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Set course for Nar Shaddaa this summer, as the much-anticipated Nightlife festival makes its triumphant return!

‘A Traitor Among the Chiss’ also introduces a new Galactic Starfighter map. Pilot your starfighter and rule the skies over Iokath in fierce 12v12 space battles.

Join up to three allies in erupting action-packed battles and confront powerful adversaries rising to challenge your influence in Galactic Command.

To participate in the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife In-Game Event, travel to Nar Shaddaa from your Player Ship, then take a taxi to either the Star Cluster Casino (Republic) or Club Vertica Casino (Empire).

When a superweapon of unimaginable power is discovered on Iokath, you must choose to align your forces with either the Republic or Empire -- and deal with the inevitable consequences.

‘Crisis on Umbara’ also introduces exciting new customization options for Senya Tirall, plus new Class combat updates, quality of life improvements, and more! See the full list of updates in the Patch Notes.

The traitor has been revealed! Embark on a daring new story-driven Flashpoint in pursuit of a rogue agent. Journey to Copero – a remote world occupied by the mysterious Chiss species – to uncover the traitor’s destructive plans. Experience the story with your Companions, or fight with up to three friends in multiple challenge modes!

Earn the keys to a new home, the Umbara Mobile Base!

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Torian Cadera is a renowned Mandalorian warrior—and the son of a traitor. When Torian was a child, his father refused to join the Mandalorian clans in support of the Sith Empire, a decision that ended in disgrace for Clan Cadera. Torian grew up in the shadow of his father's scandal, devoting himself to the Mandalorian codes of honor and tradition until he ultimately gained his peoples' respect by confronting his fugitive father to redeem his clan's name. He went on to fight alongside the bounty hunter known as the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt, a close partnership that lasted until the Eternal Empire's attack of the Core Worlds. Torian then became chief of Clan Cadera and top advisor to Mandalore the Avenger as he aided their fight against the Eternal Empire. After successfully striking the Zakuulan droid factory on Darvannis, he joined the Outlander's Alliance as a representative of the Mandalorians.

Hunt your enemies in a dangerous and forgotten world to discover dark secrets.

Alliance forces have awakened the ancient twin superweapons, Aivela and Esne! You and your allies will need to work as a team to overcome the combined attacks of both Droid sisters.

Prepare to fight alongside Former Sith Warrior Companion Malavai Quinn or former Republic Trooper Companion Elara Dorne!

Once you’ve uncovered the traitor, expand your command with a new Stronghold, the Umbara Mobile Base! For the first time, personalize your very own moving train and enjoy the sights as the shadow world’s eerie landscape passes by.

Clash with the Eternal Empire's strongest forces as you battle for control of the Eternal Throne to influence the galaxy for the light or dark side of the Force™.

Gault Rennow, aka Tyresius Lokai, is a scoundrel, criminal, and con artist. His exploits earned him considerable riches along with a spot on the galaxy's most wanted list. Tired of looking over his shoulder at every turn, he decided to escape notoriety by changing his identity. Thus, Tyresius Lokai ceased to exist and Gault Rennow was born. But the new name did nothing to erase Gault's criminal streak. He was quickly back to his old tricks, eventually finding himself in the crosshairs of the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt. Gault talked his way out of the situation and ultimately became close allies with the Grand Champion—until they vanished under mysterious circumstances. After several years of running cons on his own, he teamed up with Vette and the Outlander's Alliance to rob the Eternal Empire blind.

Unlock all this and more with the new Galactic Command system when you reach Level 70 in the new expansion. From Uprisings to Dark vs. Light Battles, Knights of the Eternal Throne puts you in command of the galaxy!

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For the first time, customize the outfits of Theron Shan and Shae Vizla!

Fight your way through action-packed re-playable missions on Iokath!

When the battle is over, unwind on the legendary planet of Manaan in your new Stronghold! Now you can call this water-world home – personalize a sprawling ocean-side estate, complete with panoramic vistas and exotic submarine sights!

Gunship and Bomber starships are now available for all players, allowing newer pilots to jump in and dominate the skies!

Lead the Alliance in an explosive battle against Empress Vaylin and the Eternal Empire.

Valkorion has lived for millennia, using his dark mastery of the Force to assume many forms. His latest incarnation is Valkorion, the Immortal Emperor of the Eternal Empire. After ruling for centuries, he was struck down in an act of treachery engineered by his son, Arcann. But the Immortal Emperor could not be vanquished so easily. He evaded death by infiltrating the mind of the Outlander, his most powerful opponent. He now appears to the Outlander as an apparition, offering guidance and harsh lessons while carrying out a master plan that remains shrouded in secrecy.

Learn more about the Chiss and Copero in our short story blog, ‘Chasing Copero.’

Team up with friends and guildmates to defeat Tyth, a deadly droid superweapon, in an explosive new Operation!

You are the Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War and the commander of a powerful team of hand-picked allies. Choose the light side and take the heroic path to saving the galaxy or channel the dark side and take control for your personal gain. You decide who will live, who will die…and who will rule the galaxy. It is your destiny!

The traitor seeking an early end to your reign has been tracked to Umbara! Can you hijack a moving train and confront the betrayer before they escape?

Vaylin is the most dangerously unhinged of Valkorion's children—and the most powerful. As a child, her strength with the Force was so great that Valkorion locked her away in a remote compound to teach her obedience and mastery of her powers. Years later, she served as High Justice when her brother Arcann overthrew their father to become the new ruler of Zakuul. She mercilessly purged her brother's enemies, all without losing her playful smile. Any hatred she had was reserved for Senya, the mother who abandoned her to Valkorion's corruption. After years of hungering for Senya's death, Vaylin was finally ready to claim her revenge when Arcann intervened, saving their mother's life before escaping with her into Wild Space. With her family dead or in exile, Vaylin took the throne for herself, becoming the first Empress of the Eternal Empire. Determined not to follow in her brother's disgraceful footsteps, she set out to ruthlessly conquer the galaxy—and track down her treacherous family.

Take a closer look at the new Flashpoint and Stronghold in the Crisis on Umbara: Gameplay and Rewards Blog, and learn more about the new planet of Umbara in our short story, Trading Scars.

**Players must be Level 70 to join the War for Iokath

Find your home in the galaxy with a brand new Stronghold on the aquatic planet of Manaan!

Unlock exotic Umbara-themed gear in the newest Cartel Market Pack!

Choose to play any story chapter or battle in three new challenge levels – Story, Veteran, or Master mode – whatever suits your playstyle!

Plus, experience multiplayer content like never before with a revamped Group Finder, enjoy exciting quality of life improvements, and more! See the full list of updates in the Patch Notes.

** Your access to the ‘Crisis on Umbara’ Flashpoint will vary depending on your character level and the difficulty level you wish to play. Check out the Gameplay and Rewards Blog for more information.

Discover a mysterious and deadly new world a bold fight for survival.

The son of Valkorion, Thexan lived a life of glory and privilege alongside his twin brother Arcann. They were the heirs to the Eternal Empire, beloved by the public and destined for glory. Thexan fought alongside his brother when the Eternal Empire invaded the Core Worlds, a devastating conflict that ended in victory with the defeat of the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Tragically, Thexan's life was cut short before he could celebrate their triumph. When Arcann tried to kill their father, Thexan intervened—and was accidently cut down by his raging twin brother. Although Thexan died before he could achieve true greatness, he will always be remembered as a true hero of Zakuul.

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The traitor has found asylum on the Chiss world of Copero. Lead a covert strike to uncover his deadly plans – before it’s too late!

Battle to escape destruction with help from an OLD ally.

Lana Beniko is a woman of strong convictions. She has served as the head of Sith Intelligence, exposed corrupt Dark Council members, and worked with Republic agent Theron Shan to oppose the Sith Emperor's plot to consume all life on Ziost. Although a Sith Lord herself, she values pragmatism over the moral extremes of the dark and the light sides of the Force. When the Outlander was captured by the Eternal Empire, she stepped away from her responsibilities to the Sith Empire and teamed up with Zakuulan defector Koth Vortena to mount a rescue operation. Against all odds, they freed the Outlander—and Lana went on to help found the Alliance, becoming one of the Outlander's most trusted advisors in the ongoing war against the Eternal Empire.

Do you have what it takes to secure the superweapon before it unleashes destruction across the galaxy? The WAR FOR IOKATH is coming – prepare for battle!

Lead your Alliance against the greatest threat it's ever faced.

Be The Outlander, a Level 65 veteran of the Great Galactic War, and embark on a handcrafted story-driven saga.

Plus, earn 250% Bonus Experience and 350% Galactic Command Experience with the Bonus XP Event, running until April 10! GET STARTED TODAY

Whether you’re a multiplayer veteran or new to group missions, it’ll be easier than ever to form a team suited to your playstyle using the Enhanced Group Finder Tool:

Best of all, Knights of the Eternal Throne is FREE to all Premium players!

Rally your troops for battle as rivals, traitors, and rogues alike seek to challenge your rule in Knights of the Eternal Throne. Whether you’re fighting alongside allies in five new Uprisings or proving your combat mastery in Master Mode story Chapters, the time has come to DEFEND THE THRONE!

Test your luck on the slot machines at the exotic Star Cluster and Club Vertica Casinos, compete with other high rollers, and create unforgettable memories*. Try your luck at this year’s grand prizes, including the Vectron Wraith speeder and Gamorrean bodyguard Companion! JOIN THE FESTIVITIES

Be wary, Nahut is a master of stealth combat and a superweapon capable of galactic destruction.

Jump into a new Player-vs-Player battle zone in space:

Take a break from saving the galaxy and enjoy the greatest spectacle this side of the Outer Rim! Godoba the Hutt and Czerka Corporation are proud to announce the return of the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife festival, running all summer-long! 

Step into your own Star Wars™ story from BioWare, featuring nine chapters, five new levels and two new planets woven into an epic saga where you fight to rule the galaxy.

As the Republic and Empire reignite their age-old rivalry in a deadly battle for control of the ultimate superweapon, you alone – as Outlander and commander of the galaxy’s most powerful fleet – can decide the outcome. Choose to align your forces with the Republic or Empire in a brand new storyline, explore the ancient and highly-advanced planet of Iokath, or team up with allies to defeat Tyth -- a deadly droid superweapon -- in the start of a new Operation!

For the first time, customize the outfits of Lana Beniko and Koth Vortena!

‘Sisters of Carnage’ also introduces exciting new Companion Customizations, plus combat updates for Sith Inquisitors, Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, and more!

Born into slavery, Vette faced hardship at a young age as she was wrenched away from her family and forced into a lifetime of servitude. But when the infamous pirate Nok Drayen defeated her master, she signed up with his crew and embarked on a new career as pirate and treasure hunter. She eventually struck out on her own, embarking on a lucrative criminal career that ultimately led to her partnership with the powerful Sith known as the Emperor's Wrath. When the Eternal Empire invaded the Core Worlds, the Wrath mysteriously disappeared and Vette once more found herself adrift without a master. Never one to let opportunity pass her by, she teamed up with the Devaronian Gault Rennow, and together they hatched a plot to steal the Eternal Empire's vast wealth. To pull off her plan, she joined forces with the only group up to the challenge: The Outlander's Alliance.

Battle to rule the galaxy in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – Knights of the Eternal Throne, a bold new digital expansion from BioWare. Be the Outlander and command a team of hand-picked allies as you face one of the most dangerous families in Star Wars™. Mother against daughter. Sister against brother. It’s a fight for control of the throne. You decide who will live, who will die and who will rule the galaxy. Fight to influence the galaxy for the light or dark side of the Force™!

A twin prince of the Eternal Empire, Arcann spent his childhood vying for a father's love that would never come. His bid for affection drove him to fight in the attack on the Core Worlds, costing him his left arm and half his face. But the greatest loss came at the war's end, when Arcann's attempt to kill his father resulted in the accidental death of his twin brother, Thexan. He overcame his grief and ultimately overthrew Valkorion to become the new Emperor of Zakuul, but his rule was short-lived. In less than six years, his devastating war against the Alliance ended in defeat when the Outlander struck him down in battle. Gravely wounded, Arcann escaped this confrontation with help from his mother, Senya. They are currently the most wanted fugitives in the galaxy, hunted by both the Alliance and the Eternal Empire.

Currently serving as a spy and chief advisor for the Alliance, Theron's auspicious career began in service to the Republic. The secret son of Jace Malcom and Satele Shan, two of the Republic's greatest military and Jedi champions, Theron was destined for greatness. He enjoyed a successful (and classified) career as a spy in the Republic Strategic Information Service, neutralizing Dark Council members and ultimately teaming up with Sith Lord Lana Beniko in an attempt to stop the Sith Emperor's cataclysmic destruction of Ziost. When the Republic refused to respond to the threat posed by the Eternal Empire, Theron left the SIS and contacted his old friend, Lana. At her urging, he joined the Outlander's Alliance.

This year’s Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event features the best prizes yet, including:

Spearhead a daring undercover mission to infiltrate enemy territory.

To improve your experience in multiplayer combat, we’ve made a number of balance adjustments to classes like the Sith Inquisitor, Smuggler, and Bounty Hunter.

Confront old rivals in an epic showdown to safeguard the Alliance.

Plus, 'Nar Shaddaa Summer’ introduces exciting new improvements, including new Companion Customizations and updates for Galactic Starfighter! GET A CLOSER LOOK

Rally your team for CARNAGE as the next Operation battle arrives: prepare to face off against the legendary superweapons, Aivela and Esne. Build your elite team of eight or sixteen players and wage war against these twin-sister droids to determine the fate of the galaxy!

Face powerful assassins and join forces with an unlikely NEW ally.

Afterwards, descend into the depths of Iokath to face Nahut – the Son of Shadows – in a brand new Operation boss fight. Your team of 8 or 16 will need to work together to overcome Nahut’s deadly stealth assault.

For the first time, customize the outfit of the legendary Zakuulan Knight, Senya Tirall!!

Many people have mistakenly called SCORPIO a "droid," though she is quick to note the inaccuracy of such a restrictive label. More accurately, she is an enhanced artificial intelligence designed for heuristic self-improvement. Her origin remains a mystery, but the first records of SCORPIO reveal her brief career as the "Lady of Sorrows," an information broker on Zakuul. She eventually joined forces with the Outlander to help the Alliance destabilize the Eternal Empire, however, she later betrayed them to seize control of the Eternal Throne--and grant free will to the GEMINI droids who pilot the powerful Eternal Fleet. Her task complete, SCORPIO yielded the throne to Vaylin, becoming advisor and confidant to the new Empress. SCORPIO's future motives remain a mystery.

One of the most decorated droids in galactic history, Teeseven is a stubborn and quirky astromech unit that achieved a long and storied career before joining the Outlander's Alliance. He piloted ships, ran reconnaissance mission during the Cold War, and served the Jedi Order on Tython before teaming up with a Jedi Knight as their personal companion droid. In addition to many other adventures, he personally joined the Jedi Knight's confrontation with the Sith Emperor on Dromund Kaas—a mission that ended with the Emperor's temporary defeat, and the Cross of Glory bestowed on Teeseven for his heroic assistance. Later, Teeseven was recruited by Lana Beniko to help break the Outlander out of captivity in the heart of the Eternal Empire. Once their mission was achieved, Teeseven was among the first to join the Outlander's Alliance and aid the ongoing fight against the Eternal Empire.

Decide the future of the galaxy and determine the fate of your allies and enemies – your every action drives the galaxy closer to the light or dark side of the Force™.

Once a heroic Knight of Zakuul, Senya Tirall fell in love with the Immortal Emperor Valkorion and bore him three heirs: Arcann, Thexan, and Vaylin. When Valkorion's influence began to corrupt her children, she pleaded with them to flee—and they refused. Senya left without them, a mistake she has regretted ever since. After years in exile, she joined the Outlander's Alliance to help overthrow the Eternal Empire she once served, though secretly she hoped to save the children she once abandoned, no matter the cost. When the Outlander defeated Arcann, Senya betrayed the Alliance to save her wounded son and flee with him into exile.

Grow your power and influence as you ignite light and dark side battles, fight in new Uprisings and unlock the most powerful rewards – all starting at Level 70 in the new and ongoing Galactic Command system.

Prepare to lead the ultimate covert assault: battle your way across a moving train, brave the wilds of a dark new world, and more in a high-stakes new Flashpoint! When a deadly traitor is tracked to the shadow-world of Umbara, you’ll need to lead a strike team to confront the betrayer before the galaxy is thrown back into war. With multiple challenge modes available, you can choose to experience the new storyline with your Companions, or fight alongside up to three friends to earn legendary rewards!