to deflect and interrupt Chloe's interrogation before she could learn anything definite- and prompted Lex to admit that he still wanted his father's love despite everything Lionel had done. When Lionel attempted to force Chloe to discover Clark's secret, Clark used a cure devised by the original project's creator, Doctor Jonah Doyle, which he injected directly into Chloe's heart, restoring her original personality and leaving her feeling guilty about what she had forcibly exposed during her infection (Truth).

Because of the time spent together with Oliver, the two started to develop an attraction towards each other and started a relationship "without strings" that ultimately developed real feelings in both of them.[5] Chloe eventually decided that she wanted to be plugged again into the real world and realized that her time as Watchtower was only a facet to escape her loneliness, but Clark persuaded her to continue helping the community saying that she was a real hero like him and Oliver and that what she created will be a legacy for future generations of heroes. (Hostage)

Chloe and Earth 2 Chloe proceeds to connect with each other

At Watchtower, Chloe flashes to her Earth-2 counterpart's final moments.

On Earth, Emil explains to Chloe that Dr. Virgil Swann's will dictated that the facility, also known as S.T.A.R. Labs, was created to help "the Traveler" learn more about himself and the world around him. Emil explains that, during testing of Superman's abilities, their research into his X-Ray vision revealed these multi-spectrum capabilities. Superman messages to check if the readings from the scanner are coming through. Emil confirms and laments that they had to send Superman into orbit instead of one of their new Hazardous Environment Drones, which haven't yet been fully tested. Superman zips in and says he's happy to help. The communication device on his belt beeps and he opens it to read a text message from Lois chastising him for being late to the LexCorp press conference.

Chloe healing Jimmy in Gemini.

A few days later Jimmy goes in a charity auction, that Lois told him about, called MediaCares where people bid to go out on a date with journalists. But the night doesn't go as well as Jimmy thought it will go. The night gets even worse when it turns out that Chloe is also one of the media members being auctioned off and also Sebastian Mallory is among the audience. Jimmy can't compete in a bidding war with him and so Mallory pays big bucks to win a date with Chloe.

The next time she used her powers, she had apparently gained some control over them. She used her healing powers, this time without tears, to heal a cut in Jimmy Olsen's finger as a demonstration of her newly professed status as a meteor freak. As she healed him, she explained that the side effects were harsh while visibly wincing and clutching her own finger. Presumably, she took on the pain of Jimmy's cut, suggesting that Chloe's power has an empathic component.

Chloe in 2011

Chloe sometimes wears her emotions close to the surface and has in the past lashed out with tears and accusations, but later apologizes profusely. (Rogue, Rosetta, Witness) Chloe's unwavering devotion to her friends, Clark in particular, is another trait which others have used against her to manipulate her.[10] In her own words, Chloe tries to protect herself from emotional harm by distancing herself.[11] Usually quite perceptive, she was completely oblivious to the fact that Pete had fallen in love with her. Chloe exhibited narcissistic tendencies, as noted by Desaad who observed that her fatal flaw was her pride and need for control in all of her friendships. These traits are shared by Lionel Luthor who recognized them in Chloe, leading him to employ her. Despite her tendency to disclose others' secrets, she herself is private about her own personal matters. She rarely mentions the anxiety she feels over her ailing mother.[12] Chloe believes Moira has an unspecified, hereditary psychiatric illness and has expressed fear that she will inherit it.

Over the years, Chloe has developed the research and computer skills to get just about any piece of information she needs. Chloe's computer skills qualify her as a member of the Justice League, as their information broker, Watchtower. From her high school years onwards, Chloe could search fingerprints databases, run license plates, download satellite images, hack cellular phone records (although she admitted doing this illegally) and access old newspaper archives. She carries a wide assortment of spy gear in the trunk of her car and is well-versed in their operation. She is highly skilled in using the Internet and other online databases of information. She has contacts in various strategic places, including the Smallville morgue [citation needed], emergency services [citation needed] and police stations [citation needed].

Chloe had become bitter towards Clark by this point in time and said she no longer trusted him. The resistance united to obtain the Legion ring (which Zod had taken from Lois) in the hopes of sending Lois back in time to change the past. Chloe initiated a computer virus from the Watchtower to shut down Zod's solar towers, and was stabbed and killed by Alia while trying to escape.

Chloe in High school

On July 24, 2010, at the DC Universe "Event Horizon" panel at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con International, it was announced that Chloe Sullivan will make her official entry into mainstream DC Universe comics on September 29, 2010, with her appearance in Action Comics #893.[45][46]

Chloe Anne Sullivan-Queen[1] is Oliver Queen's wife and Clark Kent's closest friend. She served in the role of Watchtower, where she provided operational support to Clark and Oliver and their team of heroes. Previously, Chloe worked for a few years as a struggling basement reporter for the Daily Planet and then managed the Isis Foundation.

In September 2009, the first issue of a new origin story for Superman was published called Superman: Secret Origin written by Geoff Johns. The story begins with Clark Kent accidentally breaking Pete Ross' arm during a game of football, resulting in an arm cast. Pete felt no ill will toward his friend, due to the attention it brought him from his female classmates. A close-up shot of the cast reveals one signature that reads "Chloe S." In Superman: Secret Origin #4 is a post-it on Lois' desk with the words "Call Chloe".

Chloe, Lois and Barbara in the Batcave.

In Metropolis, Oliver and Chloe talk about their upcoming child. Oliver, seeing his equipment says that he misses the action. Chloe responds by saying that even though they don't like the fact that they are away from any action and danger, as they decided to do, they have to stay that way so their son would have an intact set of parents when he is born. Chloe also reminds to Oliver that they both lost their parents, who weren't even directly in the line of daily fire. Oliver agrees but says that at least Chloe had the opportunity to go to Gotham City, with Chloe being surprised that Oliver knows that.

Lois later breaks into Level 3, in a Janitor disguise, in order to find something to bring Lex down. As she makes it past the security door, her cellphone rings. As she answers the phone, security laser alarm beams are revealed to her. She correctly guesses and thanks Chloe for the assist.

Chloe working as a hacker.

Chloe was born in Metropolis in either late 1986 or early 1987.[19] Chloe's parents divorced when Chloe was young.[20] Her mother first left the family when she was five,[21] but Chloe had at least some contact with her mother until age eight in 1995. One day Chloe came home with her hands covered in ink. When Moira instructed her to wash them, Chloe disobeyed. Moira again told her to wash them until the ink was gone, but found Chloe scrubbing her hands until they bled. Moira realized that she could control her daughter with her meteor power and possibly hurt her, so she had herself committed to a mental institution.[22]

Chloe and Oliver decide to keep their promise this time.

Chloe was unaware of this fact until her senior year of high school, (Scare) believing before then that her mother was simply not interested in having a relationship with her.[23] The Sullivans moved to Smallville in 2000.[24] Chloe quickly befriended Clark Kent after he showed her around the town and his family farm. She also became good friends with Pete Ross in eighth grade. In Jinx she told Mikhail Mxyzptlk she had 'fun' with Johnny Brosen back in the 6th grade.

Arkin runs and hides, asking the bugs to help him escape. Luthor finds him and incinerates him as well. As he moves to leave, he can hear the thumping of a heartbeat. Using his X-ray vision, he discovers someone hiding under a desk. As he nears the desk, he begins to feel the harming effects of Kryptonite. It's enough to turn him away. Spared, Chloe 2 moves from the shadows below the desk, revealing the Kryptonite necklace around her neck. Back in the present on Earth-1, Chloe mutters dismayed words from the memory.

Chloe recalls one of her doppelgänger's memories.

Outside of Washington D.C., under the ocean in the D.E.O. Headquarters, Oliver, Chloe, Steve and Diana discusses the events of what has occurred recently, with Steve staying that D.E.O. will ring a bell "if anyone starts throwing shade this reality's way". Diana asks Oliver and Chloe if they considered their offer to become members, with Oliver saying they would have accepted sooner but the world 75% ended. Steve hands them their badges as he asks if he wants to meet their ragtag group of misfits, with Chloe replying hurry back if her water breaks.

In the future, Chloe gathered Oliver and others to fight the Kandorians as a resistance movement. She had them raid the Luthor Mansion to save Clark and Lois from being executed by Zod. During the raid she fired an arrow at Tess, killing her.

The comic version of Chloe has been described as "a very successful and dedicated reporter and a major player in Metropolis". Further, it was revealed that she and Jimmy "have a previous relationship and that causes him to embark on a huge adventure that takes him across space and alternate realities to prove something to himself and her."[48]

2 months ago. Chloe and Oliver find Earth 2 Chloe and when both Chloe's touched it send each other flying back. The Monitor then finds Earth-2 Chloe saying she has ran far but her quest has ended and this Earth will die just like Earth-2. The Monitor reveals her body is filled with Bleed, the anti matter that separates all universes- which cause her and the other counterpart to repel each other apart. The Monitor then kills her saying that exist to maintain order and in order to do that they have to end all civilization. Chloe wakes up in Oliver arms with her wondering with what happened with Bart, the lives the other Oliver and Chloe lead, the lives Green Arrow and Watchtower lead, the destruction of Earth 2, how can they bring a baby into the world with a crisis on the way.

At the Watchtower, Chloe and Tess try to get them assistance but everyone is busy.

In Metropolis, Chloe gets frustrated that she can't do help more and can't sort out her counterpart's memories. Suddenly, she's stricken by a memory and falls into Oliver's arms. At Smallville High School of Earth-2 six years in the past, something has attacked the graduation ceremony. This universe's Jodi Melville, Greg Arkin and Justin Gaines, all meteor-infected like their Earth-1 doubles, run the halls of the school trying to escape. Melvilles's hunger gets the better of her, slowing them down. Their stalker emerges from a doorway, Clark Luthor. He blasts Justin and then Jodi with his Heat_vision, killing both.

Chloe has an idea on how to learn more about her doppelganger.

After four years at Smallville High School, Chloe moved back to Metropolis after graduating in 2005. She had been attending Metropolis University as a journalism major and was also an intern at the Daily Planet. [citation needed] She began writing obituaries and classifieds and answering the 24-hour news hotline, followed by small general-interest and current event articles.[2] She, along with many other staff members, was fired from the Daily Planet by the paper's new owner, Lex Luthor. After Chloe was fired from the Daily Planet, she became manager of the Isis Foundation.

Dr. Curtis Knox later performed testing on her meteor rock infection and informed her that she has a high concentration of the mineral in her heart.

She has also appeared in Superman Family Adventures, which is a comic series for younger-readers, renamed to "Chloe", as one of Jimmy Olsen's friends. Jimmy thinks that Chloe might be in fact Supergirl.

The DC Universe's Chloe Sullivan

Oliver express his concerns.

Chloe's power activates for the first time

Chloe and Oliver learn about the annihilation of Earth-2.

Chloe screams in horror.

Meanwhile at Watchtower, Oliver and Chloe ask Tess to help them investigate a mysterious robbery but Tess questions whether they will keep their promise to abstain from "hero work" until the baby is born. They both insist that this has anything to do with "hero work" and Chloe says that they are just sleuthing but Tess notes that "sleuthing" got her into trouble with Batman weeks ago. Tess decides to help them with their investigation but she warns them that she will keep an eye on them both. She reveals, as Oliver suspected, that the heist was just a faint. At the same time the alarms were tripped at the bank, silent alarms lit up at an unregistered address in the Suicide Slums and even though Tess couldn't find out what was stolen, she found that it led back to the D.E.O.

Since she had been emotionally destroyed, the only safe place that she found was the computers of her Watchtower and began to spend more time there than in the real world, keeping her eyes over Metropolis through the monitors and helping the heroes' community. This led her to become a harder person, manipulating people like chess pieces in the name of the greater good.[4]

Chloe helps Clark research in the Torch office.

When Clark decides to reveal his abilities to the world, a series of events lead to Chloe being killed by Doomsday. Fortunately, Clark is able to reverse the day's events using a Legion ring.

Chloe tells Oliver that she is pregnant.

Clark understands and accepts Chloe's decision to leave to start a life with Oliver for the sake of their child.

Later, Batman meditates with Chloe trying to solve the mystery of the murdered man dressed as Superman. Chloe also tries to convince him to join their team and start looking beyond the town line because something big is coming and they have to deal with it. Bruce questions Chloe on how does she know about the crisis and what will happen and Chloe tells him that she has seen it with her own eyes, through the memories of her doppelganger.

Ella became in a hypocrite like she reclaims Oliver for kill Lex when she self killed another man for protected Clark and Oliver said her that she can´t put rules for them but others for she self.

Chloe tries to convince Bruce to join the League.

Chloe assisting Superman from Watchtower.

Later, Chloe blankly stares at the skyline until Lois comes in and tells her they have a story to chase down in Gotham together.

Chloe happily reads a Smallville comic to her son.

The Justice League welcomes a new family member.

Chloe is a young, Caucasian female. She is fair, with blonde hair and blue-green eyes.

She was initially announced to be introduced for the first time in Superman #674 (March 12, 2008).[40][41] However, the issue eventually went ahead without Chloe.[42] According to writer Kurt Busiek, the problem of bringing Chloe into the mainstream comic book universe, and keeping her television background, was that she would have filled two roles: "the Girl from Back Home and the Reporter". Unfortunately for the character, those roles were already "pretty solidly filled" by the adult comic book versions of Lana Lang and Lois Lane. The plan was to give the character a different background, so that she could take a role that was distinct from both Lana and Lois. In this case, Busiek hoped to make Chloe the younger sister of someone Clark had gone to school with, who was now interning at the Daily Planet. Busiek believed that this would make her different from Lana and Lois, but still familiar to readers who also watched the show. Another distinguishing feature would be that this version of Chloe would not know Clark's secret, nor would she be meteor infected.[43] Ultimately, "the stars did not align", and DC Comics decided that the character of Chloe Sullivan would not be adapted into the mainstream until further notice.[44]

See: Chloe Sullivan

Chloe the renegade.

When infected by Brainiac, her personality became a bit more aggressive, even colder towards others. She was more focused on getting the results she wanted than pleasing others. Even before Brainiac fully took over her body, Chloe could read and process incoming data and information at alarming superhuman speeds and could apparently, tap into the machine's Kryptonian powers and abilities, exhibiting a degree of super strength and heightened movement.

Chloe gets undressed for the experiment.

Chloe is also willing to sacrifice her own life for the greater good or the lives of her loved ones.[13]

Green Arrow gets arrested.

Chloe can not only search online databases: she can also create and forge information records. When Kara Kent came to Smallville, Chloe generated a detailed back story for her based on growing up in Minnesota for 19 years until Kara tracked down her blood relative, Clark Kent. To support the back story, Chloe was able to produce records in order to make Kara's background more credible. She was also able to create an undercover background for Clark as a police officer from Coast City. Chloe also assisted Clark in giving the Kandorians human names, passports and id badges to blend into the Human Race she also erase records of her existing on the internet with ease showing great skill in that too.

Shortly after the encounter with Brainiac, Chloe manifested a form of super-intelligence in which she could retain and process data. She was able to memorize and compute complex algorithms and crack codes faster than LuthorCorp's most powerful super computer and also read at super-speed. She also had access to Brainiac's greatly advanced knowledge of the universe.[16] Chloe demonstrated a sub-power of her super intelligence that allowed her to kill a memory-absorbing man by touching him. This feat was possible by overloading the man's brain with knowledge. She also demonstrated some form of temporary super strength while attempting to open a portal to free Clark from the Phantom Zone.[17] After she was freed from her Brainiac infection, Chloe's super-intelligence disappeared.[18]

Chloe and Diana talk about her pregnancy.

Chloe seems to be confident with Oliver's decision.

In S.T.A.R. Labs, 10 minutes before flight, Emil tells Chloe that the scanner Clark used has picked up a trail, and that the rocket that came to Earth has landed somewhere in Kansas. At the launch site, the shuttle explodes, surprising the masses. Clark runs off and changes into his Superman suit, with Chloe guiding him from Watchtower. Superman catches up to the shuttle and sets out the fire caused by the explosion, and removes the last fuel tank before it explodes. Using his gamma vision, he's able to see that there is a radiation leak.

Chloe in the Smallville comic.

Chloe accompanies Lois at the Daily Planet and Lois says she shouldn't walk her here in her condition but Chloe says that she is not that pregnant. Lois asks about Oliver and Chloe says he is in San Francisco, where he just closed a deal for Queen Industries to provide financial assistance in rebuilding Pier 39. Chloe says the more they help cities get back on their feet after super-related disasters, like they did with Washington and San Francisco, the less crime will have the chance to take advantage of the situation. Then Lois asks her why she is in Metropolis with her than being out there and Chloe responds that she is just very bored.

Chloe asks if Lois is there to steal the "brain machine" she asked Emil to help gather. Lois recounts what she witnessed at the Ridge Facility, as well as the mysterious note Lex left her, and says she is snooping around to get some answers. She also admits to missing Clark and needing to catch Lex in some manner of wrongdoing to compensate. Chloe suggests that Lois look in Lex's office, and when she makes her way there, she finds a green arrow with a note addressed to Lex attached.

Chloe gets frustrated that she couldn't learn more about her doppelganger.

Later, Oliver and Chloe talk about the possibility of Mia Dearden become his (Oliver's) sidekick. Just then, it starts to snow. The reason is Superman used Mr. Freeze's freeze gun to create snow. At last, Chloe reveals that she is pregnant. At Watchtower, Oliver sits at the desk, drawing plans for a jet-craft amidst a number of parenting books. Chloe practices shooting his bow and arrows and Oliver notes that she seems to be getting better. Chloe attributes it to their child growing within her. When Ollie notes that he's the only one of the two who has spent any time with the books, Chloe teases him that he's only been doodling images of the Batwing. He shows her his plans and proudly proclaims it is the Arrowjet.

Chloe reveals to Clark she is pregnant.

Lex and Lois download the virus.

Chloe and the rest of team in the Watchtower monitor the yellow ring situation in Arkham Asylum.

Chloe tells Oliver about the new information she found out about the encrypted e-mails.

The President is briefed on the situation by Director Trevor, Chloe, Oliver and Diana. The arrival of the Monitors on Earth means the extinction of the mankind and while they haven't found a way to stop them yet, they can try to protect themselves for a while thanks to the magic of Zatanna and the mystics, but there is nothing more they can do. Chloe says a Monitor vessel just crashed on Earth in a region near Nepal and there is a chance its Superman, but even if it is, he is too late, as the Crisis is here.

Chloe flying with Stephen Swift.

Henshaw wakes up on a stretcher, with burns from the radiation exposure. As the paramedics begin to transport him, Superman instructs them to send him to Emil at S.T.A.R. Labs and Chloe to get the road cleared for them to get there.

Chloe uses her healing powers.

In the Antarctic facility, Booster Gold, who is talking with his allies in D.E.O.'s facility, informs them that Clark and Lois were sucked in some kind of tear in reality, which Chloe identifies as the Bleed. Skeets says he is able to detect traces of unknown alien technology and they will continue tracking, while Booster tells them he will keep them posted.

At Watchtower, a frazzled Chloe complains about the lack of speed of the computer as she attempts to access the data-banks of the Korolyov. Lois comes by with coffee and asks what has Chloe so stressed. She explains that she's trying to find out just what was the energy ribbon - or "rift," as she refers to it - that Clark saw in space. When Lois refers to her "forever-fiancé", Chloe apologizes for her and Oliver being married while Clark and Lois have yet to be. Lois assures her that they will get married when the time is right, when the world is in less danger, Clark isn't trying to save it, and Lois isn't busy reporting on the danger and Clark's saving the day. Chloe commiserates, acknowledging how tough it is when Oliver is rebuilding Queen Industries while going out and being a hero, as she's busy taking care of Watchtower and setting up similar Watchtower hubs in each of the Justice League member's home cities while working her day job as a reporter for the Star City Gazette.

In interrogation: Ollie tells the interrogator, yet again, that he was not helping a criminal escape but helping another hero who needed medical attention after being hurt by two other villains. The interrogator doesn't believe it, but then two agents enter and inform the interrogator that Ollie's representative has arrive with proof that Batman is not a murderer, Green Arrow is innocent, and the two men responsible are Prankster and Freeze. And who is Ollie's representative? His wife, Chloe.

Initially, like her personality, Chloe's appearance was a complement to Lana Lang's in practically every way. While Lana favored a softer, wholesome girl-next-door look, Chloe's style was always spunkier - from her cropped, layered hair to the brightly-colored prints that she wore and her daringly low and revealing necklines.

Chloe vs. Lana

Meanwhile, at Metropolis General Hospital, Oliver and Chloe look at Earth-2 Chloe's corpse. While she is shaken up by the sight of an alternate version of herself, Oliver tries to comfort her, telling her to contact Clark in order to tell her a crisis is coming.

Chloe accompanies Lois at the Daily Planet.

Meanwhile, Emil places Chloe inside the Project Intercept apparatus to begin the "mind dive" procedure. Oliver asks one more time if she's sure about doing this. Mentioning that she's "been possessed by a witch, rewired by a Kryptonian computer, and mind controlled more times" than she can count, Chloe assures him that she's prepared for what she is about to do. Emil starts the link and Chloe is instantly transported into the memories of her counterpart.

Chloe's parents are Gabe and Moira. Chloe has no siblings but has two cousins: Lucy and Lois Lane. Chloe is very close to her older cousin and the two have often looked after each other.

Clark tells him to fall back, get Lois and Chloe to safety and try to re-establish the link to the Monitors' ship. Batman is reluctant and asks about Arrow, but Ollie points out he would be a better protector for Chloe and Lois as he has a better skill set for it.

Later in the Watchtower, Lois, Chloe, Clark and Tess read an article on the Daily Planet, tilted "The New Cold War" and written by Cat Grant, presenting Superman as a threat and even stating that the Monitor's ship was actually his. Lois is furious with Cat's article and gets even more angry because of the fact that Franklin Stern didn't publish her story about the murder in Gotham. Clark says that they have bigger problems to worry about as the danger of the "Crisis" hasn't passed yet. Suddenly Bruce appears and says that even though he knew that the man in Gotham wasn't actually Clark he is happy to see him standing on his feet. Moreover he says that because of the "Crisis" he has decided to join the team, at least temporarily, so they can face the threat together.

Oliver and Chloe decide to be clear and promise to eachother to not put their selves in danger anymore for real this time, at least until the baby is born.

When under the control of her mother, Moira Sullivan at a LuthorCorp facility, when her mother ordered Chloe to get out of the facility for safety, Chloe defeated the LuthorCorp guard that attacked her with the use of hand-to-hand combat and ran off. In the process, she came close to killing Lex Luthor, but was stopped by Clark Kent (Progeny). Chloe is very much able to hold her own in a fight, even being able to take down armed FBI agents and a security guard twice her size. (Masquerade, Fortune)

Later, Chloe and Sebastian traveled to his apartment in the orbit where she found out, he's trying to control the world with the Superman Video game. Together, Jimmy and Chloe stopped Sebastian and saved the world. Chloe also reconsidered to get with Jimmy back together.

Initially, Chloe had only appeared in the comic book title based on the TV series, however she was officially introduced into the mainstream DC Universe on September 29, 2010, with her appearance in Action Comics #893.[39]

On Earth 1, Chloe sheds a tear from the flashback and doesn't want to talk about it with Oliver. She's too busy tracking Bart, who is running faster than he's ever run before, around and around the world, gathering up the speed from every speed force outbreak.

Meanwhile, Director Trevor confirms to Watchtower that there have been incidents related to the yellow rings in Washington, D.C. as well. Then, the D.E.O. sends Oliver after Prometheus. Shortly after Green Arrow vanishes, Tess asks Chloe if she is really okay with Oliver being back out in the field and Chloe says that in a situation like this there is no other place for them to be. Tess and Chloe then contact Emil Hamilton at S.T.A.R. Labs, who informs them that unlike the green rings, the yellow rings actually control the people wielding them. Emil takes that notion a step further and determines that the ring may also share a single communication frequency and if they could isolate the communication channel, as they did with Superman's ring, maybe they could interfere.

At Watchtower, where Chloe gets a disturbing phone call from Emil at S.T.A.R. Labs. Oliver arrives with coffee for Chloe. Chloe tells Oliver that Emil is close to accessing the black box from the late Earth-2 Chloe's space ship. Meanwhile, Oliver has no lead on whoever it was in the cornfields that killed Chloe-2. Plus Oliver's been getting gibberish emails that he'd like Chloe to get to the bottom of, if she's not too distracted by this "Crisis". Next thing you know, Watchtower's Trouble Alert which alerts them to a prison breakout at Stryker's Island. Oliver gets his Green Arrow suit and bow and arrow and immediately heads to Stykers. After a fight between Ollie and Nightwing, Green Arrow races out of Stryker's, confirming Chloe's report that not only did Superman and Batman break Mannheim out of prison, but that Batman has a hovercraft that's invisible to radar. Ollie suggests to himself to make further investments.

Chloe at age eight.

In NORAD beneath the Rock Mountains, a group of soldiers are confused as they witness a bright yellow light appear out of nowhere. However before they are able to do anything, Oliver tased them with a few of his arrows, with the president telling them to stand down as they are bringing everyone they could from the D.E.O. Headquarters. Zatanna is exhausted from her part, while Chloe and Diana are by her side and brings a medic to help her. Oliver uses another Boom Tube saying this is where they must part ways.

Chloe drives Clark in her Beetle.

In D.E.O.'s headquarters, Diana is helping Chloe through the base, and admires the pregnant Chloe saying that it is a thing of wonder and indicating that she hadn't seen any pregnant woman up close, before her arrival in the men's world. When Chloe asks how is that possible and how the Amazons were created, Diana simply remarks that Themysciran affairs are complicated at best but she is sure that she will raise her young "warrior" well as he is in good hands. A surprised Chloe asks her how does she know her baby's gender and Diana says it is just women's intuition. Meanwhile in the same facility, Director Trevor asks Oliver to help in the training of a new elite branch of D.E.O. field agents, strictly until the baby is born. Before Ollie can give an answer, they meet with Diana and Chloe, who was revealed that she was already aware of the proposal and then suddenly the entire group receives a call from Watchtower, alerting them of Superman and Lois' disappearance.

A bickering Lex and Lois manage to get on the ship with their "skeleton key" and a little luck in the form of Superman. Chloe and Tess confirm access, with 15 minutes to complete the process they can stop the entire attack.

Chloe is generally regarded as very attractive and while less emphasis has been placed on her physical beauty than Lana's, Chloe is often a worthy adversary of Lana's for male attention (notably in the instance of Ian Randall). Most of the recurring male characters on the show have expressed a romantic or sexual interest in Chloe at one time or another (Clark Kent has often found himself confused by his intermittent attraction to her, Pete Ross admittedly pined for her, Bart Allen flirted with her in all his appearances and Oliver Queen, Jimmy Olsen and Davis Bloome have all cited their love for Chloe). As well, Chloe was crowned queen at her high school senior prom, an award often associated with exceptional beauty.

On Earth 2, in Chloe's memory, Oliver has called a press conference to reveal that Ultraman is really Clark Luthor and to announce that Queen Industries is going to provide every citizen of Metropolis with a personal amount of "meteor rock" with which to defend themselves from the villain. Meanwhile, Chloe-2 is waiting with a sniper rifle and a Kryptonite bullet with which to shoot Ultraman, whose appearance on the scene is fully expected. And appear he does, fully aware that it's a trap, and snapping Oliver's neck when Chloe fails to shoot for apparent fear of hitting Oliver.

Chloe and Oliver moments before he is sent after Prometheus.

Chloe has an insatiable curiosity and once believed "the public has a right to know." As a result, she often oversteps legal and ethical privacy boundaries, hacking into personal files or records without remorse. In high school, Chloe was often conflicted between her need to expose the truth and the ethical consequences of doing so. She enjoyed reporting on the town's strange goings-on and individuals with powers, but often realized too late that her disclosure could potentially have deadly consequences.[7] Because of her "journalistic tendencies" to reveal the truth, a younger Chloe might have been considered untrustworthy. This is probably the main reason Clark Kent never actually told her about his true origins until he realized she had already discovered them. Early in their friendship, Lana Lang admitted that she didn't trust her. She has had arguments with most of her closest friends about breaches of privacy, lack of discretion and excessive snooping.[8] This has abated somewhat as she has gotten older. Chloe has become a confidante for all of her friends, Clark most of all. Although Chloe disapproved of Lana's intense relationship with Lex Luthor, she tried to be supportive and was the Maid of Honor at their wedding. Despite her long-standing crush on Clark, she is willing to help him solve his ongoing relationship problems with Lana[9] and then Lois.

Later Clark fields communication from Chloe at Watchtower. He asks how she is and she tells him she's coping. She alerts him to a speed storm brewing in Las Vegas, a huge one that isn't slowing down and many dying.

Chloe Sullivan is nursing her baby bump after suffering pains from her womb trapped in the facility inside the bubble, which Oliver and the doctor assures her that it it just anxiety and false labor cramps. Oliver vows that he will find a way for Chloe and the baby, as well as everybody else to escape with something he took from a bad man during a previous mission in order to survive the 'trans-reality extinction event'.

During the course of the series, Chloe's style has evolved both with the changing fashion trends and the character's maturation. However, several attributes of Chloe's appearance have remained consistent - most notably her range of short hairstyles (versus the long ones worn by Lana, Lois Lane and most of the other recurring females on the show). Chloe has also tended to favor more of a business-casual fashion sense since the start of the show. She was often seen wearing blazers even in the early days of the series, though she generally paired these looks with youthful patterns and jewelry in her high school days. As a professional woman, Chloe's clothing has seen a shift to ornate blouses, pencil skirts and a variety of dressy jackets.

Six months later, Chloe currently resides within the walls of Watchtower, back in Metropolis with husband Oliver Queen. The two share a coffee together as they wait for any signs of Superman before resuming their previous plans.

Later, Superman and Lois finally arrive at Watchtower where Tess Mercer, Chloe and Oliver along with Batman, Nightwing Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, Jay Garrick and his team of teenagers. Clark tells Chloe, Tess and Bruce to find out everything from one of the Manhunters he destroyed about the Crisis, because more ships are on their way. As Batman starts to examine the crumpled Manhunter head he wonders where are they going, Clark grimly says everywhere.

For a while, Clark was the only person aware of her meteor rock infection and mysterious resurrection: even then she refused to talk about it with him. Later, Chloe confessed to Jimmy Olsen that it was the reason she pulled away from their relationship. She admitted to Jimmy that she is still coming to terms with this aspect of herself and asked him to keep it a secret. Besides journalism, Chloe enjoys writing, studying paranormal events, as well as is addicted to coffee. [citation needed] She is a skilled computer hacker and does not particularly like outdoor activities.[14]

Chloe is surprised when she learns that Oliver is going to go after Prometheus again.

In 2008, Clark visited a parallel universe in which he never arrived on Earth. In this universe, Chloe was engaged to an unidentified man. She had never been friends with Lana, telling Clark that "her blip fell off [her] radar the day after graduation."

Chloe and Lois notice a ship in the debris.

At the Daily Planet, Lois and a heavily pregnant Chloe use the elevator to go upstairs, where the "big dogs" intend to continue reporting what is happening in the world with the crisis and the Monitors. The two women then share some emotional moments about some of the hardships they have endured over the past few years, like the second meteor shower, Dark Thursday and Apokolips and wonder if this crisis could be something even Clark and his friends cannot stop. Chloe says she won't let the Monitors take away whatever future life her baby is supposed to have and Lois says they'll get through it like they always do.

After dealing with an infection from Brainiac's programming, a wedding nightmare and a serious trust problem, Chloe and Jimmy were unable to sustain their relationship and they divorced.[3] Chloe also tried to keep Davis Bloome from killing Clark and finally witnessed in horror as Davis and Jimmy killed each other. She was devastated after this and pleaded with Clark to go back in time and prevent Jimmy's death, since it was both of their faults that he died. Clark flatly refused, driving a wedge between them and severely straining their friendship.

Lois tells Chloe about Oliver.

Lois and Chloe have made it to the sewers with Lois having trouble breathing.

Oliver and Chloe discussing about telling the others about her pregnancy.

Chloe shoots the mysterious woman.

At Watchtower, Chloe is contacted by Batman in Gotham. He alerts her that something might be going down in the city and asks about Superman's location. Chloe says he's away on a mission in Utah. Yet, before she can suggest someone else to help, the Dark Knight breaks contact.

Sometime before actually moving to Smallville, Chloe and Moira were exposed to meteor rock radiation and Chloe suffered a mutation that remained latent until it manifested as mysterious Healing tears when Chloe was twenty years old. So far, this was shown at least four times - two of which she underwent herself. Chloe used her powers for the first time in May 2007 at Reeves Dam, when she healed her cousin Lois. Lois was bleeding severely from a deep stab wound then died and after Chloe started crying, a tear fell on Lois and she was resurrected. However, Chloe herself was rendered unconscious, to such a degree that the staff at Smallville Medical Center pronounced her dead. Her powers further manifested by reviving her three hours later in full health.

Chloe and Lois travel to Gotham and find Batman.

At times (especially during the show's second season), dark streaks were sometimes seen in Chloe's hair. Notably, these occasions were reflecting a darker mood or version of the character (Rush, Exodus). Additionally, Chloe has also appeared in edgier fashions, like dark colors or leather. While she's seldom engaged in field work as a member of the Justice League, these times often feature this change in her look.

Chloe and the others arrive at NORAD.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Chloe meet the survivor of the ship crash. It is Chloe's counterpart from Earth-2. Earth-2 Chloe explains what has happened in her timeline before she is killed by an unknown figure. Her last words reveal that Earth-2 has been destroyed.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Oliver and Emil chat about the accident that happened in the speed assessment lab with Bart and Clark. They make their way into another lab and Emil reveals that they were able to place Chloe's dead doppelganger in cryogenic freeze using technology Clark confiscated when he and the Batman captured Mr. Freeze. Naturally worried, Oliver asks if the plan will work and if they'll even be able to access her memories.

Chloe and Oliver say the Crisis is here.

Chloe and the others learn Clark and Lois' location.

Lois asks Chloe to come with her in Gotham City.

Oliver, Chloe, and Tess are monitoring the yellow rings and the subsequent mayhem they're causing. They communicate with Superman, who is fighting with the Yellow Lanterns in Gotham and tells them to focus on threats that are unrelated to the rings and let him deal with them because a situation like this is the perfect chance for other minor threats to go unnoticed. Then Chloe offers her help to Tess and she says that she definitely could use some help. She then communicates with D.E.O. and learns that Prometheus was spotted on a new location and, much to her surprise, that "Arrow" has been activated as a field agent.

Tess tells Lois and Chloe about the fight on the Moon. Lois says that Oliver might have been right to tell her to be a little more concerned about Clark and then Chloe asks where is he with Lois being surprised that he hasn't told her.

Chloe and Oliver ask Tess for help on investigating the mysterious robbery.

Due to her computer skills, Oliver Queen chose Chloe as a part-time member of his team of superheroes, working as "Watchtower" in a mission coordinator capacity and other digital espionage, until she finally decided to becomes a full-time member. Since then, her career has turned from journalism to more of an oversight position in the superhero community.

Her arrogance almost cost her soul when she faced Desaad believing that her friends couldn´t beated him because they all had too much doubt and darkness in their hearts and although Chloe resisted successfully the sings of lust and the envy, he faced her with the pride and she almosted corrupted by the darkness but Clark saved her just a time. 

All the heroes race to the Watchtower but are too late to stop the destruction as the pod crashes into the side and it begins to crumble to dust. Superman is shocked to see a red tornado explode from the rubble landing Chloe safely on the ground. As the dust clears Chloe is unharmed and joined by Tess (In her new Red Tornado form). Lois and Ollie then hug Chloe.

"Chloe S." signs Pete's cast in red.

Unlike her proposed initial appearance in 2008, this version of Chloe will be more in tune with her television character. A few major changes from her initial proposed appearance in 2008 is that Chloe will be an adult with ties to Jimmy Olsen (similar to their relationship in Smallville). Although the comic version of Chloe is closer to her television counterpart, her back-story established in Smallvile has been tweaked to enable her to fit into the established DC timeline.[47]

Chloe and Oliver talk about their child.

Mr and Mrs Queen at Watchtower.

Chloe watches her doppelganger's last memory.

Chloe dealing with the death of Earth-2 Oliver while keeping track of Impulse.

In Action Comics #893, Chloe is introduced as Jimmy's current/ex-girlfriend, who breaks up with Jimmy after having grown infuriated with the fact that he has lost all passion he had for being a reporter and photographer and instead spends all his time playing video games about him and Superman. Soon after, Jimmy runs into Chloe who is on a date of sorts with another man, Sebastian Mallory, who is not only the junior-executive of LexCorp, but is also a personal enemy of Jimmy, who attempts to show-up Jimmy for Chloe's affection. Jimmy however is more concerned about the fact that there is an alien invasion taking place right behind them, outside the club's window. After the arrival of the Dalwythian-Aliens, Chloe and Jimmy worked together to get some information about the race. At Cadmus Labs, Chloe found out that every planet, which the Dalwythians choose to be their party host, don't survive this experience. Somehow Jimmy comes up with an idea to make Metropolis seem completely boring and therefore make the aliens look elsewhere. With Supergirl's help convinces the aliens that Earth is dull so they decide to leave the planet. Feeling good about himself, Jimmy is deflated when Chloe claims that the victory really belongs to her and says she was the one who sent out the message to the populace to close all the stores so the aliens have nowhere to party.

Oliver wakes up in Metropolis General Hospital after he got beat up by Prometheus, being left with a few bruises but survived. Chloe is by his side and instead of giving him a stern lecture, she says she is not mad because he is alive. She informs him that Agent Chase is in critical condition and another member of D.E.O.'s team is dead. Oliver then asks Chloe what they will do next and she says they will go after Prometheus.

Chloe, Oliver, Diana and Steve find out about Clark and Lois' disappearance.

As Chloe thanks Lois for the coffee, the computer completes accessing the systems on the Korolyov. With the camera feeds now online, Chloe rewinds to the incident the rift and the debris that smashed into the station. Lois and Chloe are both shocked to see something floating amongst the debris: a spaceship.

While Superman is in space, he uses a handheld scanner to search for evidence of the storm while communicating with Chloe at the Swann Technology and Research facility back on Earth using a holographic interface emanating from his belt. He's not able to find a cause nor any sign of debris or the spaceship Chloe and Lois saw emerge from the rift on the video from the Korolyov. He notes that he's already scanned the spectrum with his super-vision and found nothing. Chloe asks how long he's had this ability and Dr. Emil Hamilton jumps in to say it has been months.

Chloe represents her husband.

Chloe passes out.

Chloe and Oliver see an explosion close to them.

Chloe prepares herself.

A memory of Earth-2 from two-years ago. At Chloe's apartment, the Earth-2 Oliver practices shots with a bow and arrow: his skill is far off from his Earth-1 counterpart. Chloe drinks whiskey and they talk about their plan to take down Clark Luthor. Oliver worries he'll irk people by trying to dig up the town of Smallville in search of the meteor rock they'll need. Chloe dismisses his concern and tells him it's the only thing that will work for their cause. She then asks why he's there with her instead of with her cousin, his girlfriend. Oliver announces his going to ask Lois to marry him, to which Chloe laughs and snidely rejects the notion.

Ollie then asks why she hasn't told her best friend or her cousin about the pregnancy and admits to being anxious to let everyone know. Chloe reminds him that as long as Clark is irradiated and being tracked by Lex, she doesn't want to risk Watchtower's location being discovered. Besides, she is more concerned, at the moment, with decrypting the warning her doppelgänger gave regarding "the Crisis" that is coming. Ollie laments that they can't just ask her as she is dead. Chloe makes a suggestion that there might be a way that they could.

Earth-2 Chloe dies.

Oliver tells Clark to prepare for the crisis.

After the Jimmy's death Chloe chosed leaving her life and dreams behind and focus with her job like hero going so far as to erase their identity but after the her fight with Dessad, she regrets it acept the fact she has a life too when sow her photograph about her high school years. 

Chloe and Bruce meditate in the Batcave.

Chloe, Lois and Barbara are in the Batcave and are talking about where Chloe is going to raise her baby, with Barbara suggesting Gotham City but Chloe clearly disapproves. Lois asks Chloe if she is going to stay in Metropolis or move back to Star City, Oliver's home town, but Chloe says she has still some months to decide. Suddenly, they receive a message from Batman, telling them he's "going dark." Without a word, Barbara races out of the cave on a motorcycle.

Chloe witnesses moments of her Earth 2 counterpart

Batman radioing in to Watchtower.

In Gotham, Batman receives a call from the ladies in the Watchtower, who ask him to secure a single yellow ring for them so Batman says he will see what he can do for them.

Lois and Chloe support eachother.

Marital family: Jimmy Olsen (first - husband, deceased)Oliver Queen (husband)Jonathan Sullivan-Queen (son)Robert Queen (father-in-law, deceased)Laura Queen (mother-in-law, deceased)

Zatanna is attempting a locator spell to discover where Clark and Lois have gone as the others look on. When the ritual is complete, she announces that Lois and Clark are in Metropolis. When the others tell her otherwise, the sorceress smirks and points out she never said the pair were in this Metropolis.

On Earth-2, the counterpart's cousin, Lois Queen, runs toward her amidst a scene of rubble and destruction. The alternate Lois screams to Chloe to get to her space ship. Just then, a particle beam from a monstrous ship flying overhead shoots down and vaporizes the Earth-2 Lois. Both her counterpart and Chloe scream in horror.

Chloe at Watchtower

Chloe Sullivan in the "Jimmy Olsen" one-shot cover

Chloe possesses a quick wit and a feisty, cheeky personality. Her childhood dream was to be a world-renowned journalist and her personality reflects her ambitions. She is independent, resourceful, as well as highly intelligent. Chloe has a small immediate family: as a result, she greatly values her friendships with Lana Lang, Clark Kent and Pete Ross. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and eager to help them solve their problems, observe objectively, or offer straightforward, honest advice. She is caring and forgiving and never stays mad at anyone for long.[6]

Emil finds a trail.

Chloe's abilities are capable of activating without her explicit will, as seen when her body eventually resurrected itself back to life. Her healing factor has yet to exhibit being able to accelerate Chloe's self-recuperation outside of resurrection, suggesting that her powers are still developing.

Chloe was desperate to find Oliver after he was abducted, so she turned to the Helmet of Nabu for help. Not only did she see Oliver's location, she also saw much of the future. She later traded herself for Oliver and set up an elaborate fake death so she could disappear and keep her friends safe. Later, she returned to help and successfully save members of the Justice League, and was asked to be the Maid of Honor for the upcoming marriage of Clark and Lois and got married to Oliver. She moved to Star City to begin a dual life which means, by day, working for the Star City Register, whilst scouting for potential heroes at night.

Chloe wants to go after Prometheus.

Eighth grader Chloe.

Chloe worries about the dangers in the world and the rise in heroes. Oliver reminds her they all fight for justice and will ensure their new baby will have a safe and healthy upbringing. Chloe laments that family should be here for their big occasion and Ollie smiles as he wheels her into the waiting room to be greeted by their 'family' composed of the Heroes that they met over time. Lois and Clark are shocked to be named God Parents and coo over the new addition. Clark remembering the losses they have suffered over the years is truly touched to meet a new life brought into the fold and even more so when they reveal the baby's name to be Jonathan.

Chloe corrects his shooting posture and he nails the bullseye. They both acknowledge that they've got but one shot against Luthor, and it must count. They embrace and kiss. In the present on our Earth, Chloe 1 finishes explaining the memory to Ollie while in the tub. They're both baffled by the supposed romantic encounter between their doppelgangers. Chloe asks if Clark and Bart had any luck in Utah. A speed storm alert on Ollie's phone tells them no.

Chloe worries about the crisis.

Chloe realizes Oliver lied to her.

Chloe Sullivan's promotional poster for season 10

The Red Tornado saves Chloe.

Lovingly, she lets him sleep promising that another day she would tell him more stories. As she leaves, she notes her son looking longingly at a toy bow and arrow set against his wall, and she smiles softly before closing the door. As she leaves the room, she receives a call from Lois and informs her that she has sent something blue for her coming wedding, wishing her the best.

Clark asks Chloe and the others to find as more as they can about the Crisis.

Brainiac's vessel

Chloe has proved to be very skilled at hand-to-hand combat. She was able to beat down a mind-controlled Lana Lang in combat, although the fight was tough and Chloe barely survived. (Delete) Chloe was able to hold her own against thugs while trying to escape to the LuthorCorp building in Metropolis with Lionel Luthor (Zod).

In Smallville, Chloe and Oliver follow the trail of footprints which also have burn marks surrounding them. As they search, Oliver questions Chloe whether or not she wants to leave Metropolis for Star City, as she seems reluctant. She admits she doesn't wish to, but knows that they need to in order to officially begin their adult life, saying it is different from the awe of Metropolis. Oliver disagrees, stating it has the second highest crime rate in the country behind Gotham City, but Chloe admits she is fine with that. They find a second trail of prints as well as small drops of blood. The two ready their weapons, as someone watches them from behind.

Chloe and Lois visit the Batcave.

There, the two cousins get impressed by the amazing underground complex that Bruce has assembled. Bruce is investigating the murder of a man dressed as Superman, which clearly looks like a hate crime connotations against the aliens and the recent revelation of Superman about his origin. Batman is using his billion dollar computer to make a face reconstruction of the corpse based on photos from the crime scene, so they can identify the dead man but the results the computer shows leave everyone speechless, the face of the murdered man is none other than Clark Kent.

Months later at Watchtower, Chloe, Tess, Clark and Lois discuss about Earth-2, which was presumably annihilated by the Monitors, and Clark wonders what crime could that Earth have committed to deserve to merit annihilation. Chloe says everything she knows about the alternate Earth and the Monitors but also informs them that the memories, that were transported to her from her doppelgänger never actually took root and she only gets fleeting glimpses. Tess informs them that Lex is preparing his jet to visit Moscow and Lois thinks of a way to sneak in as a press attaché and go to Russia with Lex so she can keep an eye on him. Clark then says he has a better idea and the proceeds to communicate with another member of the team, asking for a favor.

When she healed Lex Luthor after he was shot, Clark observed that she had no heartbeat for 18 hours, much longer than her previous recovery period. This suggests that the empathic component to her powers may weaken over time, or that perhaps Lex's injury was just that much more severe than Lois'.

The pod speeds up and aims itself at Watchtower. Ollie begs a pregnant Chloe to get out of the base before it is destroyed, but a tearful Chloe tells him there is no time left as she can't outrun the pod. Ollie refuses to give up, ejects his armor and with the help of Batman's bat-grapple he tries his hardest to get to Watchtower. Chloe then hears Ollie's 3D printer activate and Tess steps out in her new physical form.

Chloe and Lois arrive in Gotham City and they find Batman and Nightwing, who have been interrogating a criminal known as Zsasz, on a rooftop. Bruce seems to be a little surprised that the two women were able to trace him and then he invites them to the Batcave.

Chloe tells the rest of the team everything she knows about Earth-2 and the Monitors.

When Lex is put into a coma after being shot, he dreamed of a future where he became a better man, broke off from Lionel and married Lana. In this world, Chloe is on friendly terms with Lex. He gave her the information for a book on the underhanded dealings of Luthorcorp. Chloe is apparently married to Clark in this reality as Lex bumped into them shopping for a Christmas tree together.

Nightwing takes control of the Batmobile, leading it outside the Leviathan ship. Batman performs the surgery inside the car, just as Lois arrives and she sees it happening. After getting the bullets out, Batman reprograms his vest and splash Clark with yellow sunlight, just as the police report that they lost the Batman. Chloe is relieved that it's over, but Batman and Nightwing respond that it isn't: they need to make sure that the authorities know it was Freeze and Prankster who killed Chill. Ollie agrees, but also asks for his lawyer to be called too (he's been arrested).

Seven years later, Chloe is in her house with her young son, reading to him the history of a young boy who grew up in Smallville and the challenges that boy had to face. She concludes the story with the day that the boy turned into "Superman".

Later, Tess warns all the other members and allies of the League to stay away from Metropolis in order to prevent them from being possessed by Eclipso.

Emil posits that Chloe might only be able to access the other's most recent accessed memories given how long she's been dead. Oliver guesses this to mean the flashes of her life before her eyes just prior to dying. Looking for assurance, Emil is only able to admit that with the technology and the similar biochemistries of the two Chloes, he's making educated guesses as they're going along. Oliver asks if the baby will be affected by the procedure and Emil says that unless there are psychosomatic effects caused by the mental link, the baby should be fine.

After taking a yellow ring and analyzes it, Batman sends the data to Watchtower and S.T.A.R. Labs. The two ladies at the Watchtower later inform Superman about their plan to reboot the rings and when Clark tells to Emil to reboot them all the Yellow Lanterns are released from the influence of fear and lose their powers with the rings turning black.

In a dream reality created by Doctor Hudson, Chloe was another inmate in the asylum where Clark Kent was institutionalized, and the only one who appeared to believe his claims to be an alien. She was killed during Clark's escape attempt.

Promotional picture for Season Six

While Emil Hamilton was "resurrecting" Tess, Clark wonders where is Chloe, Oliver reveals she's outside waiting to reveal something to him. Chloe tells Clark about the Monitors and then she tells Clark about the baby she is about to have. As Clark is overjoyed and takes Chloe on a flight, she later reveals that she and Oliver need to leave so the baby can come safely to term with Clark understanding since that is what both Jor-El and Lara as well as Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent did for him.

Chloe dies in Lois' arms.

Nevertheless after she was infected by Brainiac and developed super intelligence, Chloe started shows malicious and arrogant traits. in spite of the continuous warnings her chose used the Brainiac's powers and thats almost cause the destruccion of the world when Brainiac controled her body. Her arrogance contines in the next seasons like when the Kandorians were active on Earth, Chloe took extreme measures to 'protect' Earth from them by collecting an arsenal of Kryptonite weapons despite Clark's assurances that he was attempting to help them integrate without their powers, later abandoning her friends and seemingly allying with Checkmate as part of a long-term plan to 'protect' Clark and other heroes, even though she was fully aware that Clark and others would object to her actions. 

Chloe using her super intelligence to hack into the Crystal of Knowledge

Chloe hacks into the traffic system so noone will get hurt during the chase.

Chloe hacking VRA computers.

Chloe and the others read Cat Grant's article about Superman.