Helen Mirren 'Utterly Disgusted' by Her Drunken Tattoo | PEOPLE.com


Mirren, who is getting Oscar buzz for her role as Leo Tolstoy’s wife in The Last Station, has said that the symbol was inked by an Indian artist while she was on the road in Minnesota touring with a play. – Blane Bachelor

Screen legend and Oscar winner Helen Mirren, who sports some of the classiest styles on the celebrity scene, says she’s “utterly disgusted” by her tattoo – a tiny symbol near her left thumb.

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However, her feelings stem not from the tattoo itself – which Mirren told Good Morning America happened a “very, very long time ago” when she was “very, very drunk” – but because it no longer sets her apart from the crowd.

“I decided to get a tattoo because it was the most shocking thing I could think of doing,” explained Mirren, 64. “Now I’m utterly disgusted and shocked because it’s become completely mainstream, which is unacceptable to me.”