David Letterman Interviews Barack Obama on Netflix: Highlights | Fortune


Former President Barack Obama was the first guest in David Letterman’s new Netflix show, My Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, and it didn’t disappoint.

The former president, at one point, turned his attention to his life and his parents, saying that his book, Dreams from My Father, was an enlightening experience for him.

He said that he realized after writing it that his mother Ann Dunham was “actually the guiding spirit” in his life. He added that he sometimes took that for granted.

“I want her around,” he said.

He added that the ability to become “more perfect” is driven by “ordinary people deciding, ‘you know, that’s not right.'”

Here’s a brief recap of the some of the best moments the former president’s interview with David Letterman:

In their hour-long conversation, the two discussed everything from how President Obama spent his time in early 2017 after leaving office and what he really thinks about social media and its impact on politics. And yes, he’s happy to be out of Washington politics and on to something new.

He added that his vacation with his wife and former First Lady Michelle Obama was “a wonderful time.” He said that he “missed” Michelle during his time as President.

You can watch the full Obama interview now on Netflix.

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In a broader discussion on civil rights, President Obama acknowledged that the U.S. is “not perfect.” But he said that the country has enacted positive change in the past to “become more perfect.”

The U.S. Constitution forbids a President who served two four-year terms from running again—and that’s just fine by Michelle.

After Obama left office in 2017, he told Letterman that he “slept in”—something he couldn’t do when he was serving as President of the United States.

Obama joked to Letterman that he’s sure Michelle would “leave” him, if he had the opportunity to run again for President.