Le’Veon Bell turned down five-year deal, baffling Steelers - NY Daily News


Bell appears adamant on signing a multi-year deal that will average out to $15 million a year, even though the Steelers' offer he turned down reportedly would have paid him more than $30 million in the first two years.

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As of right now, the Steelers are waiting for Bell to sign onto his franchise tag, and Bell hasn't reported to a single training camp despite head coach Mike Tomlin's desire to have him there.


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The Post-Gazette could not confirm how much money was guaranteed or if there was bonus money. But Bell's turning down the reported terms goes against what he told ESPN last summer about not being "real greedy."

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Those were the lyrics Le'Veon Bell rapped in a song he released last summer, and he's sticking to them after reportedly denying an offer sheet from the Steelers in July that would've averaged over $12 million a year for five years.

On July 17, which was the deadline for Bell to sign a multi-year deal, Bell's agent Adisa Bakari had agreed on the Steelers' five-year offer and just needed Bell to sign off on it before 4 p.m. But according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Bell didn't agree before the deadline, forcing the Steelers, who were reportedly baffled, to exercise their $12.12 million franchise tag.

“I’m at the top, and if not, I’m the closest. I’m a need 15 a year and they know this.”


But the highest paid running back in the league seems to still want more. Adrian Peterson still holds the highest paying contract for a running back in NFL history with his $96 million deal for seven years with Minnesota back in 2011, and it seems like Bell only cares about breaking that record right now despite making almost $4 million more per year than any other running back.

"I don’t play football just for money or things like that," Bell said. "I just want to be valued — whether it’s $15 million or lower or higher, whatever it is — I think we will get to an agreement eventually.”


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“He has not given any indication to anybody that he plans to hold out into the season," Steelers president Art Rooney II told the Post-Gazette on Thursday.