Farrah Abraham Goes Commando at Cannes Film Festival | TMZ.com


Here's Draya Michele setting the Miami pool scene on fire ... with a bikini that looks like it was made from the things the Ultimate Warrior used to tie to his arms.  Don't get it…

Halle Berry did something similar at this year's NAACP Image Awards, but with one major difference -- she covered up because ... class.

Even for Farrah Abraham, the revered Cannes Film Festival is just another day at the office -- as in, a place to flash her fully exposed crotch to the masses.

Y'know what else they say in France? Sacre bleu! Zut alors!! And put on some damn underwear, lady! Look, it's not unheard of in celebdom to go nude under a couture gown, but most manage to keep their vagina out of the picture.

The ex-'Teen Mom' and porn star not only went commando Monday night while attending a fashion show -- she made sure to shift her gown so everyone would know she was au naturel ... as they say in the South of France.

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