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Great post :) I think you handled everything well. Love the learning that came with the experience. I think this speaks volumes of you as a dad/parent much more than millions of viewers.

I think this is a constant struggle all of us dad bloggers have. We want to be recognized but at the same time we don't want it to be at the expense of our kids.

For every like I get below, Duchess can have one cupcake.

Absolutely ADORABLE!!!

Great read, buddy.

Just a quick question... where did/ do/ who do you contact initially and by which method? On the Ellen website?

True story...I work at Ellen and I have kids, and I LOVED your take. Well done, Joel, and welcome to the blogging world for one day (I'm sure there are more to come).

Awwww cute, could u put Up my video for me? I'm 13 and have always wanted to be on her show. BTW I'm a contortionist :) pretty please with a cherry on top? Lol OK thanks ~Thai~

Any story that doesn't end in profit isn't worth telling. I've Ctrl+F'd like three times looking for the word "profit" and can't find it. What kind of parenting story is this?!

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Just a quick question... where did/ do/ who do you contact initially and by which method? On the Ellen website?

Joel should have a blog. Wait a minute... unless he's saying blogging is like the Ellen show only with less people watching?! Anyone wanna buy a blog, cheap?

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Great post, I am not above bribing my kids with Gummy Bears. Really love how you turned off the camera and enjoyed the time with your daughter. It takes a real dad to do that!

OMG! That's the funniest thing ever! Your kid is so adorable and I think this blog is amazing! It is not only funny, but very inspiring as well. Great job! And thanks for being an awesome dad! :)

"Is he saying "E GOOD?"Love it. She's a chatty little thing, but awesomely adorable. Great Dad, too. :)Brent

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What a lovely post - I reckon most little girls think of their dads as protectors, which is exactly what you were. Very sweet :)

So close! Great read, thank you to you both.

Ellen, Schmellen, who cares? That video was ADORABLE and now you have it, forever.

We did not contact anyone; they contacted us via a YouTube message. I understand the show has interns who scour the Internets for videos/stories/etc and then give interesting ones to Producers, who then decide which are the best fit.This post was meant to be a bit satirical. Being on Ellen was never actually a goal of mine, even after our initial contact with the Producers. I was always sort of on the fence about it.