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15 Feb 2018 00:55:34 I doubt the Bucks would want Leuer and Knight back, Since they had already traded them both away before! Did you mean "Dellevedova" (Delly) instead of "Telly? " Otherwise you have traded him "Telly" twice to 2 different teams?

16 Mar 2018 13:27:58 Easy no from Orlando.

12 Mar 2018 08:29:55 Detroit: K Walker+ M williams Cha:S hill+ Leuer+I smith+ 1rnd pick Detroit 2019+ 1rnd pick NO 2019+ 1rnd pick Det 2021+ 1rn pick NO 2021 NO: Kennard+ Bullock Detroit receives a star. C:Drummond PF:Griffin SF:Johnson SG:Galloway PG:K walker NO get the wings (3-point and defense) they need. C:Cousins PF:A Davis SF:Bullock SG:Kennard PG:Holiday Charlotte get 4 draft picks, so they can start a rebuilding proces.

12 Mar 2018 12:09:01 The Pelicans already traded this year's pick.

12 Mar 2018 13:51:57 They can do this trade after the draft.

06 Mar 2018 15:52:08 Chicago, agree that Love for Gasol would be bad for the Cavs, it I think it takes a little more than that to get Gasol.

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24 Feb 2018 01:35:02 So the Sun's give up their 1st did I get that right? If so I can tell you the Sun's are committed to their rebuild and will not trade that pick it could very well be the 1st pick and they want their own team through the draft I can see them packing a Chris's plus Miami's pick to also move up.

12 Mar 2018 08:19:58 Kennard and Bullock are both great 3- point shooters and they can play defense. Portland doesn't get a star in return, but those players would improve Lillard.

14 Feb 2018 17:45:20 Taking on Solomon and Moore contract who are bench players at best for expiring contracts and 2 guards under 22yrs old. Holiday with Cousin and Davis was barely .500 team. dacman813 You are overvaluing Holiday.

23 Mar 2018 23:15:21 Cavs Offseason 1. Lebron opts in (Deandre Jordan opts in w/ Clippers) 2. Trade: Thompson,Korver Brooklyn 1st for Jordan and Detroit 1st 2. Trade: JR Smith, Zizic and Detroit 1st (lottery) for Kemba Walker 3. S/T Kevin Love for Paul George (2yrs/53M) 4. Sign Nerlens Noel, Seth Curry, Corey Brewer, Okaro White, Calderon, Green all 1yr/Min PG - Walker, Hill, Calderon SG - Osman, Clarkson, Curry SF - George, Brewer, PF - Lebron, Green, White C - Jordan, Nance, Noel

25 Mar 2018 16:48:47 Interesting idea, but I think Memphis passes. they could have the top pick in the entire draft, I don't think they give it up for a "win now" vet like Griffin, they are in rebuild. Father time is catching up to gasol and conley, and even the addition of griffin doesn't put Memphis anywhere close to the Houstons and golden states of the west.

20 Mar 2018 10:11:11 clippers: P George+ 2rnd pick 2019 OKC OKC: K Love+ 1rnd pick Cleveland Cleveland: Gallinari+ 1rnd pick Detroit+ 1rnd pick Clippers Clippers: D Jordan opt's in sign Bradley to a 1 year 20M contract. sign Booker to a 1 year 15M contract C: D Jordan/ Marjanovic PF: Booker/Harrell SF: P George/ S Dekker SG: Harris/Bradley PG: Williams/teodosic

23 Feb 2018 17:58:57 Trading Noah's deal is unlikely. I like some of the moves to gain cap. Chandler for Kanter would be a victory, but PHX is smarter than that probably in a straight up move. Some good pieces in these deals.

15 Feb 2018 05:12:05 Doc rivers takes over Clippers get Mudiay Ntilikina Baker Knicks get Beverly Rivers Evans Splash trade by Doc Detroit get Hardaway Noah Burke Magic get Kanter R.Jackson 5th Knicks get Anderson Biyombo Ross Galloway 1st 37th Rockets get Leuer Beverly/Rivers/Evans Lee/Galloway/Dotson Ross/Thomas/Bonga-36th Porzingis/Anderson/Wagner-37th Ayton/Biyombo/Bitadze-45th

26 Feb 2018 19:53:01 idk if the wizards get 2 allstars back for wall and idk if the pisons give up that much for him.

25 Mar 2018 15:57:30 Memphis: B Griffin Cle: Drummond Detroit: Mclemore+C Parsons+ T Thompson+ 1rnd pick Mempis+ 1rnd pick Nets+ 1rnd pick Cle 2020

28 Feb 2018 23:21:19 I don't like it for LAL, too old to compete i think. Need to go hard after PG13, maybe 2019 is the time with Kawhi, Jimmy or Klay.

07 Mar 2018 00:54:09 Too early to tell that it's failing. Let's see next season. They need to have better players around Griffin and Drummond.

23 Feb 2018 19:02:04 Tostito, Chandler is an expiring contract, he makes significantly less, he's probably still a better athlete than Kanter who is a statue, he's light years better on defense, he might be a better rebounder and if not they're about equal, and Chandler's offense fits better with what most offenses are currently trying to do. Kanter is a slow, offensive post player that is a bad defender inside and one of the worst defenders in the league on the perimeter. The majority of the league wants to run, finish at the rim, and shoot threes on offense and on defense they want bigs that aren't going to be liabilities if having to guard in space. He just doesn't fit well in today's league.

24 Feb 2018 16:36:23 The Claw top 5 player league that package. U are dreaming.

23 Feb 2018 21:36:13 If Kanter is as inanimate as a statue, wouldn't that make him a DeKanter?

11 Mar 2018 12:30:43 Detroit: McCollum Portland: Kennard+Bullock+ Leuer+1rnd pick Detroit 2019 Detroit: C:Drummond PF:Griffin SF: S Johnson SG:McCollum PG:Jackson Portland C:Nurkic PF:Aminu SF:

06 Mar 2018 12:56:27 Cleveland says no Kevin love is younger and better than Gasol would have to be some like Ante Zizic, Tristan Thompson and a 1st.

01 Mar 2018 21:33:13 @The Dark Side if you followed basketball at all, you would know that the Bucks need a rim protector. Ya think that a 7 foot 4 monster can protect the rims and grab boards? NO. Boban can mentor Thin Maker who is also an international player, which will ultimately fuel progression.

11 Feb 2018 16:06:28 Don't see the sun's swapping 1 Rd pick.

19 Mar 2018 15:18:29 Yeah, but if you add Leonard to Irving, Gordon, and Horford you have the best team in the East and it's not that close. At the time that trade would have been made, you would have had IT, George, and Horford with no cap space to get Gordon and less young assets. The situation is a lot different now and Kawhi is good enough to be the guy on a championship team. I think George is at best the 2nd best player on a championship team in today's league.

19 Mar 2018 20:22:37 No one is giving that type of package for an expiring contract. Leonard is better than George. True. But he is essentially a rental and ainge isn’t giving up the future for a rental.

07 Mar 2018 00:45:55 I peobably overvalue Collins (though the blazers to too) . I struggle with the idea of letting go of him, even in a trade for Griffin.

23 Feb 2018 15:23:47 Suns get R.Jackson Kanter Biyombo 6th & 44th (Knicks) Pistons get Hardaway Noah 38th 58th Knicks get Chandler A.Williams Ross Dudley 2nd (Magics) Magic get Knight Leuer Galloway 1st 31st (Suns) Thomas for Faried Burke/Mudiay/Ntilikina Lee/Dotson/Baker Ross/T.Williams/Dudley J.Jackson-2nd/Faried/Kornet Porzingis/Chandler/A.Williams Jackson/Payton/Ulis Booker/Brown-44th/Reed Warren/Jackson/House Chriss/Bender/R.Williams-15th Kanter/Biyombo/Mamba-6th Stretch Leuer Knight/Augustin/Mack Fournier/Iwundu/Galloway Hezonja/Simmons/Artis Gordon/Issac/Birch Ayton-1st/Vucevic/Wiley-31st Ish/Buycks/Wilder-58th Hardaway/Kenard/Milton-44th Bullock/Johnson/Bonga-38th Griffin/Tolliver/Ellenson Drummond/Noah/Moreland

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22 Mar 2018 02:22:36 I get what you're saying Suceed, but I'd argue that Drummond is the better player (or atleast the player that is actually able to stay on the court) . Who knows how long Van Gundy is going to be there and I don't think a new gm will feel any kind of attachment to Griffin.

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07 Mar 2018 02:17:12 Maybe one first from the blazers.

23 Feb 2018 20:42:15 Nice call rkenne. Pretty much what I think. Salary savings, defensive presence, same expiration. It's why PHX probably wouldn't do it. Noah and a buy-out are likely. Cash savings can be a real help. Better compliment next to Zinger. Their defense would have some teeth. Chandler can still dunk. All he needs to do offensively.

14 Feb 2018 12:54:14 Knicks press reset botton.Hire Jay Wright to coach.2 trades Pistons get Hardaway Thomas Burke 20th Suns get R.Jackson Kanter Telly Bucks get Leuer Knight Knicks get Chandler Teletovic Dudley 13th Later trade Pelicans get Mudiay Dudley-exp Teletovic-exp Chandler-exp Ntilikina Knicks get Holiday Moore Solomon Draft Michigan State players Holiday/Roach-36thBrunson-45th Lee/Moore/Baker Bridges/Dotson Jackson/Solomon/Hicks Porzingis/O'Quinn/Noah

12 Mar 2018 19:18:26 2 future 1sts for Kennard and Bullock? Never. N. O. Is getting shafted.

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21 Mar 2018 21:34:33 I look at Griffin and he has the size and ability to guard against the 5, and cause mismatch problems with larger centers on him. Griffin and Drummond locked up about 40-45% of the cap for the next two years so they will be banking on the rest of their team pushing them to deep contender. I do not see that happening. Ish and Reggie are both bottom 1/ 3 pg and although Det will have good clips on ESPN realistically they are not going to be a 1-4 seed in the east.

15 Mar 2018 14:30:34 Hard pass from th Pistons and Magic.

14 Feb 2018 18:28:14 Dacman, that 2nd trade would be a steal for the Pelicans. They would end up with cap space to build around Davis (and possibly Cousins) plus a fairly promising young pg.

20 Mar 2018 19:24:59 Do you have Tobias Harris @ SG?

19 Mar 2018 17:43:40 you don't have to convince me. I would love K Leonard in green :-)

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24 Feb 2018 16:54:30 There’s a huge difference between two young solid players vs the junk in your trade.

14 Feb 2018 16:58:30 Knicks rebuild will have to go on without Pels making that trade. No way they accept.

21 Mar 2018 20:33:55 Det-Magic-Bucks Det: Bledsoe, Fournier, Henson - upgrade at point and the wing while moving a bad contract Magic get Jackson, Johnson, Wilson - temp pg until whoever the magic draft will replace him. Also adds 2 young players to build around Gordon Bucks: Drummond - upgrade with an anchor 5 and bucks bring Giannis back to point

07 Mar 2018 00:03:37 Vangundy looks like he might be out soon and the Griffin experiment looks like it's failing. What about this. The Pistons get Swanigan, Collins, Leonard, Turner, and 2 Blazers 1sts The Blazers get Griffin

23 Feb 2018 22:29:40 Tostitochip, way to fire back at everyone who doesn't like your deal. As for your original comment back, I thought you were suggesting a second round pick, not 2nd overall.

15 Feb 2018 15:26:30 Not overvaluing anybody. It is a horrible idea for the Pels to take on a bunch of expiring contracts and let the window shut down on AD's contract. They basically have 3 yeqrs to put a strong contender together. Moore is playing decent and Holiday is playing well. I am not big on Mudlay either for that matter, or any of the expiring.

14 Feb 2018 19:38:41 Plan B is even better Hawks get Ntilikina Mudiay Dudley Teletovic Baker Knicks get Schroder Bazmore Plumlee Hawks dump future salary with 2 with PG players 22 yrs stretch Noah buyout Knicks sign Smart 4 70 mil Schroder/ Roach-36th/ Brunson-46th Smart/ Lee/ Milton Bazemore/ Mykal-13th/ Porzingis/ Jackson-6th/ Hicks Plumlee/ Chandler/ Bitadze-42nd Knicks turn toward defense with better contracts. After drafting poorly last summer.

24 Mar 2018 02:57:24 You might as well add Johnny football Manuel also lmao.

28 Feb 2018 17:33:55 Memphis: Deng+ Ball+R Jackson+Leuer+ 1rnd pick Det 2019 and 2021 (lottery protected) LA:M Gasol Detroit: M Conley LA: LA sign LBJ 99M (start 30) 3y (player opt 1y) CP3 81M (start 25) 3Y (player opt 1y) Ariza 22M (start 10) 2y Reddick 5M 1Y Rondo 3M 1Y ==> Nike could compensate the money loss, giving them all a nice sponsor contract C: M Gasol/Zubac PF:LBJ/Kuzma SF:Ariza/Ingram SG:Reddick/Hart PG:CP3/Rondo

07 Mar 2018 15:17:48 I agree with Gas. I think Detroit should wait it out. He and Drummond could be really good together, but if they do decide to move on, Portland should jump at it. I think I would only include one 1st rounder, but this group of pieces isn't bad if Detroit is blowing it up. They'd also need to move on from Drummond and Jackson though, and do a real rebuild. For Portland, it brings a lot more balance to the offense. Right now, you can just focus on shutting down their guards, and they're done. You wouldn't be able to do that with Griffin on the floor. However, this does make them even weaker defensively. Griffin isn't horrible, like CJ or Dame, but he isn't especially good either. I'm also a little wary, because Griffin hasn't proven anything to me over the course of his career other than he used to be REALLY athletic. He's fun to watch, and that makes you a star, but it doesn't make you a winner or difference maker. He still has enough career ahead of him to change that though. and hopefully he will.

19 Mar 2018 23:24:14 This is probably one of the most ambitious posts i've ever seen. Kudos for that. Of all the proposals i actually think the Clippers would be most likely. I think Philly and Boston have a good thing going already.

24 Feb 2018 16:48:16 Why would the Pistons give up Kennard and Johnson for a second that doesn't even offset having to eat Singler?

23 Feb 2018 15:37:53 Absolutely terrible for the Knicks. Kanter is better than Chandler, and giving up Hardaway and a bunch of picks just to move Noah, while taking back garbage is a joke.

09 Mar 2018 15:02:40 Heat Offseason: -waive PF Jordan Mickey, PG Derrick Walton Draft: Trade (Heat - Raptors) Heat: 2018 2nd round pick Raptors: Cash considerations 37th Pick - PG Trevon Duval (Heat - Pistons) Heat: 2019 2nd round pick Pistons: Rodney McGruder Free Agency: -let SG Wayne Ellington walk -re-sign SG Dwyane Wade 1 year, $2.5M -re-sign SF/PF Luke Babbitt 2 years, $4M -re-sign SF Derrick Jones Jr 1 year, $2M -sign PF/C Amir Johnson 1 year, $3M -sign PF/C Channing Frye 1 year, $3M Lineup: PG: Dragic, Johnson, Duval SG: Wade, Waiters, Richardson SF: Winslow, Johnson, Jones PF: Olynyk, Johnson, Babbitt C: Whiteside, Adebayo, Frye

24 Feb 2018 14:56:17 I'm seeing all these Leonard posts and it has me dreaming. I know this post will get bashed, but oh well. Here goes. During free agency. Spurs get: Andre Roberson, Alex Abrines, Stanley Johnson, future OKC first Pistons get: Kyle Singler, OKC second (chi) Thunder get: Kawhi Leonard, Luke Kennard, Brandon Paul OKC won't win a title this year. But instead they go out in the second round leaving lots of doubt on keeping George and Melo. Instead, they pounce on the uncertainty in San Antonio. They get George to opt in. They get Melo to opt out, resign with a longer team friendly deal. Spurs swap out a disgruntled Leonard with Andre who is awful offensively but an awesome defender. Pop would love him. They also get some young guys and a pick. Pistons get Singler who played well for them when they drafted him and shed a bit of salary which will help payroll. Everyone laughed when I posted saying the Thunder could get George. They stopped laughing when it happened. This could actually happen. If it does they could trot out this lineup. Westbrook George Leonard Melo Adams Try and beat that team in a five game series.

23 Feb 2018 18:07:51 Not only do the Knicks trade their pick (currently sitting at 9 with little chance of moving down more than a spot or 2) for what looks to be a pick that will be 4 to 8 spots higher, but they also get out of 3 bad contracts and end up with what looks like a ton of cap room this year and even more next year. This trade is awful for everyone but the Knicks. The Suns basically take on 50 million in multi year bad contracts for 1 pick, the Piston's trade two useful players for 1 and one of the worst contracts in the league, and the Magic trade a top 5 pick in the draft for no reason at all.

01 Mar 2018 05:21:54 Bucks say No!

28 Feb 2018 23:07:20 Amir Johnson will star over Ellenson. My bad.

02 Mar 2018 01:27:15 MIA/LAC MIA get Danilo Gallinari, Montrezl Harrell & DET 1st round pick 2018 LAC get Hassan Whiteside with Jordan likely walking, Whiteside would be their new center. for MIA, they get a replacement big with Harrell and i think Adebayo will improve more to be the starting center so Whiteside could be expendable, they get Gallinari which could add help on their wings.

06 Mar 2018 01:22:50 Memphis-Detroit-Cleveland Memphis: Love, Jackson, 1st Detroit, 1st Cleveland own Detroit: Conley, J.Smith Cleveland: Gasol, Galloway

21 Mar 2018 21:09:27 I don't see why Detroit would be interested. Drummond has been really good this year and is still young. Why would Detroit want to move him?

01 Mar 2018 08:15:24 Agree this starting team is old. But this are players LBJ would want to come. And Reddick and PG13 already played together and Ariza already played for LA. LBJ has a two or three year window, so he wants to win now. And Ingram and Kuzma can take over, when LBJ is gonne.

19 Mar 2018 10:24:36 I like Leonard going to the Celtics for the Package Brown+Tatum+ Morris. But Ainge wouldn't give that package for P George, so he propably wouldn't do this for Leonard either.

22 Mar 2018 01:59:59 Succeed, I don't see Griffin being able to handle the 5 like you do, so I don't see this as a deal that Detroit would make.

15 Mar 2018 07:54:47 Magic get Jackson Singler Leuer Pistons get Hardaway Noah Burke Knicks get Roberson Ross Abrines Thunder get Fournier Galloway Thunder get quality exp SG who can spread the offense Westbrook/Galloway/Berry-57 Fournier/Ferguson/Milton-54 George/Brewer/Huestis Melo/Paterson/Collison Adams/Grant/Johnson Magic get Quality PG Jackson/Augstin/Mack Iwundu/Simmons/ Hezonja/Isaac/Singler Gordon/Jackson-4/Leuer Vucevic/Biyombo/Birch Hardaway's reunit Ish/Burke/Buycks Hardaway/Kennard/Alkins-42 Bullock/Ellis/Johnson Griffin/Toliver/Ellenson Drummond/Noah/Moreland Roberson Thomas for Faried Arthur Cut Payroll for 2019 summer Ntilikina for Khyri Thomas Mudiay Mudiay/Thomas/Brunson-44th Lee/Abrines/Baker Ross/Dotson/T.Williams Jackson-6th/Arthur/Faried Porzingis/Kanter/Wiley-37th

15 Feb 2018 17:24:14 Doc has shown time and time again that he is not a great GM let alone a good GM. I don't think there will ever be a time that he has GM powers again.

21 Mar 2018 21:38:30 Not enough for Drummond, Plus as rkenne stated, I also doubt that Detroit would want to move Drummond as Henson is no where near what Drummond pulls down in rebounds on a consistent basis.

19 Mar 2018 14:56:07 I'm not going to disagree a healty leonard is better than P George. The best Leonard is a top five player, P George a top 15. But they're similar players in a similar situation. And the Pacers wanted the 2 nets picks for P George. Tatum and J Brown is a better deal than two Nets picks. both have proven they have the talent to make it in the NBA, So i don't think it's that akward i make the comparison with the P George offer.

19 Mar 2018 13:11:05 A healthy Leonard is a lot better than George and younger.

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01 Mar 2018 13:43:44 *CP3 not PG13.

19 Mar 2018 00:19:12 spurs fan here all we want is good for our team if leonard don't extend his contract and go any where trade him this draft night or trade him in next season trade deadline because on 2019 free agency lakers clippers 76ers and celtics is 4 teams likely to pursue leonard i have list of trade package for lakers clippers 76ers and celtics leonard to lakers lakers receive kawhi leonard and derrick white spurs receive brandon ingram, loul deng, josh hart and two future 1st round draft pick lottery protected maybe (2019,2020). leonard to clippers clippers receive kawhi leonard and pau gasol spurs receive tobias harris sam dekker and deandre jordan and 2018 detroit pistons 1st round draft pick top 14 lottery protected. leonard to 76ers 76ers receive kawhi leonard and derrick white spurs receive markelle fultz, dario saric, tj mcconnel, jerryd bayless justin anderson and 2018 los angeles lakers 1st round draft pick lottery protected leonard to celtics trade proposal #1 celtics receive kawhi leonard spurs receive gordon hayward trade proposal #2 celtics receive kawhi leonard and derrick white spurs receive jaylen brown or jayson tatum or maybe both brown and tayum *if both add Guerschon Yabusele and semi ojeyele and 2019 sacramento kings 1st round draft pick lottery protected and 2019 memphis grizzlies 1st round draft pick lottery protected *if brown or tatum add add Guerschon Yabusele and marcus morris and 2018 boston celtics 1st round pick 2019 sacramento kings 1st round draft pick lottery protected and 2019 memphis grizzlies 1st round draft pick lottery protected spurs roster 2018- 2019 after leonard trade leonard to lakers spurs LU pg murray, mills, parker sg green, hart, ginobili, forbes sf ingram, anderson, paul pf aldrigde, gay c gasol, bertans, lauvergne resign parker forbes anderson and bertans waive or buyoff deng contract leonard to clippers spurs LU pg murrray, mills, parker sg green, walker, ginobili, forbes sf harris, anderson, paul pf aldrigde, gay, dekker c jordan, bertans, lauvergne resign all spurs FA draft lonnie walker(via piston pick) leonard to 76ers spurs LU pg murray, mills , parker, mcconnel sg green, fultz , ginobili, forbes sf anderson, knox , paul pf aldrigde, saric, gay c gasol, bertans. lauvergne resign all spurs FA waive justin anderson and jerryd bayless draft kevin knox (via lakers 1st pick) leonard to celtics spurs LU #1 pg murray, mills, parker, white sg green, ginobili, forbes, paul sf hayward, anderson pf aldrigde gay c gasol bertans lauvergne spurs LU #2 pg murray, mills, parker sg brown, green, ginobili, forbes sf anderson, gay, paul pf aldrigde, morris, yabusele c gasol, bertans, lauvergne, mccoy pg murray, mills, parker sg green, ginobili, forbes, paul sf tatum, anderson, gay pf aldrigde, morris, yabusele c gasol, bertans, lauvergne, mccoy both tatum and brown pg murray, mills, parker sg brown, green, ginobili, forbes sf tatum, anderson, paul, ojeyele pf aldrigde, gay, yabusele c gasol bertans lauvergne spurs fans comments suggestion nba fans comments suggestion

20 Mar 2018 14:51:00 What pick is it that the Cavs are giving up? I'm not sure, they would be willing to trade a potential lottery pick for 2 late lottery picks at best and having to take on Gallo's contract.

07 Mar 2018 12:50:23 Detroit should see what how good he is next year. But i would like to see Griffin in Portland.

26 Feb 2018 13:25:52 Detroit: J Wall Was: Walker+Drummond Charlotte: R Jackson+S Johnson+ Oubre+ 1rnd pick Was+ 1rnd pick Detroit

19 Mar 2018 13:06:55 but leonard is much better to paul george he is Finals MVP, 2x All-NBA 1st, 2x DPOY, 3x All-NBA Defensive 1st, 2x All-Star how about george All-NBA Defensive 1st, MIP, 5x All-Star leonard is 6 years in nba and george is 7 years in nba leonard more accomplish than george.

11 Feb 2018 04:00:35 Offseason Detroit get Hardaway Noah Sun's 2nd Suns get R.Jackson Baker Knicks get Chandler Leuer Reed Suns Knicks Swap 3rd and 6th pick With father and son together Does Hardaway become Detriot 3rd Star Ish/Galloway/Buyck Hardaway/Kennard/Brown-46th Johnson/Bullock/kurucs-35th Griffin/Tolliver/Ellenson Drummond/Noah/Moreland Add two shot blockers to develop with a team who can play fast like joejohnson Amare Nash Marion Q-Rich R.Jackson/Payton/Ulis Booker/Daniels/Baker Jackson/Dudley/House Warren/Bender/R.Williams-18th Chris/A.Williams/Mamba-6th Leuer for Anderson Ntilikina/Mudiay/Burks Lee/Dotson/Reed Porter-3rd/Beasley/Thomas Porzingis/Anderson/Wagner-35th Kanter/Chandler/Bitadze-45th

20 Mar 2018 15:08:13 a future pick, or maye two second round picks.

28 Feb 2018 21:53:36 Clippers Offseason: 1. Staff Fire Doc Rivers and hire Mark Jackson as their head coach. 2. 2018 NBA Draft a. Draft Collin Sexton with the 12th pick b. Draft Gary Trent Jr. with the 14th pick c. Trade Bucks Receive: Boban Marjanovic Clippers Receive: 52nd pick (projected) d. Clippers Draft Devonte Graham 3. Free Agency a. Trade Clippers Receive: 2020 second rounder, Henry Ellenson Pistons Receive Austin Rivers b. Let Avery Bradley, Deandre Jordan walk c. Resign Motrzel Harrell to a 2 year 20 million dollar contract d. Sign Brice Johnson and Anthony Tolliver to 1 year deals 4. Post FA a.Trade Clippers Receive:Amir Johnson, Jarryd Bayless, 2019 first round pick 76ers receive: Tobias Harris 5. 2018 rotation (Devonte Graham, Brice Johnson to the G-League) 1-Collin Sexton/Patrick Beverly/Jawun Evans 2-Gary Trent Jr./Lou Williams/Sindarius Thornwell 3-Danilo Gallinari/Wesley Johnson/C.J. Williams 4-Montrezl Harrell/Anthony Tolliver 5-Henry Ellenson/Henry Ellenson

25 Mar 2018 22:16:53 I know, but Boston owns the 2019 pick, so they could go for another run, next year.

02 Mar 2018 14:18:50 I don't see Miami doing this, you just can't rely on Gallo staying healthy for any stretch of time at all.

23 Feb 2018 16:43:32 @Triangle O they get the second overall pick buddy.

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23 Feb 2018 18:40:41 @Jorgawood Kanter is so much better than chandler. He is better than Kanter in all aspects of basketball except for defense.

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12 Mar 2018 05:36:11 POR would need to make a different move with Mccollum. Their bloated roster, and key players Davis, Nurkic, Napier are up for new contracts, this isn't a positive move for POR. Leuer, Bullock, and Kennard are average, and the pick is not likely lottery with Mccollum in the fold.