Farrah Abraham Gets A ‘Designer Vagina’ In New Video– Watch – Hollywood Life


If you recall, Farrah got a lot of backlash after she posted a video of herself getting butt injections while her daughter Sophia recorded it. “This is the weirdest video ever.. she’s teaching her child she needs to get work done to feel normal,” one fan commented on her post. Nevertheless, if it makes Farrah happy, we’re happy!


Farrah Abraham is not afraid to get a little work done! The former MTV star has done it all from chin implants in 2012 to a boob job and lip fillers. However, on April 17, she took her love for going under the knife to a whole new level by getting a new vagina, well as she likes to call it, a “designer vagina.” In a video posted to her Instagram story, obtained by The Blast, Farrah explained “My vagina’s giving birth to a new vagina today,” thanks to Beverly Hill surgeon Dr. Nazarian. The procedure, which Farrah insists is completely safe, takes on average two hours and the patient is awake throughout it. But, what makes the surgery most interesting is that, the doctor physically removes bits of the vagina to create the new one. How scary! So, in case any of you are in the market for a “designer vagina,” the surgery can cost up to $8,000. It’s definitely a luxury. Take at another video below!

Throughout the 90-second clip, Farrah gives her followers advice on what it feels like and what to expect after. “You can’t have sex for 30 days after you’ve had designer vagina surgery,” she informed her fans. Unfortunately, some of them aren’t too pleased with her new enhancement. “You do realize that like most women DONT need to tighten their vagina like 2-3 times a month right? I mean it’s #obvious that you do, but I can only imagine how loose that mess must be for you to have it tightened,” one fan tweeted. Yikes! Nevertheless, we have reason to believe Farrah will be pretty unbothered by the shade as this isn’t her first time filming one of her plastic surgery moments.