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Fox News' Laura Ingraham Apologizes To Parkland Shooting Survivor After Mocking His College Rejections

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Man, oh man.

Despite the gun control advocates being teens who just survived a school shooting that claimed the lives of their classmates, the NRA and some GOP politicians and pundits have stooped to name calling, lies, and conspiracy theories.

The Fox News host tried to backtrack on her comments, but only after she saw advertisers fleeing. Hogg responded to the apology, tweeting:

In case you hadn't heard, the former child star was accused of grabbing a woman's butt in a police report confirmed by the LAPD.

According to Feldman, he was traveling home from dinner with his security guard when he saw a car driving erratically on the freeway.

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TMZ adds Corey told police he thought he was being followed, so his bodyguard pointed a flashlight at the other car. He says one of the men in the car confronted the bodyguard while the other came up to Corey to stab him with an object.

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Despite LAPD seemingly finding no evidence of "lacerations," they are investigating the incident as assault with a deadly weapon.

After his bodyguard spoke to someone in the other car, Feldman stopped at a red light. That's when a passenger in the car allegedly got out, opened Corey's door, and stabbed him once, either with the tip of a knife or a syringe. The puncture was small though bloody, and Feldman received medical attention shortly afterward.

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On Wednesday, it was revealed that Corey Feldman was taken to the hospital after he was STABBED in the abdomen by a total stranger. According to the Stand By Me Alum, he was attacked on Tuesday evening in El Lay's San Fernando Valley, while sitting in his car.

[Image via CNN/C-SPAN.]

The complaint was filed on January 8, so that's a pretty quick turnaround. What do YOU think of the City Attorney closing the case already??

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[Image via WENN.]

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UPDATE 12:30 P.M. EST: Corey's rep tells The Blast that the actor believes he may have been stabbed with a syringe, and has undergone multiple tests Wednesday morning. They want to insure he wasn't injected with a "poison or virus."

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Scary, right?? Well, it seems the assault wasn't as dire as the 46-year-old made it out to be, as no lacerations were actually found on Feldman. Per if(ph_ad_page == "yes" || ph_read_more_to_new_page == "yes") document.write(' Read the rest of this entry »');else document.write(' Read the rest of this entry »');

But it seems the evidence at least is on Corey's side. Attorney Perry Wander told The Blast the case has already been dropped by the LAPD:

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The right wing has really shown their true colors when it comes to the leaders of the #NeverAgain movement.

Deleted video

As we told you, Corey Feldman was named in a police report alleging sexual battery on Monday.

Although his security detail was with him at the time, Corey claimed that his guard was distracted by three guys during the assault. Apparently, a car pulled up and the stabber jumped out, attacked him, and quickly fled the scene.

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But these teens know how to use Twitter -- and David and his supporters responded by pointing out the gross move to The Ingraham Angle's advertisers.

WATCH his explanation AND a video of him at the hospital (below): if(ph_ad_page == "yes" || ph_read_more_to_new_page == "yes") document.write(' Read the rest of this entry »');else document.write(' Read the rest of this entry »');

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As we reported earlier, on Wednesday morning, the Stand By Me alum took to Twitter to announce that he'd been taken to the hospital after being stabbed by a stranger. According to reports, it was said that the industry vet was jabbed in the abdomen, while two additional men distracted his security guard.

When he got off the highway, he says a vehicle was following him, and it looked similar to the one that was driving carelessly.

Corey Feldman's war against Hollywood pedophiles may get derailed due to a sexual battery allegation.

Here's Corey's words on the violence: if(ph_ad_page == "yes" || ph_read_more_to_new_page == "yes") document.write(' Read the rest of this entry »');else document.write(' Read the rest of this entry »');

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This just got a lot more twisted.

We'll continue to keep you updated! For now, we can only hope Corey is healthy and safe.

As we reported, on Tuesday night, the actor was allegedly stabbed by a total stranger in the San Fernando Valley, though LAPD found no evidence of "lacerations."

Since then his representation has gone into attack mode, claiming Corey is innocent and being targeted by former band members upset over a canceled tour.

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In Corey Feldman's own words…

According to Wander, her client is quite pleased with the decision.

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As you may have heard, this week Laura Ingraham sank low by attacking David Hogg for getting rejected by some of the colleges to which he applied.

Regardless, Corey's rep has revealed that the 46-year-old "vehemently denies these egregious claims." We'll be sure to keep a close eye on this troubling story, so be sure to stay tuned for any updates!

Uh oh. It's said the Los Angeles Police Department's Robbery-Homicide Division is investigating the accusation. As the claim falls within the statute of limitations, the cops will have a better chance at collecting ALL of the facts for this particular alleged assault.

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

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While the allegations so far have been anonymous in the public eye, Feldman's rep tells E! News they know who it was: if(ph_ad_page == "yes" || ph_read_more_to_new_page == "yes") document.write(' Read the rest of this entry »');else document.write(' Read the rest of this entry »');

Corey Feldman isn't just denying the sexual battery accusations against him — he's spilling the tea!

Now sources tells us exclusively these girls have been threatening to make this kind of attack for months — and warn not to trust it.

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On Wednesday, it was revealed that the former child star has been accused of groping an unnamed woman on the butt in early 2017. According to TMZ, a woman filed a complaint with the police on Monday, where she alleged sexual misconduct against the industry vet.

Corey Feldman's defense against his sexual battery allegations were not terribly convincing.

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"After a comprehensive investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles City Attorney's office rejected the filing of a criminal complaint against my client Corey Feldman."

UPDATE 9:10 P.M. EST: Now Johnson & Johnson, streaming giant Hulu, and subscription clothing service Stitch Fix have also declared they will remove their advertising dollars from The Ingraham Angle.

After an unnamed woman filed a police report accusing the child star, he publicly revealed her identity as a former bandmate and seemed to be trying to smear her as a Satanist who dated Marilyn Manson.

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Did Corey Feldman LIE about being stabbed??

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On Wednesday, the former child star spoke to TMZ where he gave a blow-by-blow account of the alleged incident.