Chris Brown Lets Black Women Know What He Thinks About Hair Weave



If you teach in our rural counties they pay a portion of your student loans. I’m not sure how it works exactly. ..but we had ALOT of education majors when I went back to school few years ago. My niece and her friends all taught for a few years in West Bubba Fawk just to get in on it. But yeah. In the city limits it sux. Which is crazy. We like 16th largest school system in the damn nation. Pay these folks!

i personally love nappy coarse thick sexxxi hair styles of all my blk y’ hispanic brown sista’s…Always have.. I also love the real natural look extensions or wigs … Secure men are not like C.B saying his shiit who later took it back smh secure men don’t give a shiiit. period. Nappy sexxxi hair style, to afro, to braid style… to silky body wave wet look to straight hair to wigs i don’t giv a fuuuuck. Wear your hair how you’re desiring …Secure men do not care. Secure men do not care. Books, Education, Learning ..Loyalty…Maturity…No drama and most of all? Accomplishing= a REAL woman… Life just way 2 short to care about a lady hair style. Only jealous or highly insecure men say shiiit… Focus on your own damn life…I personally don’t care.” And if Amanda still here? (U right ) #RealMen know this…peace out 1


Do be jealous. We didn’t get to take a family trip last year cause Khaki1 was only 3 months. I NEED this break bad.

I get so sick of some black men trying to degrade black women for something they applaud white women for doing. I have yet to hear one man drag Kim K. for wearing weave, and the host of other non-black women who wear weave. #Self-Hatred needs to go

prynse you iz a fool and so right….bwaaahaaa

Tight but its right.


You ain’t lived til you visit NOLA sweetie!

Draya’s swimsuit line is legit though. Although I can’t fit nothing she sells, I still give her likes cause they be cute. I like the direction she’s taken in the last couple of years. Meh to K.Michelle. she’s always whinning about something.

Word !!!!

Secure men do not care. i love it from thick afro(so sexxxxi to me)since i was 12 a pre-teen 18 yrs ago and coarse look to hair natural look styles to extensions … weave natural look is beautiful on some and i personally love all looks(That look nice)on my lovely blk hispanic mamitas ma sistas. Books, Education, Learning ..Loylty…Maturity…No drama and most of all? Accomplishing= a REAL woman…

Completely agree with this. Women who know they’re quality and worthwhile don’t care much about a man coming or going. He’s easily replaced or even if he’s not replaced, it doesn’t matter because they just continue to invest in themselves for better opportunities in life, instead of wallowing in self pity and desperation for a man who brought no value to their life.

Exactly, but they don’t have a right to impose their fakeness on a Man and expect that he accept it. It’s obvious trickery at play and I’m not falling for the okie doke. #teamnaturalbeauty

Ooooh yeah, I forget y’all have family there. At least Lil JB will enjoy country life: eating fruit straight off the trees, catching lightning bugs in jars, and seeing the stars.

who said that was a shot a black women? we are not the only ones wearing weaves/wigs/ponytails, etc… and not everyone’s hair looks like that under them

He is so right!!!!!! Get em Chris.

Ignorance be gone.

Dray a say she ain’t the same Draya no more. She a good wholesome lady thats engaged and sells sexy swimsuit. She say stop trying to halt her progression by bringing up old shyt. She say can a bish live? Damn. She say K.Michelle needs to find her a man and chill. Sheesh! ???

Ha that’s funny. Oh Chris. Let’s talk about what you look liked after your club fight with Karreuche.

Its a joke my dude. I even laughed.

But i will conceed that the measurements are probably based on white standards.. Ive felt for years black bodies should be measured differently

Yet they’ll go after a white girl with fake boobs and asz boy bye

That’s a lie!

I don’t think it was to be taken so serious..

read post above from lady named amanda … Can’t get no clearer than that. lol and icam yola…

Cause I am !!!!

Sensitive Susie’s!

Black men actually yearn for the day when Black women can learn to stop being so materialistic and insecure.<—Is there some type of study or something going on with black men that I don't know about. You ladies know and awful about what the black man likes and dislikes…FR most men don't care about any of that, ain't no man going to throw you out of bed because you choose to wear a weave…#mytwocents @

He should know..I’m sure he’s seen his mama do it…

This is me and my sister! Both of our husbands are always cracking on us for watching Snapped and Wives with Knives and Women who Kill and anything else ID Discovery airs. We love it though!

Im talking about for health reasons lol… Nuthin gonna prevent a no good from being a no good no sense eating ourselves to death cause of that

Well a post need to be done on MEN AND BAD BEHAVIOR! I just love hi n.iggas that sho their worst traits find something wrong ever at all!if he didn’t have a talent HE’D have been, jailed, and prolly on heavy meds!imma need him to quite sticking his pee pee in ANYTHING!(in my tupac vc)”you ignorant to AIDS till it happen to you!”FOH

I’m “normal weight” by BMI standards…5’4 119 pounds BUT some black women carry weight in other places and in my mind that doesn’t mean they are unhealthy or overweight.

Going natural almost a year ago was the best decision I ever made! My only regret was not doing it sooner

Hey boo! Girl you know folks will be crine bout they can’t get Man-Man and She-She they gifts AND pay them lights. $50 per check will give you, if my maff is halfway right and I carry da 1, about 500 to 600 US DOLLAS to spend by the time it rolls around. The day comes around EVERY YEAR! SAME DAY! It didn’t move and folks still unprepared. I don’t celebrate it, but for those that do. LOL

1. Pressure from trying to conform to the beauty standards of white society. 2. Pressure from job market place. 3. Looking for a low maintenance styling alternative. Black hair is very high maintenance, especially if it is long. 4. Lastly, a healthy dose of self hate.

I bought my nine year old son a Lego creator Tower Bridge for his birthday in May.

Yas, I tell la boyfriend that I can play the innocent-grieving poor wife-who’d never hurt a fly role extremely well….

^^^This Lord.

But why is his hair dyed blonde tho? He isn’t a natural blonde so he needs to stfu.

Basically. If it was up to me we’d take a trip during Chris. To hell with spending all that money on bullshyt toys and clothes that will be forgotten about by NYE. Experiences vs material bullcrap.

Men SMH they want women to have long thick hair but want it natural and throw it back in our faces when we comply… shame.. Im team natural but men need to make up their minds everybody cant grow hair down they byke and those that do it takes a long time. They need to stop..

I have a son so watching him play in the “snow” we have here makes me happy. I’ve never been on a tropical vacation during Christmas time(not sure I ever would) but I would like to go to Paris for Christmas one year.

computer, now tell me the secret…

Sandra I am not. I have never been jealous of a woman (except Janet Jackson’s abs). But I know a lot of women who get jealous and then copy my style . I am a trend setter. ??


Sure but just because you wanna forget your mess doesn’t mean everyone else HAS to esp when its comes to a child. There is always consequences and if you can’t handle them, then you shouldn’t do certain things. she’s no different then anybody else who effs up and lies about it.

My people. My people. :crying1:

It takes more confidence to be yourself, and confidence is a component of beauty. I will never understand the practice of walking around with someone else’s hair stapled to your head.

This is y real music dead and y he ain’t selling. U worried bout the wrong damn thang. Bye nig

Chris and his pig tail…. LOL. He has probably wanted this look for a long time now.

Lol man but when a sistah do go natural she still get denied…

so I’m kind of confused to call you so strong black women then you do everything for them paying bills giving them a place to live paying their clothes etc

And my mama riding with me, Dub20, and my nephew. Was trying to have the “party car” on the damn 8 hour drive. Now we cant???

It’s a sad double standard for Black women that we live in a society that has a Eurocentric standard of beauty and yet when we attempt to match that standard we are ridiculed by the Black men we attempt to impress. And frankly Chris Brown is one to talk givent hat his girlfriend is biracial. But maybe if we loved our own natural beauty enough to rock it we could control the trend. Others tend to co-op our style, but we don’t appreciate that we are trendsetters. And I don’t want to hear that “protective style” B.S. Our hair isn’t so weak that it requires wigs and weaves to save it. Last I heard none of the other races require protective styles. Come again!

Jesus looks at your heart Sugga, not your weave. If you built up your inner beauty instead of that fake outer beauty, maybe you’d find a GREAT MAN. Look at it this way: Superficial in, superficial out.

Speaking purely from my experience with exes and my black male friends: Men prefer natural looks, period. My fiance loves my dreds (and encouraged me to get them for years, I just wasn’t ready to commit), before that he loved my ‘fro, before that he loved my short do. Personally I don’t like the look or smell of weaves but I don’t knock those who wear them. My guy friends say that they don’t like the look/smell nor do they like the perceived vanity that comes with weaves (they say that a confident woman who works with what they got is attractive to them). They also abhor fake eyelashes and nails (i was a life long nail biter and did the acrylics for a while but they are too expensive and God forbid you hit your hand on something. The pain is unreal!), fake butts (but love a big booty, go figure) and overdone makeup.

I’m patiently waiting for another post.


Hey beauty! HUUGS

More from

And the sad thing is black men forget they got the same damn hair type coming out their scalp. I guess because they men and get haircuts they forget that. Let’s do a challenge and see how long theirs grow…itll be right at the shoulder like most black women

He want’s to go to china to train …lol

I work in NYC… live in Queens…. not too far from Nassau…


We going to Orlando for a week. You better get to planning.

Yes you did and agree with most of what you said but this right here -“If it’s the most wonderful time of the year, why do we have more stealing, killing, scamming and parking lot fights” – killed me dead lol

That’s so sad! Our youth are so misguided and misdirected that it makes me want to cry.



The host asked why there was tension between them and K. Michelle “you said some ugly things about me, you said that I was ugly. I understand being a single mother…you don’t have to think I’m beautiful I like me.” Draya had the deer in headlights face and said..I don’t remember that was so long ago.

I feel bad that I love these petty post.

Then again, everybody ain’t mixed with Korean. Lol

I had heard about Chris Brown’s “dislike” on Black Women in general so that doesn’t surprise me at all…

lawd the bus driver today had the exact same pony tail..*lesigh*

Why you so pressed though … who cares what he thinks …. this fool could care less…. so why should you ?

People have opinions, whether you give a fuck about them or not.

Hey boo! Thanks

I’ve heard this said over & over, and I still don’t understand it. Maybe it’s because this unspoken rule doesn’t apply to me. I dress for me. I always have. I love fashion, I love make up, I love heels, I love everything about being a woman! If I dress for anyone else besides myself, it would be for a man. Not for another woman. I just can’t see myself looking in the mirror before I leave the house thinking, “the women are gonna love this!”…FOH with that…

So correct about the eurocentric beauty standard. How many women bleach their hair to look blonde? People can wear their hair the way they like.

Nappy hair has become a thing of the past, being replaced by a rubble of fakeness, designed to look real.

Riverhead????? Suffolk? Nassau? What set you claimin’?

Ok Chris, you right.

No. What that rat say?

I just tell them to broaden their vocabulary and then get back at me. Ain’t got no time for that. LOL

And some do it totally to impress in a sexual way. *shrugs*

Who said forget? But to continue to harp on something that she has went to long lengths to change is not right. I’ve done stuff in my life I’m not proud of. But I’m not even the same person I was then. A person change in a year. Her situation was way over 5 years age at this point. Picking at her is just being petty. IMO

Chris brown making fun of the same bald headed insecure bishes that buy his horrendous music. He know yall insecure hehe he like to abuse his insecure fans the same way he abuses his women..his fans keep giving him chances just like battered women….

When black women began to see black men adore the YT woman’s hair, she then wanted to have what attracted black men.<—You lost me here..

It’s a secret…

If you just wanted to comment to me that’s cool, just make sure you know what I AM discussing…. Simple people like Chris say stupid ish just to be heard.


Its this blog on dating and relationship from a mans perspective .. On it theres this thread about hair and all these YT (and some black) dudes were saying that black womens bodies when in shape blow ALL WOMEN AWAY AND MORE THAN MAKES UP FOR NOT HAVING LONG HAIR… Nobody GAF about Amber Rose’s baldie her body makes up for it… *goes to do somemore squats*

It’s called a SAP! Stingy Ass Ponytail.

That is why I’m going to watch and I stan fro Chris Noth (Mr. Big from SATC) I watch at work; got a few tv. sites I got off this here blog!

Oh I love hair weave. Hey this is so funny. Try this fake Ultrasound designs from fakeababy. Perfect for gags and gifts.

Exactly. Who does he think buys his music? It ain’t just the “exotic” girls.

follow on istagram @shutupkeezy


Black women spend money on hair and make other people rich and have to work a 9 to 5 to make a living!

In all fairness he didn’t say bw..he said ladies

Bucket list Paris or Turkey please…I love Atlanta but it isn’t list worthy.

I don’t care how you spin it. There is a lot of self hate going on with Black women and their hair. Black women are the only women on the planet that wear hair of women from other races. What does that say about how you feel about your own hair? Is this straight hair you cherish so much from India really “better” than you own? Did you know that the Indian hair you wear so proudly probably came from a poor, terrified, Indian girl that was made to get her head shaved by her parents in a temple as a religious sacrifice. Sometimes this hair is packaged and sent to beauty supply full of lice and nits. You are basically buying hair from women and girls from impoverished 3rd world Asian countries. They may not have daily access clean running water, soap or shampoo. Now you want to get this hair sewn into your own hair? So you can sling it and shake it like white girls? What if Black men started getting Indian men’s hair stitched their heads, how would that look? The eurocentric brainwashing is alive and well. Another thing that many fail to mention about women with weaves is that they don’t WASH THEIR HAIR ENOUGH. On hot days watch out! You will smell grease and sweat coming from under that weave. You know what I’m talking about. If a woman spends $500-$2000 on a weave. She’s not gonna wash it anytime soon and mess it up. I understand this, but it’s still kinda nasty. I had a woman sleep over and her unwashed weave was on my pillows all night. In the morning after she left my pillows smelled so bad I had throw everything in the washing machine, sheets, pillow cases, comforters, everything. I haven’t invited her back. I know some sistas go WEEKS without washing their hair. Bacteria can grow and fester under that weave and destroy your real hair. Cornrow wearing girls are guilty of this too. Ladies you must wash your hair on a regular basis. It’s just proper hygiene. White people have asked me why do black women straighten their hair? Why do so many young black women wear weaves? It’s a very complex, too long to cover here, but I’ll give you a few reasons:

whoooo hooooo new post everyone!!!!!!!

Maybe more black men should speak out against the hair weave industry that has made millionaires out of non-blacks for decades. ——————————– Thank you for that sentiment, Sandra. If these fools cared half as much what was in their heads as what is on a black woman’s, we wouldn’t have as many problems.

Oh yeah. You work out at lunch.

As the #Teamnatural, #TeamRealHair movements gather steam in the black community, men are speaking up about their distaste for all things fake as it relates to black women.

^^^^^ Really ?

I don’t got the answers Sway! I came back from watching criminal minds and was floored that we still on the damn topic! How HD? lil I can’t believe it’s not butter? You get him the new school big wheel yet?

killed him with his mouth open!!!!

– Real Hip Hop #2: And them hood hella drunk all night girls, that’s what I like

I don’t get the protecting hair thing. If the majority of time your hair is under a wig or weave what are you protecting it for, to show it to your grandkids when you’re old?

Ok ma’am lol

with hopes of a new mama as dessert

Lmao. That’s so true, when the last time you seen an African american woman wearing real hair?? All African American women are either wearing a wig, weave or their hair is permed.Black women hair is supposed to be “Nappy, like an Afro”! Black ladies stop trying to alter your hair into something that its not!!!!!

Did y’all see Joe Morton channeling Poppa Pope on the Nightly show? he made me shout!

CB know he is a cutie though ….. smh what a waste of talent and skin smh

Them NY Housewives always talking about they can’t get their hair wet. Why? Cause they wear weaves just like we do…..


WAIT!!! Let me go get my POPCOOORRNNN.

Brooklyn Zoo I’m just going to assume you replied to my comment by accident. If not, you clearly missed that I replied to SR comment in reference to race not being mixed and wearing your natural hair.


La boyfriend is slightly creeped out with my fascination of crime shows…its prolly bc I be side-eyeing him and yelling at him during the show…like if the man is cheating on his wife and then said wife kills the man in a horrific way and tortures the mistress…I’ll look at him and tell him ‘well, he shouldn’t have cheated and tried to play his wife…he should’ve known better…and if it was me I’d make sure you’d never be found…evil look”

Okay.. 3rd time I’m digging your words. What Baby Factory did you come from?

Where you get the old blog emojis from, huh? Where Jenie where? ?


The visual of you in your office, doing this dance, is keeping me alive right now

How long we gonna hold it against her. That’s like 6-7 years old at this point. Now she has her son and is a good step mom to Orlando’s girls from what he says and what she post. Let folks live. Sheesh. We’ve all done things we aren’t proud of.

I get it… I just dont understand the obsession with weave, fake eyelashes,fake butts, fake boobs, colored contacts. etc. I know a lot of men that feel the same way. smh

i’m out…. I’ll be back once Sandra post something else…

I know and lets me know that these peepa are CRAZY! I save some shows to do during the summer. I have Criminal Minds and the Goodwife

this is such a great post girl. exactly ! icam and mine is naturally long shoulder length.long hair natural. but ima git diff look give my real hair a nice rest. getting a nice hair style christmas for few months. love your post of truth girl.

Chris don’t care…he did impregnate a smut…the baby went through three deddies in 9 months. Low standards having bastid.

Lmao! They’re the main one crusading for his deranged @$$. I love it when celebs remind these stans how they feel about them

Watch numbnuts not comprehend this and think he said that he doesn’t like weaves. People are dumb

You’re going to compare lips and weave though!? Weave is not even like a permanent thing; at least you got to bed with fake lips and wake up in the morning with it. PS: I don’t like white girls, I just don’t buy your argument.

Boom !


Sandra Rose: “it’s no secret that black women are the largest consumers of your wheat products”

Family Reunion this weekend … I should be back Tuesday

Yas, Criminal Minds/Stalker/Law & Order SVU/Snapped/48 Hours/Locked Up/Scared Straight etc…

He is so right!!!!!! Get em Chris.

You really want to know? *rubshandslikebirdman* Because it is a made up “holiday” with a “meaning” slapped on it for profit. If it’s about giving, then why not do it year round? If it’s about celebrating the “birth of Jesus Christ”, then you need to read more books and check your calendar for that. If it’s about “the birth of Jesus Christ” where does santa claus fit in? If it’s the most wonderful time of the year, why do we have more stealing, killing, scamming and parking lot fights? It’s a farce to me. I wish more people would take the money spent on THESE and every other “holiday” and take their family and children out into the world and show them something different. THAT LAST LINE was for people who have NEVER taken a trip with their family or children. Not the ones that already do it. LOL I’m talking to the ppl who are mentally enslaved to this “tradition” of America. Hope I clarified some of MY reasoning for you.

That doesn’t make any sense, and this is why: Woman tells her chunky butt boyfriend she prefers a toned man. He goes out and BUYS a muscle body suit. He comes home, shows his girl his “new” body, and she is repulsed by his laziness or lack of real effort. He states that he complied (he reasons it IS his body, since he bought it…just like these bald headed Women say it’s their hair because they bought it), and now she’s throwing it in his face. He might LOOK fit and toned with that FAKE body suit on, but she isn’t attracted to the authentic version of him. He gets pissed because he EXPECTS her to accept his fakery, but she won’t, because it’s insulting to her Womanhood and her expectations of REALITY. Too many FAKE females expecting Men to accept the fake hair, nails, eyelashes, and every other PHYSICAL enhancement they can think of but neglect to enhance their INNER beauty and then wonder why guys treat them like a sexual fantasy. Enough with the NARCISSISTIC ENTITLED ATTITUDE. Stop being so damn superficial and you might find a REAL MAN. See, at the end of the day, Men are logical, and Women are emotional. It makes ZERO sense for a real Man to expect FAKENESS to endure in any type of relationship. Several (NOT ALL) Women expect Men to get wrapped up in an emotional bond with the FAKE version of themselves then wonder why they are pumped and dumped. Then all of a sudden, ALL BLACK MEN ARE DOGS. Nevermind they are living a lie. It’s the Man’s fault. So STOOPID!

Oh no because they get a pass.

My cat when I try to put a leash on him..

you all late to the party… lol

Go serve your white God then….

Now, you….I dig!

Thanks for showing most of us the bitch in you!!!

Different Racial and Ethnic Groups—Adults*

Good because they would be wasting tears. So glad I don’t have to deal with them on any level.

Me too….I here with my eyes all wide, rubbing my hands together like Birdman/Baby.

cool….. I can’t believe we still in this post…. Sandra must not want to post nothing else.

We do…. but some brothas complain about THAT too. Can’t win for losing.

Boom chicki bow bow

Chile I don’t know why this took a hour to tickle the hell out of me.

VA but in TN currently…


Yes about to go crazy in this forgotten ass town, if was wasn’t making……

Agree 100 percent

I am tired of looking at “us” with these ridiculous untamed weaves. And untamed natural hair also. Overall just take care of your hair. I saw a well dressed woman in the grocery with a wet and wavy plated up in three sections this morning!! #I wasembarrassed

That doesn’t make any sense, and this is why: Woman tells her chunky butt boyfriend she prefers a toned man. He goes out and BUYS a muscle body suit. He comes home, shows his girl his “new” body, and she is repulsed by his laziness or lack of real effort. He states that he complied (he reasons it IS his body, since he bought it…just like these bald headed Women say it’s their hair because they bought it), and now she’s throwing it in his face. He might LOOK fit and toned with that FAKE body suit on, but she isn’t attracted to the authentic version of him. He gets pissed because he EXPECTS her to accept his fakery, but she won’t, because it’s insulting to her Womanhood and her expectations of REALITY. Too many FAKE females expecting Men to accept the fake hair, nails, eyelashes, and every other PHYSICAL enhancement they can think of but neglect to enhance their INNER beauty and then wonder why guys treat them like a sexual fantasy. Enough with the NARCISSISTIC ENTITLED ATTITUDE. Stop being so damn superficial and you might find a REAL MAN. See, at the end of the day, Men are logical, and Women are emotional. It makes ZERO sense for a real Man to expect FAKENESS to endure in any type of relationship. Several (NOT ALL) Women expect Men to get wrapped up in an emotional bond with the FAKE version of themselves then wonder why they are pumped and dumped. Then all of a sudden, ALL BLACK MEN ARE DOGS. Nevermind they are living a lie. It’s the Man’s fault. So STOOPID!

Real Talk! I get my wigs made and you best believe they be bumpin! FuK what ya heard! bet nat say Nathan!

Aye. Sandra. You done got cho numbers up. Now you got folks down below waiting on new post. So…?

Bitch please. we’re talking about those who wear the hat,not a few clip on’s.

That is my MF show. Now sometimes I will be in the house listening for strange noises and ish but don’t let a marathon come on, on USA it’s me Hotch, Morgan and the rest…. I’m great 16 days until vacation. How are you?

I’ve never seen the Goodwife, but the commercials always look like it’s good. Maybe I’ll try an ep on demand sometime.

Girl you made my day for this one – ” Don’t let there not be enough TVs and ham in stock” – I’m straight flatlining ret now. Can’t stop laughing….

Black male entertainers are the most confused people ever so I don’t pay them any mind. Keep in mind Tran and Rihanna both wear weave. Chris Brown lyrics from different tracks.

Maybe more black men should speak out against the hair weave industry that has made millionaires out of non-blacks for decades.

Exactly…That person is having a hard time dealing with the way I roasted her ignorant self last week,so she in her feelings..

I just watched a video of a group of thugs jump this boy cause he made the honor roll. They was kicking him and stomping him and punching him all in his face. I’m so sick to my stomach after watching that. Why type of mess is this? Where did we go wrong Lord? You can’t be smart no more…

Black woman are lazy because they can take care of someone else hair but to lazy to take care of there natural hair. They just don’t understand the hair they are wear is someone else hair and these people cut thede people hair off without there permission just to sale it to black woman. And look they make millions of dollars but don’t put any of these money in the black community .

PUH-LEEEZE….the women he and other black men (esp celbs) choose to date, have a totally different hair grade and texture anyway. So this was definitely “i hate black women and their nappy hair” proof.

Good morning.

Yall must not know go check out youtube these black women have 18 inches of hair under their wigs and weave…it’s their way of protecting their hair. I can’t take anything on my head like that but I ain’t mad at anyone that wants to do what they want with their hair. Why should we care…black women are trendsetters…the things they come up with in regards to hair is amazing and most men don’t know it’s a weave nor care especially if it looks like it’s growing out of their scalp.

He ain’t lying

I do not like this dude, but I must admit, I am really starting to not like the fake hair crap (I still believe in white cream)!!! and I am so glad I have never been into the makeup thing!!! Some women go OVERBOARD with that mess… and now that it is HOT white shirts are about have brown collars!!! Ugh…

Thursday, June 25, 2015

This dude still hasn’t learned his lesson with women I see. Keep insulting your fan base. I don’t see how and why women keep supporting this bipolar woman beating stalking boy!

oh okay…so light skinned and good hair makes you exempt from men disrespecting you…

If you don’t date black men, why do you care about their opinions? ?


Hugs back!

his head looks like an Onion ?


Yall know this is a speculation post right?! Nevermind carry on. It’s what get the people going.

I think I’m one of the few back women who agree with the BMI matrix. I was getting closer to the overweight range, and definitely felt it. I’m back to the middle of the normal range and feel so much better.

I’m jealous of you & MOD. My family has gone the last 3 summers, but too close to due date to go this summer. Have fun!

Yep, what topic do you want to discuss to change the scenery?


You give a fawk.

Like, are we really supposed to discuss this bullshatt???? And with this new format you can’t even keep a convo going with all at one time. FOHT (Fugg Outta Here Thursday)

K. Thanks! Just wondering cause people in here are saying the same thing but I just don’t recall any of the things the he’s said. Was wondering if anything in particular, other than this, stood out to you

Nah, really it makes me no difference. If a woman compliments me, I say I smile, say “thank you” and keep it moving. It doesn’t make my day or make me feel like a million bucks. Now, I have to be honest…when a woman does compliment me, I do look at her differently. I see her as a confident woman, who is capable of being a true friend to another woman. Because, there seems to be no jealousy or cattiness within her. Like myself, I have no problem giving credit, where credit is due. Only a bitter, jealous woman can’t pay another woman a compliment…for whatever reason…

I agree…they go for the “bad boy” instead of the good guy, then when the guy they chose dumps them with a kid, or abuses them, or plays them, they say “All Men are horrible!!!” It’s crazy. But Good Dude get friend zoned like clock work…kmsl. Humans are a trip… Men are ready and willing and able to have meaningful relationships. Boys are acting. Which one of those are you/were dating? Do you accept blame for your part of choosing the boy?

Why are u assuming hes talking only about black women? This could be a dig at all types of women because all types wear weave and white women especially love the clip ins!

I’ll talk to ya

I’m so over these hair debates … at the end of the day … what does ya heart and soul look like ???

I love Criminal Minds! If I ever meet anyone like Reed in real life, he could get it every which way from Sunday. Both of my boys are good. We head out on our family vacation next week, and I can’t wait. He didn’t get the big wheel yet, because he got ghost and went to Mama Butter’s on his last day of school. She did buy him some skates since he goes to the skating rink every week. How is your mister? Time, jr.?

All guys that I’ve ever dated claimed they preferred long hair, but I used to routinely cut it a la Toni Braxton every year or so. Each and every one of them LOVED it.

“This how most of yall ladies be looking after the club!” he wrote in the caption. His post was an obvious dig at black women who take their hair extensions out when they sweat out their weave at the club.

I think black women should do as she please with her hair white women wear weavs white men wear tupays glue on hair a well like a lot of lady’s say this natural look is OK but it is not for everyone that is black I have long hair my daughter’s as well but I refuse to believe that they should walk around nappy head and look like my son’s now day’s you can not tell a man from a women by looking at the hair but I do agree that black people should stop wearing weav but I don’t like that nappy head stuff cause it not right

Lmao so true

Bout to be out there in the sticks chile and gravel roads

Shameful, shame How you know.

On the low I love em too rofl ….. lawd

True, not only weight but just general self care and attractiveness. I saw a very pretty black woman today. She had beautifully done make up that made her features look striking, her hair was simple in a bun, nicely dressed and she was toned. I mean she really looked like she was healthy and radiant and that she had a lot of self respect…it was refreshing. I have been looking around for the longest time, and most black women look like stale ****….not even fresh ****. I don’t know what has happened but they look like homeless women, over sized pigs, ghetto broads, tacky clowns, or hookers most of the time. Not trying to be mean, but it’s true. I wish more black women would get it together with looks. This doesn’t mean being something we’re not or like a Cosmo girl, it just means looking presentable and well maintained. I want to feel proud to be a sista again. I don’t look at women of my kind and feel that joy anymore because of what I see. It’s like looking at a dilapidated community that’s been vandalized, broken down and abandoned. Just work with what you have to the best of your ability. That’s what people want to see of you and us. It’s so wonderful to see a woman who cares about herself enough to look classy and pretty…and together. Obesity and cheap looking ratty weaves do not give this effect. Expensive ones don’t do it either. I know we can do this ladies. We’ve got to get it together for our US and our brand. And most of all our sense of dignity. It’s not about what we have but what we make of it. That separates winners from losers.

What the hale ever… this ish is funny, cuh.

That is so true the only style these weave wearing women get is something they saw on a white woman’s head, I have seen every style and they are all something a white female was wearing, and those damn dead hair ponytails.

Isn’t he bipolar? What ever he says is because he is mentally ill. Put him on Nignore( [email protected]@a I am going to ignore you) ?

Morning Yall!! My boo likes my natchal huurr….but he bet nat say shyt when I CHOOSE to wear OPH..(udda peoples hur)

I agree with that …. but for myself …. I wear my hair like I want for me and me only ….. But that is true with a lot of women

Not this BLACK MAN.

Love this post!!

Read above post

Boring Bama chile

It’s genetics too


I mean he WAS!!!

…yeah that’s prolly why…but I digress…

Top 10 best cities for jobs 1. Raleigh, NC Number of job openings: 24,146 Median base salary: $50,950 Median home value: $198,400 The Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina is home to the famed Research Triangle Park, where a host of health and technology companies have set up shop.

Um, no. Black women are about 5-6% of the U.S. population. Saying they buy the most hair weave seriously overestimates their buying power. Everybody’s clipping on hair.

Okay.. 3rd time I’m digging your words. What Baby Factory did you come from?

I’m not mad about this particular post…what makes me irritated is that he constantly says negative comments regarding women…its his overall attitude, comments, actions and views regarding women that makes me “mad”. This post is just another example…

YES and meanwhile I’m waiting for you to strike up a random convo or something cause this post didn’t get nothing from me…

Wut….I wear my natural hair to work.but on my off time me and CANDY(name of my whig),we dem boyz…chyle they don’t recognize me.and don’t let me jump fresh to def and tho that hoe on!!!!all you hear is KLYMAXX got a meeting in the ladies room!shyyyyid,I live and die fa mine:’)))))

Had to explain this to the Mrs. not too long ago. She had shoulder length hair and had been talking about cutting it for while. It took Lurk14 begging for, then damn near cutting all of hers off, for the Mrs. to take that leap. Talking about she ain’t think I would want her to cut it. Had to tell her, you still look good, I trust YOUR judgement. And on top of all that, I don’t want to fvck your hair.

Maybe it wasn’t a woman Chris!

This chit here sis


Well said

No. Ii I did you would see “Post deleted.”

Most men only care about whether or not it looks good and suits THEIR tastes. Real, fake, they don’t care. Speaking of men time for me to try and convince mine to leave the villa. 3 days in and he’s saying needs a break from walking around in the heat and rain ?, smh…

My nephew was like: Grandma riding with us? ???

Yeasssssss lick shoots in the blog Just a little touch of home. ?

Say that!!!

My thoughts exactly. Chris is looking more and more femme to me. He is always throwing shade at females almost like a homosexual man that is jealous of women’s natural and sometimes unnatural features. What you do with YOUR hair is no one’s business but your own. I’m #TeamNatural #TeamWeave #TeamRelaxer whatever makes you happy!

You are exactly right. They want to criticize us for being who we are. It’s sad. Because he is actually making fun of the length of some black womens hair, which is not at all any type of encouragement for someone to stop wearing weaves. He needs to grow up and all of the rest of the superficial people like him.

aight… right across the way… I’m not to far from the PATH train.


Or just another day period. LOL

As the #Teamnatural, #TeamRealHair movements gather steam in the black community, men are speaking up about their distaste for all things fake as it relates to black women.

Told you Imma be there for mine next Thursday til damn Monday the 6th. In Bama. Why Jesus? ???

Its this blog called the rules revisited… On it theres this thread about hair and all these YT (and some black) dudes were saying that black womens bodies when in shape blow ALL WOMEN AWAY AND MORE THAN MAKES UP FOR NOT HAVING LONG HAIR… Nobody GAF about Amber Rose’s baldie her body makes up for it… *goes to do somemore squats*

I’m disturbed that his hair is straight enough to be put in that style 0_0

Amen! I hope this is just a free trial.

Yeah… Like i said prolly cause thats based on white BMI standards.. Cause i think i read somewhere thar Serena Williams would be considere obese under those numbers..but still too many of us are just plain ole fat.. 70 percent of the US population at larger is deemed overweight or obese and we always got it worse


Again, I’m digging this…

The dang pic just popped up!! eyes rolling .. puter got me asking crazy questions.

EXACTLY! And these broads out here buying his music and going to his concerts. I don’t get either!


Exactly. And I can promise you this type of blk women will get online and vent to other blk women, and then turn around and continue “tricking” for these males. But not me. I don’t do a dammed thing for blk males. If they fight police, they alone. If they get shot, they die alone without a peep out of me. I WILL however, go march for blk women and girls.

Not. Can’t call us losers if all you’ve encountered are losers. Some of us black men own businesses, and we do the least as to what you mentioned. Some of us black don’t have those issues.

I notice he loves to make fun and make assumptions about Black women which is no shock,since he hates Black women.I notice he doesn’t say anything about any women except Black women.Any Black woman still supporting him must be filled with self hate…

Hahaha. His post cracked me up.

Chris Brown is such an ignorant person.He changes his hair color every month and is going bald it seems,so he really need to go somewhere and sit his crazy self down…..

Please check out rnb siger asylums new song “Last time”

The founders of THIS country even wore wigs. Folks need to learn their history…

LMFAO !!! He dead wrong

I’m so sick him and his forehead wrinkles

Brown and other rappers have begun taunting black women who either refuse to style their own natural hair or they can’t afford to maintain their luxurious locks weekly.


Funny lol that is universal….

Hair doesn’t have anything to do with finding a mate, and beauty doesn’t always come in a bag.

Man I play on taking #3 to LEGOLAND.. ish is $84 ;(.

Sad part is his stupid fans and the other artist stupid female fan base will still support them. Chris really don’t have room to talk.

I really don’t care who wants who or what.

Chris has reiterated, time and time again, that he’s not into black women…especially black women of the darker hue. So, there shouldn’t be any outrage here. Black women should have stopped supporting Chris ions ago….

LMBO. I watch Snapped, Deadly Wives, Who the *Blleep* did I Marry, Deadly Neighbors, etc. Honey Dip said he told his father that if he goes up and missing, I did it, and he doubts his remains will ever be found. He’s so imaginative.

Black women spend more money on fake hair than anybody! It is a billion dollar industry and black women are not CEO of any of the companies that profit you guys are making someone else rich. The non-ratchets spend money on hair they do not make money from it or own any beauty supply stores. That’s dumb honey!

But Amber is NOT black….. from her own mouth not mine

Sesame Place, are you in PA?

Real tears lmao !!!!

Smh same men that have a problem with natural hair,just be real and say you want something exotic. Chris b throwing shade even though his mama lookin like that when she take her wig or weave off?

NEVER was a fan.I knew he had a childish streak won’t wait when he bussed out on the scene as CHARLIE BROWN (of all characters for phuk sakes)!!!I knew not to expect anything other then pure unadulturated silliness! He didn’t disappoint.I’m upset he still have a platform of ANY type to be heard on.

Some of these weaves I see on women are gross. Edges all chewed up. Gel cannot hide the fact that the thin edges are a inch away from the hairline.

That’s funny they calling us out for weaves (protective hairstyles for most of us), but praising the ones who have fake butts. #guessyougottapickyourdrug

I absolutely hate weaves!!! Hate them hate them hate them. Weaves look ridiculous lol. Yes people are judging them shiny ass weaves long flowing obviously fake weaves. They are do ugly I swear I despise them

What the heck was in that set?! That must the super deluxe ultra premium set.

If a black girl wants to wear weave she should be able to many different races enjoy versatility from weave. Also as a naturalista myself weave offers a protective styling option to allow black hair to grow. Why bash black women for weave when not only black women wear weave ? I don’t understand. Lol and don’t say because it looks less natural who is 100% natural all the time people like to change there look up. What is wrong with that….. Besides I doubt he’d go up to Beyoncé and be like stop wearing your weave.

Shid she just refound her man last week after posting that press release via IG “after prayer and careful consideration and with much time and thought we have jointly decided Bullshid!!!!” Them broads want $150 for some threads her and Waka wife. I like Tammy but not that much.

What is wrong with extensions,box braids, Senegalese twist, or Marley twist all of these styles involve adding hair extension?? These are African styles..Stop coming down on African American women for the clear and evident versatility available to them.Its not being fake. Besides who is 100% authentic now a days even adding blush and mascara can bee seen as fake.The hate for black women by black men needs to don’t like natural hair but you don’t like weave either sounds like your just a hater.I like my weave and my pretty tight coiled curls. I rock both and if that is a problem to you then your probably just ignorant and I don’t want your attention anyways lol Hopefully what I said resonates with someone.

That is a good idea.

You sound dismissed.

I agree. #teamnatural #longhairdon’tcare

I have not visited New Orleans or ATL… they on my bucket list of places to go.

for a minute i thought you said “better get some glue”

Black women ain’t wearing weave for their health, especially the ones wearing blond weave. It’s low grade, historical White girl envy. #realtalk

Take Care !

Hell Kim Z pulled the WHOLE back of her head damn off when she was trying her acrylic hair line piece on

he ain’t even checkin’ for black women so wtf is he opening his mouth for? he gets a little $$$ in his pocket & a little notoriety and he’s too good for black women (everyone post-rhianna has been mixed or non-black). He’s nothing to write home about anyway (looks-wise)

Good Morning All – I hope Mr. Brown’s singing career is longer than his criminal record, cause he looks a mess and I missed the punch line.

I guess he would know – he done went home and got fooled with enough of the chickens heads. Negroe kick rocks – if u ain’t have no money – the girl after the club would be yo baby mama 4x’s.

Lets face it ladies.. Hair weave for some of us is like men and their J’s. We spend a lot to wear the latest. Its a fashion thing for me personally. I have a wedding to go to that’s outside…IBEDAMMMM if imma sweat a fro in the middle of my nieces wedding…braid it up sew it down weave it up! Yess im iz!!!

Good one!

Tears, this is a workout, let me try.

Google it..i read that in Essence years ago

Always an excuse as to why a non-black woman can do the same things. Black men blame black women for supporting feminism but run off with white women who founded it, led it nationally and abroad, and also established legal policies to support it. They are the biggest group of feminists in the whole world. Isn’t that ironic? We’re the ones blamed for feminism. I mean black women are always scapegoats for everything. Black men don’t like anything black women do to beautify themselves. They are never satisfied and complain about us trying to be more attractive. Who does that? They are never satisfied. I feel bad for black women honestly. I’m black but don’t date black men, so I consider myself an outsider. I really shake my head at what black women have to deal with.


Her son

Morning Sugar britches, she is busy gathering archives, we can’t get everything all in one day.

that’s the problem you do everything for black men laugh out loud like a trick

Move On…Nothing to see here folks…same ole misogynistic rhetoric…He is always saying negative comments regarding women…Guess what though? The moment a man says something mean/disrespectful to his daughter, he will lose his mind….


Eva as u go ahead ma. Buy it right. hook it up propah-like..Do you… Just keep remembering that (as i wrote under Dra post) That: Secure men do not care. Books, Education, Learning ..Loyalty…Maturity…No drama and most of all? Accomplishing= a REAL woman…”Not her hair style of the year.”Life just way 2 short to care about a lady hair style. Only jealous or highly insecure men say shiiit… Focus on your own damn life… #RealMen know this…peace out 1

I can only watch in day light! #notboutthatlife! Nice where are you going. 10 days until my Bday! I don’t have chit planned though

He does look cute with his hair like that though.

I’m trying ????

Just Google Chris Brown-from Rihanna, Karreuche, Tamar, Adrienne Bailon and Tamar, and even his mother….and various public comments regarding women…You’re welcome to believe what you want about Chris. I just find him to be very anti-women. I know that he was abused as a child by an older woman, maybe that has something do with it? I don’t know.

The blk women that wear their hair natural and dating whte men now. Those natural sisters have moved on from the blk man because he is nothing but a nuisance . Blk men do nothing but sit and complain about everything-WEAVE, CHILD SUPPORT, UNEMPLOYMENT, ABORTION, THE WHTE MAN, and so on. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. I didn’t think it was possible to see one person, let alone an entire GROUP of losers sit and complain daily. This is why blk men are losers, because all they do is complain, and their complaints fall on deaf ears. People have moved on. Blk women have moved on, they moved on YEARS ago but blk men are so stupid, they think blk women still want them.

– B*tches & Marijuana: With some clean motherf*ckers, no hood rats

I Don’t Know Whats Weaker! This Pic Of Chris Brown, Or You Assuming He’s Referring To Black Women!

See that’s what I’m not going to do. SMH. Nope cause he has a blast playing with the boxes his toys come in. Toys off to the side in the corner begging to be played with.

Thanks babe. I was thinking about using a portion of my company stock (don’t judge me) for Christmas. This is a much better option.

Exactly. To me if you mad at this post than your ass is bald and have no edges. It’s akin to saying…nevermind chit just dumb to get upset over a post that says NOTHING of the sort. Use your damn brain.

I go by the philosophy that if you buy it, it is yours. Im going to keep wearing weaves until my hair grow out. After that, ill go weaveless… if you aint paying for it, dont worry about it.

Oh Alright, so we just suppose to forget she busting wide open on the free throw for Gilly “I give out fake rings” Arenas while her baby was at home sucking up carpet like a Dyson looking for Cheese itz crumbs and lied about it? OK it is forgotten. lol

Nope. Cause his daughter got good hair and light skinned. She will be fine.??

Chile do you really believe that,…. say that shyt outloud to yaself …..

Come through ma’am. Its a damn joke. And some females need to be honest. THIS is how some be looking when they snatch their wigs/ fake ponytails off. Folks don’t like the truth no more.

Number one place for jobs per Forbes March 2015. Busta move on down here Boot!


Sorry so late but feel free to disagree. I know I work out and I see plenty black women daily doing the same.

Im a alien lol!

Where yall from…. I’m from NYC.

yep! I concur

How ALL THEM K’s doin’? My goodness they done grew up!

Ah, okay. I’m in NY (LI) and my friend just took her 2 kids a couple of weeks ago for their June bdays. Pictures looked fun.

It happens. Keep pushin’. AND STAY OFF OF HERE! LOL

Certainly agree! All BS aside taking care of your body, monitoring what you consume, increasing your water intake, exercising and eliminating as much processed food from your body will eliminate all of what you mentioned. But like you said “they” are too worried about the wrong thing. Personally, I can’t do the tracks, wigs, lashes non of that! I need to be able to whip, sweat, swim without distractions – it’s to hot for all of that ish.

Screech going to jail for four months..

That’s so true. Men don’t care! If it were up to them we would be walking around naked all the time.

White, Asian, Hispanic etc. women do not have to depend on a weave like black women do!


Sandra. Wtf wrong with you today yo? White and other non black women don’t wear weaves? Man listen.

Hey boo. On treadmill. I’ll be back in an hour.

If you don’t mind me asking, why don’t you celebrate Christmas?

Well, the feeling’s mutual. i don’t know too many women period who like or respect him, so no loss there!

Yas!!! Show ’em how its done…he bet not ever cross you….


LOL!!!!, he’s 2funny, lotta angry folks on these comments


Girl say that chit again. Mine wants me to look nice. All I know is about mine! I’m not going to speak about yours or all black men in general. Just doing the same thing Chris did FOH!

Its a pagan holiday at the end of the day.



Hey you!!! :waving:

This is so typical Chris.

Why do I have this vision in my head of you doing this…lol

Crabs Crabs Crabs…smh the participants need to be identified and publicly shamed along with their parents

Yea Prynn but that would be a POS negro that is ho’ish and would do it anyway. Getting you “right” will not only attract better stock but you SHOULD feel better about yourself and ain’t worried about a relationship anyway. The increased endorphins should have your self esteem on point.

Bwahahahahaaaaa pay bills for who? I pay my bills & don’t expect anyone else to do so. Listen Lisa Sanchez keep your generalized statements to yaself. If the requirement for having a BF is to buy his clothes & pay his bills that is NOT a man, that’s a dependent. I don’t live like that. So please… move on w/ya comments.

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Guess what? Black Men aren’t crying in the corner for you.

Yesterday, Chris Brown posted this photo of himself wearing his hair in a mini bun.




Everybody on this post sounds sad and full if hate for their own people. All of it us bullshit

We need to be working on our bodies these ninjas would not GAF so much about hair when faced with great azzesandboobs…80 percent of black women are overweight and obese (me included not coming for anyone) thats the battle we need to so sick of my friends and family so worried about their hair but seem clueless as to why we going to the hospital and funerals all the time because of high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and cancer.. My auntie like “lord what wig ima wear to this funeral!” Of somebody who weighed 300 or more pounds for decades and got diabetes. Said the devil gave her that struggle…nope that coke i saw in your hand everytime i saw you growing up did. A really nice lady and a preventable death

Black men LOVE weave. On white women.

You can truly tell when a man has been raised without a father…there’s nothing cute or funny about this. #shameful

He telling the truth, but CB how you gon judge we didn’t judge you when you had the DeBarg slick back. Wait…. Yes we did ok carry on ?

I work in the city too (West Village), lived in Harlem after college, then Queens, now LI.

Sho nuff!

Bwaahhhh…I got motivated, joined the gym, went twice and never went again..#lazy

Trying to get my life together.

Just trying to make sure I understand..

If you don’t get from ROUND me!

I was thinking that too! Lol

word?? what part and what industries…LMAO at that pic…

Envy is a dangerous and extremely volatile spirit.

It seems we should embrace ourselves and rest in God’s love for us. Our self-worth and or acceptance is not determined by men. Who are we trying to gain approval of…God or man…A man is JUST THAT…If we would not have put chemicals in the first places…Our hair would be long just like they prefer…but we are often beguiled. ..take the bait and get hooked and cooked….# true to thyself

Again, I’m not knocking women who wear their weaves/wigs/lashes/nails/booty shots, just relaying their opinions on them.

When you have a difference of opinion, people say things like you mad or pressed. Its your opinion, period point blank. Just like they have there opinion! I don’t get either! LOL

I don’t find him to be all of that. He’s average at best.

A lot of us DO take care of ourselves by eating right and working out but the focus is NEVER on us..not that we need the adulation ijs

Heyyy KDub

I don’t have wrinkles when I raise my eyebrows..and if you’re young those wrinkles shouldn’t be as pronounced..unless you drink a lot. he looks like he could be an alcoholic…

Hahaha! His pony ain’t got no tail!

– Ayo: All my b*tches got real hair chilling with the top down

” I didn’t think it was possible to see one person, let alone an entire GROUP of losers sit and complain daily” It’s obvious you don’t think…because it’s impossible for you to include every Black Man into that. Your bitterness is showing. It appears the saying is true: There is NOTHING like the wrath of a Woman scorned”. You say Black Men are losers. Not some, or even many, but that Black Men are losers. There is only one thing that every Black Man is…and that’s Black. By your logic, youre a gold digging, narcissistic, multiple baby having but don’t know who the daddy is, welfare collecting, club hopping, ghetto, loud, fat, sweaty head smelling, Alopecia having, weave wearing THOT. See, I know some Black Women out there like that, and since you’re Black, you’re just like that too. See how stupid that sounds? So, see how stupid you sound? But it’s fine, because with your attitude, a GREAT Black Man wouldn’t date you if you were the color of 24 karat gold.

To judge a whole group of people based on a few experiences of dealing with a few Black males who obviously aren’t Men is very immature and ignorant on your part. People (Men and Women, Black and White or/and every other color) love to project. A Chinese gold digger broke a Man’s heart? To say all Chinese Women are Gold Diggers based on what one immature Woman did who just happens to be Chinese is soooooooo stupid. The fact the Man allowed himself to be used to such an extent shows how “thirsty” he really was and now, instead of accepting responsibility for his poor choice, he decides to deflect blame on A WHOLE NATIONALITY OF WOMEN. Your immature posts are why any real Man, no matter the race, would avoid you. You have an immature and close-minded viewpoint in life and no real Man is putting up with that. You should look within yourself and stop deflecting blame. You should also stop dealing with immature boys. Real Men, no matter the race, DO NOT care about that fake beauty you’re writing about that Women use to “beautify” themselves. You’re so concerned with attracting Men with fake hair, nails, eyelashes, and makeup and your inner beauty is about as attractive as Flavorette Flav, and you wonder why you’re not attractive enough for a real Black Man to want you. Maybe if you learned how to be beautiful from the inside out, someone might actually find you attractive. Basically, GROW UP!

What a d*ck. I’m blessed to have natural(misnomer, I perm 10-12 weeks) long hair but I believe that whatever a woman needs to do to feel good about herself she should do it and shouldn’t be judged for it. Its hard enough being a woman.

Is blond Chris Brown natural hair color?

Lmao ? this is funny tho!!

Edges on scream tho. Don’t do that again my dude.

still waiting..

Nice! I’m old.. and the little one needs to go places. I may take the Monday after too and take him to Sesame place and the Lego museum. Mr. mad cause it’s my Bday but Jr win. I’m going to drank though and

Please believe this can go for all shades, not just black women.

All those weave wearing women just have Indian in their family and yall hating. Rachel did it.

I tell my broke over spending relatives this every year. Christmas comes and they crying that they can’t afford presents for their bebe’s kids. During tax season one of them purchased a 3500 dollar smart tv…but lights n ish always getting cut off and always asking for $$…I tell em straight up don’t ask me for ish..Can’t stand that….


We’re not in competition, we just like to look pretty. I don’t compete with women at all. That’s demeaning.

Nah. I’m talking about someone showing up advertising for Instagram follows

I wear make up cause I like to enhance my look. And I like compliments from men. Lol. But ion care about what the next Bush think cause she ain’t fugging or paying me.

Well that’s good for you. Today is my I wish the 1st would hurry up and get here I’m tired of making a meal out of ramen noodles and soy sauce packets day??

Why do black women care how many inches of hair they have? Are you guys that insecure and have something to prove on instagram or youtube? “Look at me I am a Black women and I have long hair 20 inches long” White women don’t do that!

OFF Topic I just watched a video of a young black boy being jumped by a group of nigger thugs just because he made the honor roll with a 95 average. I’m literally sick to my stomach. That was to much.

I agree…

They’re all good!!! I call them all sour patches – sometimes sour sometimes sweet! You see in added a set of twins to the fOrmer “KKK’s”? Nerves are gone but they are certainly worth it. How’s your daughter? She should be in college now, right?

Now, you….I dig!

I new women was doing to much when they went to fawking with their eyes…when cud get contacts…where you buy gas.I tole my sista who ever you changing yer eye color for from such a dastardly place.he betta be willing to come and lead yer bout to be non seeing azz around!

I’m good. I took the man on the “get it right, git it tight” journey WITH me. LOL How YOU doin’?

Ok auntie! Nor do you have to be mixed or “other” to grow your hair long. If your hair doesn’t get to the length you want it’s because of your diet and mantainence or your bodies reaction to the hair products one uses. Some folks are just addicted to bundles and are willfully dumb about maintaining natural hair. Dropping perms was the best thing I did for my hair and scalp – I gained at least 15 inches and dropped dandruff when I stopped using beauty supply store products.

My favorites are “hate” or “hating”. Those words just get under my skin. Having an opinion isn’t “hating” or showing “hate”.

I’ve always said women wear makeup and hairstyles and fashion to impress other women, not men. I don’t mean that in a sexual way. Women are always in competition with other women.


Thank you!

Louisiana but I’m in Georgia.

About 2 in 3 whites (66.7 percent) are considered to be overweight or obese.

NYC NC VA Japan Hawaii Cali MD

SandraRose, did you get rid of my 6 months before Christmas post?


I am not with the weave. REAL beautiful faces surrounded by FAKE hair is a turn off to me. You didn’t get YOUR hair done, you got some else’s hair done and put it on your head. Your natural hair is better looking Ms. Lady everytime. Trust me on that.

I have a big ole head full of natural curls and will still rock a weave if I wanted to. When he pays my bills and tuition, that will be the day that I find an eff to give.

Hmm and is his hair relaxed?Now that’s the funny part,his hair looks fried dyed and blow dryed?

Chile. My folk from the damn SWAMP. We not going that far tho. Thanks be to sweet sweet Jesus.

I know that’s right!

Go march…AWAY from Men. We don’t want your non-supportive attitude around us anyway.

Black women have been fed an continuous diet of eurocentric hair propaganda since day one. They’ve been seduced by long flowing hair of blonds, brunettes and redheads shaking out their tresses in shampoo commercials and they want to do the same, but strong African genetics say otherwise. Black women need a hair revolution! Self hating weaves are not the answer. Scalp burning relaxers are not the answer either. Constant weaves over a long period of time can cause scalp alopecia (baldness). Learn to love what momma Africa gave you! Go back to natural hair. That may be the only sensible option.

Doesn’t matter. It’s not about men, it’s about us being who we are meant to be. The best version of ourselves and good role models.

YASS it takes a long time for black woman to grow out hair. Tight coils break easily

First of all BLACKS ARE FCKING LATE TO THE HAIR WEAVE INDUSTRY. Whites beeeeeeeeeeeen wearing it. We was in our afro movement when they was clipping in. We just perfected it (most of us not the ratchets).

How about this Chris brown how r u clowning on weaves w a fully processed blond targaryen head lookin like viserys I’m sure u be sweating ur products out after stalking kareuche all night at the club bloop

Lol. I’ve been laughing at this entire post for the last 20 minutes.

Me too. At the end of July! Disney, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens

Thst didn’t take long. Your blog is going down hill faster than DMX fell off.

Im natural too but Bae wouldnt care if I wore a weave either.

CB shyt is hot !!!!

Wow. Christmas is one of the most beautiful, joyous times of my life. I love Christmas carols, shopping…the look on someones face when you give them the perfect gift, eating, the snow, the clothes, breathing in the cold air, decorations…I love Christmas.

Yeah I’m a fan of Hotch, I know he controlling in all ways and sometimes you need that …lolol Time Jr got one but he hasn’t gotten it yet. He is in to skateboards and I don’t want to overwhelm him. I also need him to learn to ride a bike. Mr fine, harassing me about my BDay. I said get me a bottle, get me some trees and you and your child get gone It is the holiday weekend, there is always something to do. We skipping the reunion this year.

are you fronting from phone or computer.

Let me do some research..Thanks

this is too funny, because its’ so true

Lmaooooo. I HAD FORGOT she tryna restore the archives! ??

I rather keep talking about hair than Caitlyn

Minus the gambling…any college campus/frat house….#memories…

It’s no secret that black women are the largest consumers of hair weave products. Black men yearn for the days when they pulled their women’s hair during sex and the hair didn’t come off in their hands.

I know exactly what you meant. But if she doing it for a man? Good luck with that. LOL

LOL that’s the classic one you are a hater! I’m like whatever…

Sadly yes, somewhere there’s a convention where all black male secrets are being told and we weren’t invited to that secret location…*shrugs*

And we wouldn’t be staring at a weave either.

I love Criminal Minds! Makes me think everyone I see is a serial killer, but I love it anyway. LOL!

This is not true. Maybe I’m just self-absorbed but its ALL for me. My full face, my clothes, my hair, my perfume, my bags, my Ray-Bans. I could give a damn how you look cause its all about me.

I can agree with this Lotus, but not attacking a whole nationality based on the immature few.

He look like hes raising his eyebrows tho…

I’m not really a fan of either.. I would like to like K’s music but her attitude really turned me away and I don’t really have an opinion about Draya. I thought she was slightly slow when Jackie daughter was showing her she was talking to her man but hey that’s just me.

The shade thrown at black women is on the rise…especially as men become more feminine. It’s as if we are competing with each other. He is dyeing his hair every other week and acting out like a female. And don’t get me started on weaves….. When black women began to see black men adore the YT woman’s hair, she then wanted to have what attracted black men.

No I disagree…it’s not nearly a lot.

Sho nuff!


Among Hispanic, black, and white adults age 20 and older: 2

No he may not throw you out of bed, but he may not want to wife you either. Weaves don’t seem “girl next door”, you know.

Nah, Jerz!

read post above from lady named amanda … Can’t get no clearer than that. lol and icam yola…

I don’t follow Chris and what I do hear I get from blogs or other media so can you enlighten me with some of the other things that he’s said? I can’t mentally recall any other negative comments that he’s said but I do believe that he has said some things

OH!!!!! Gotcha!!

Chris Brown is crazy! [email protected] teeny weeny ponytail

The infamous Farrah Fawcett flip? Was a damn weave!!! Say it sis. Sandra done pissed me on today. I will meet yall on the other side later. I got a meeting I’m late for. Know I woke up WRONG today. Sandra trying it.

I care from the standpoint that they make black women so unhappy. At the end of the day, black women have a choice in what they will deal with. All of them do. Only those who do not believe in themselves deal with what black men do to them. I would prefer to be deserted on an island eternally with ONLY fish, birds, and coconuts to talk to than to align myself with other black women who deal with black men and the hell they make for them. No thanks! That’s the God honest truth.

? Chris rocking a struggle.

I chuckled when I saw this yesterday. Lawd knows I snatches my wigs off soon as I come through the door. My ponytail ain’t struggling that bad though. ?

Because his opinion matters to most and influences alot of black women that praise him like you. Ignorant post like that from a well-loved and well-known celebrity can create self esteem issues for our young black women who idolize him, that’s why it matters.

Yep! Something’s wrong with him *sips tea*

Interesting post. Some of these chicks spend more on weave than anything else. MARTA buses and trains are packed to capacity every day with women (and some men) who can’t afford a damn car, but can afford some Asian exotic silky #24 or whatever. Girl, grow your own damn hair! Or wear a Fro. Black men actually yearn for the day when Black women can learn to stop being so materialistic and insecure.

This from a black man sporting blond hair

These men are NOT brothers. Why do some black women describe all the horrors these blk savages put blk women through, but then call them brothers? They are savages. and they are not only bashing weave, they are KILLING blk women in record numbers! These are “brothers”? These “males” (I use that term loosely) are no brethren of mine.

Help somebody!

I’m witcha

You sound mad

Overweight and obesity affect more than 3 in 4 Hispanics (78.8 percent) and blacks (76.7 percent).

80%? I need receipts.

– Strip: Baby don’t worry about you hair, all those tracks? I don’t give a damn about that

NC too

Right and that’s just for adults. Glad his lil azz is free, I might just go buy him so legos and call it a day. About to hit the gym on lunch see yall in an hour hopefully on a new post.

Noooo, not that far out unless I’m outlet shopping. Nassau, South Shore.

I am Cuban so I don’t understand Black Women and nappy hair but why do you guys hate each other so much. I am so glad I am Latina you guys are crabs in a barrel!

I can agree with this Lotus, but not attacking a whole nationality based on the immature few.

Again, I’m digging this…

Those wrinkles on his forehead is not a good look…he starting to look like my drunk uncle James. Muhfuka aging how old is he again?..he shouldn’t have wrinkles like that and still in his 20’s..I’m 33 and don’t have forehead wrinkles yet even when I frown…

So did anybody see K. Michelle call Draya out on BET?

Get your Riesling Ready

I like it when anyone compliments me but I don’t do it for them. And if no one did it wouldn’t bother me. I have a mirror I know what I look like and i love ME. My face, my hair, my teeth. My obsession is me. I’m not in competition with any woman because I’m satisfied. I love women and when I meet a jealous one I pray that one day she gets to this space because it is a blessing.

A waste of skin though lol

I’m so glad that ain’t me in that category

How in the hell do you get the gifs to work dammit???

Sending love your way

Actually, no real Black Man wants to deal with a traitor like you anyway, so…Good Riddance

So sweet! I can’t blame you for wanting some alone time for your birthday. I always ask for a spa day that includes at least a 1 hour massage.

Pressed?…Mam I just gave my view just like you did.I guess you think you’re the only one that can give your view….Read the memo that you missed and it reads as follows: Different views can be expressed on a blog,duh.

You, I, and Essence are going to have to sit down and talk about this because 80% of anyone being anything is almost inconceivable.

And apparently they love blond hair too on themselves lol

It’s the worst when I see this church.

So he’s old enough to enjoy it this year. Yay, Khaki1!

I just eat.

I’m sure this is how rihrih used to look without her horsehaired weave…

Yeah, sure. Say you don’t like it when women compliment you.

LMBO. I was like, “Shoot, they darn near passing it out for free. MERRY CRIMMUS Honey Dip and Lil Butter.”

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Run for me too!!!

Exactly. Line from his song “all my bytches got real hair, ayyyy ooo.”

Chile….Im in Gville in one of the lowest pd counties..the damn city salary median is like 32,000 which is RIDCULOUS….I could never live off of that…daycare alone…anyway there folk. I you gotta be a teacher for 10 years to make 50,000 WHAT?!?! I felt bad…bless them

….hahahahah Honey Dip already got the evidence lined up just in case….hahahaha

Sandra Rose — since you are so quick to post this BS, post something about white women wearing hair weave. The notion that only black women wear hair weave is just asinine. Chris is an immature jerk . Comments like that can’t help his thuggery brand (i.e. $). For some, there are medical reasons why they wear a hairpiece, weave, clip-in, wig or whatever.


that’s a tiny state.

Are you headed on a vacation, JB?

Well said! I know people have a right to create their own styles, but I think it’s important to embrace your own beauty, instead of trying to look like someone else.

http://sandrarose dot com/sr-smileys/

Thats 80 percent right? What i said in the beginning

I don’t either….He has no respect for any women,especially Black women.

This just entertainment…

Yeah, sure. Say you don’t like it when women compliment you on your hair or clothes. Stop lying to yourself, hun.

VEGAS and NOLA is a must….take Tylenol and depending who you hanging with wipes and depends. Where else can you walk with liquor, fall out, drink, gamble, take a 1 hour nap and start all over…

Regardless of someones preference because whites and other nationalities for example the “coveted” Kardashians wear weave for style changes as do we, he was still making an attempt to berate us. I guess you missed that.


lol…. you mad wrong for that… lol

BYE fool!!!! I cant’ deal with ya’ll today. Not eating his dreams……..

I love Crimah Minds too. I’m the nigra Penelope Garcia

Great minds think alike?

Sandra can we please get a new post???

Why sisqo keep tryna unleash da dragon

I practically live in Wilson. Going again tomorrow night


Extreme obesity affects more than 1 in 10 blacks (13.1 percent), and about 1 in 20 whites (5.7 percent) and Hispanics (5 percent).

I’m wearing wear wigs currently because I’m going natural and am trying to avoid manipulating my hair too much, so yeah I definitely look different after the club. I have a lot more hair than that though lol.

How you dont remember but KNOW it was long ago?….I’m confused..Draya is a liar anyway. She still trying to tell everybody that baby wasn’t home eating his dreams and wishes as food. smh

Man, I just spent 250 on a Lego SET.

well damn….ain’t that a b…..

Got to have that straight hair.

You don’t have to be mixed with anything to wear your own natural hair.

I somewhat agree. Sometimes certain medical conditions can keep you from achieving your hair goals. Sometimes, your hair just won’t retain length. Sometimes your hair just struggles to grow. Period. Its not always the case that people with short, neck or shoulder length hair aren’t being attentive enough.

I hope someone posted a beat up RiRi pic and said “this is how most women look after they go on a date with CB.”

Jealously comes from not being satisfied. A need, needs to be taken care of. Find out what it is and get to it.

And he wanna be just like’em. GOTTEM!

You are mad right for doing that! He deserves to get bit back, forget that!

Overweight and obesity affect more than 3 in 4 Hispanics (78.8 percent) and blacks (76.7 percent).

Its like 6 of them. The boy didn’t even fight back. Sandra should make a post about it. To put them bastards on blast.

Yeah my silly son lol

I say don’t worry about black men. Women are supposed to meet the standards set, so keep doing so. Black men will criticize anything we do, so their opinions are meaningless at this point in the game.

HEY Wut!!! Now how in the hell did you get the emote to work?!!!!

Women get their bodies together and a nig will still cheat on you with a bitsh that looks like Precious.

Oh ok makes sense now! Must have been a good roast!

Is this really happening? And I’m not even trying to read all of the comments. FOHT


Its this blog called the rules revisited… On it theres this thread about hair and all these YT (and some black) dudes were saying that black womens bodies when in shape blow ALL WOMEN AWAY AND MORE THAN MAKES UP FOR NOT HAVING LONG HAIR… Nobody GAF about Amber Rose’s baldie her body makes up for it… *goes to do somemore squats* Humph

You know I luh you @Boot. Yw!!!

yeah & that’s not his “natural” hair color.. but ok sis.

Insecure funny black guys like this or whatever you are. White chick wear it 100x more than the lovely strong black hispanic race at my sister in law TAMIKA here in cali own multi in caliofrnia blk hispanic community multiple HAIR SALON(she own 4) and each time i walk in i see tons off more white people there …Much more white want nice weave and hair extensions. I personally lov it. no biggie.. Only 2 a insecure BLK men. it seem and some other insecure loser guys.CHRIS on this old article really can’t talk. and CHRIS BROWN tatted up to the next tryin to b somethin he is not is and he look GROSS past three years. Women, wear OUR hair styles how we want…Yet, he date 4 several years Tall cutie Ri Ri who love her weave and wigs…and other chicks including Karreuche. Glad he later said, i don’t care. wear it how you’re wanting…Just keep it up/natural looking nice etc., Insecure guys= just as he sound… Glad he change it later.”

he got an “ox” tail….

Maybe more black men should speak out against the hair weave industry that has made millionaires out of non-blacks for decades.

White and other non black women don’t wear weaves? _______________________________ #askRachael

But there are some men out there that have preferences. Mines likes me with short hair. He thinks its sexier than a head full of weave. Men like what they like.

Today is my Friday!!!!!!!

But I got a weight problem. I can’t wait to eat! Lol

Amen…they don’t know. They don’t have Yaki soul implants yet. The Brazilian Silky hearts are on backorder…

I said yes son. I apologize for it.

And fake hair too..sick of people atacking black women all the time

Can we talk about that nasty lookin blond **** he has on HIS head?

How you doing this morning?

Long as you have a split with a Hole is all a man cares about ….. a bag could be over ya face …. keep thinking ya hair impresses him … sigh

Exactly. Bottom line is, most famous black men don’t like black women. They stalk and worship “exotic” women who wouldn’t give them the time of day if they were a city employee. If chris brown and my favorite jamie foxx worked in the sanitation department, kurruchee and whichever two white women jamie foxx impregnated would not be bothered. Period.

Men should look at weave as an accessory more than anything. Not every woman can pull off the natural look.

I know but he heavy into Lego’s and damn Ninjas: Turtles, Ninjago (lego) Bruce Lee. He want’s to go to china to train Thank god he like a lil rap or I’d have to question his . . . .

Ya’ll answering…Oh

Fuuuuuuun! Getting together with family is always a joy. Are y’all staying in GA or going elsewhere?

Honestly though ….. who gives a fawk what a man thinks about your hair …. FOH !!!!!! Ya’ll broads better get a clue ……

Really Sandra? In this world of ObamaCare, there are more important things to gripe about. You have been given a platform, and this is what you chose to bring attention to? Ooookaayyy…?

More like oxtail

I’m sick of seeing that ugly narcissist….

Yep and too much alcohol will dry out the skin making wrinkles more prominent

I talk to Honey Dip’s dad more than he does, but I get an extreme side eye from his dad when I help clean his guns. One of or first dates was at the shooting range. The first round I played aloof. The second round I shot 10 points higher than him.

A lot black girls have been and still are made of fun for having short length nappy hair. So yeah, there maybe a level of insecurity. I don’t understand why people are so uncompassionate when mentioning a person’s insecurity. Also, it’s also done to keep up with standards of beauty and we all know what or rather who. Frankly, I say black women should stop doing it because we’ll never be the standard the beauty. Not because we aren’t beautiful, but we aren’t white. So why try to be. I think we should set our standard based on our natural features.

You and the damn Christmas reminders lmao. Hey sis

As of today, June 25, you have 6 months until Christmas! Put $50 from now until forever and you can get those presents AND pay them good light bills on time.

Hey my beswkie

Tech. Pharmaceutical. Teaching. Social work. Everything.

I agree. The BMI is absurd by any standard.

No, as long as hair is in healthy condition and well styled, it’s good hair.

I can not complain girl! I’m supposed to be doing homework but I’m obviously developing adult ADD LOL!

Ouch nicca. I mean…. For u and for those you are so eagerly attempting to offend.

I just peeked in too. Like why? We know we can discuss some hurr

Yeah, because all men think alike…

lol…Ok? This mess is entertaining.

Because Men are expected to accept all sorts of foolishness. White Women accentuate their own NATURAL looking hair and it’s barely noticeable, if, at all. Black females process their hair to fit in with white society, then glue tracks or sew in fake hair on top of their own damaged hair and they end up looking like they have a helmet on made of hair…then have the nerve to color it like a rainbow. It doesn’t fit a Black Womans natural look. But, these females are so obsessed with fake beauty they don’t realize Men wouldn’t be trippin if they at least looked natural and not some tranny looking hot mess. Why is it Black Women dont sew in kinky tracks that match their kinky hair? It grew out of your head, didn’t it? God made you like that, didn’t He? So, when you dismiss all of that in order to fit in with White society, in essence you’re saying that your own natural beauty isn’t good enough. As I stated before, Jesus reads hearts, not weaves. Some off ya’ll need to read a Bible, and put down Hype Hair!!! The saying Real Recognizes Real means everything when it comes to this because a real Man wants a real Woman. A real Woman wants a real Man. A fake Man wants a fantasy of a Woman. A fake Woman wants a fantasy of a Man. You get what you put out and you attract the type of people you are.

Oh my God Yes! I tell my mom this all the time. When you look better than other women they are either going to admire you or hate you. Its only the ones who are confident within themselves who are neutral and these are friend worthy and its because you guys are the same so its no jealously there. Everything you said was so true.

Nope not playing with you either… Sucking up carpet!!!!

I wasn’t disagreeing. I was adding to your statement ma’am.

About half of blacks (49.5 percent), and more than 1 in 3 Hispanics (39.1 percent) and whites (34.3 percent) are considered to be obese.

Reed looks and acts like Barney Phife to me, but I do love his mind. Now Hotch or Rossi…yes, Lawd, they could get it!

Saved it to my compoootah…

Off Topic….What i saw this morning driving to work…(Keep in Mind I happen to live in SW VA/TN border….) A man with a full gray beard in Christmas PJ’s bottoms, NO Shirt and a bright pink tie around his neck…thumb out on Route 23…I almost wrecked…gawking…smh….

I’m wondering why out of all the comments,you zoomed in on what I wrote.Why are you so pressed about what I wrote?

Vaguely heard about it. But didn’t care to look into it. Hey gurl! LOL


– Function (Remix): Got bad b*tches, they ratchet

I am ashamed to admit that I was once rooting for this fool. No more though!

“Who taught you to hate yourself” – Malcolm X.

Everything is wrong with being FAKE.

This topic reminds of Marvin Gaye’s Santified Lady for some reason….

this is such a great post girl. exactly ! icam and mine is naturally long shoulder length.long hair natural. but ima git diff look give my real hair a nice rest. getting a nice hair style christmas for few months. love your post of truth girl.

FOH with this old shyt

We going 12-18 Wet N Wild, Universal, LEGOLAND and Blue Man.


LOL! Funny how most Black men don’t have a problem with bleach blonde women White women. I really couldn’t care less what any of them thought about my hair even though I don’t wear weaves. If I decided to wear a weave, then I’d be doing it because I wanted, not to please some man, especially one I don’t know.

Lol. Yeah, its almost finished and I’ve wanted my money back so many times but it takes so long to finish(its about 4500 pieces) that its like a toy he plays with over and over again.

Just a difference of opinion. When it comes to children there isn’t a limitation, child abuse will always stamp you, that’s for anybody. In my IMO, anybody who writes a comment on a blog that is about other people is petty so yeah.

Wearing weave that is.

we still in here

The CHRIS NOTH from the early law and orders!!!!

$84 for some legos??? The hell??

He been watching alot of Jerry He musta forgot he got a momma too….

I finally got it to work…I guess I didn’t

I mean everybody not going to have long exotic looking hair. That’s what niggas like Chris are into.

Half the broads he mess with be weaves out, I doubt that’s what he was referring to

sadly ranked low in pay in most fields…Teachers get trash

When was the last time it snowed on a Christmas for you? Are you one that complains when the snow sticks around after the 25th? LOL I hate snow. If I never see snow again in my lifetime, I wouldn’t be mad. I like waking up on a warm island on Christmas day.

Why is everything black women do disgusting to black men, but when Latina or Caucasian women do it, they worship them? If a woman wants to wear a wig, weave, some clip ins, who cares???????? People miss the point. You can do whatever the hell you want, and if that includes wearing weave you bought with your earnings, wear it. If you want to wear your natural hair, wear it. Damn. Why is this such an issue. Especially from CHRIS BROWN. he has much more problems than to worry about a woman’s weave. Besides, he doesn’t even like (regular) black girls anyway.

high 5. And you already know.

Yeah teachers get short end of stick. You in Greenville NC?

I hate the term “good hair”. As long as you have hair, it’s good. Not hating on you giggles, just the term.

I agree that some men have preferences, but they aren’t going to stop fuggin with or loving you because you switched it up.

I don’t understand how chris got time to talk about hair weaves? When yo next album coming out let’s talk about that?

Those men I don’t pay attention to anyways …. their brains are warped IMO ….. Let them types flock to that trash

please no most black women don’t


things like this really upset me.. I have natural hair but I choose to wear weave. Instead of black men paying attention to everything else that is real (like booty, lips, and breast) they only focus on hair extensions – which white women are using now and days as well (kylie jenner and her sisters). You would rather get an non-black woman whose body is FAKE then a black women who has FAKE hair and a real body. please miss me with that shit.. thanks (sips tea)

I heard the job market is alright there??

Am I lyin’? LOL Folks will drop you quick over a parking spot or a spot in line for that matter. Don’t let there not be enough TVs and ham in stock. You might as well go out in a bulletproof vest.

It looks more natural. Why don’t black women wear course hair weaves, something closer to their natural hair?

This is soooo funny. The part I dislike about all these women wearing weaves is it is starting to remind me of all the blondes you see on soaps.



It sadly stay ready lmaoooo

No insulting your own is no joke. He is the joke! You Chris stans keep giving him passes.

I know…small minded as well

My bad boo! I went and watched two episodes of Criminal Minds

But they have no problem with non-black women and their fake lips, hips & butts that copy Black women.

#teamnatural I don’t mind being Janelle Monae in a world full of Beyonce’s!

When he posted this on Instagram it actually led to some interesting arguments. Many took it as an attack on Black women. One led by a guy who sperminated a non Black woman. They didn’t see it as a pro natural movement. I remember sideyeing Rick James calling JoJo a mud duck and such. They seem to…Idk…Yeah. That butch chick from LandHH was on the gram calling people nappy headed monkeys…idk…Even that old one on LandHH that raps about her post dated vagina is known for calling folks nappy headed. But I digress…I don’t see this as the push to be natural, cuzz even when you are, you’re nappy headed or need a perm or need a weave…Didn’t we just call baby Steph nappy headed? Taint she natural??????????????

doesn’t have room to talk not don’t have room to talk wow

Y’all still in here talking about hair?

You are clueless, hurt and just spewing hate that isn’t backed up on any statistical merit. I’m a Black Man. Educated, gainfully employed, not on welfare and married to guess what? A natural hair black woman who’s also educated an AKA (you know how they are) and making her own money. What you speak is Willie Lynch coming right out if your mouth. You’re love for white men is overflowing and you and I would probably have nothing in common despite maybe your education level. Which is safe to assume could be nil because of your closed minded self hating ignorance.

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oh jeeze…. lol….

IDK I love my fake eyelashes though! LOL

No different than black men envying everything the white man has. I view them the same way. Always trying to be equal to white men, but falling short.