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Det pyntes til jul på herregården i HaldenPhoto: Østfoldmuseene

Gamlebyen FredrikstadPhoto: Fjellanger Wideroe Foto AS

Gamle HvamPhoto: Ninni Aarhus Tranum

Photo: Osensjøens Adventure

Clarion Collection Hotel AtlanticPhoto: Clarion Collection Hotel Atlantic

LogoPhoto: Sarpsborg 2016

Seilas i OslofjordenPhoto: All Onboard

Thon Hotell HaldenPhoto: Thon Hotell Halden

Photo: Buggegården

Lambda terassePhoto: Estudio Herreros

SjusjøenPhoto: Visit Sjusjøen

SuperlandPhoto: Superland

KonferansesalPhoto: Thon Hotel Oslofjord

Domkirkeruinene vinterPhoto: Frederik Garshol

Ut på turPhoto: Thorbjørn Olsson

På sykkel i Stange VestbygdPhoto: Thomas Mølstad

Gamlebyen modelljernbanesenterPhoto: Gamlebyen modelljernbanesenter

MærrapannaPhoto: Terje Rakke / Nordic Life

Logo VisitindrePhoto: .

Winter in oslo: Tiger statue covered in snow Photo: VisitOSLO/Didrick Stenersen ©Elena Engelsen / BONO 2018

A plate at Restaurant Kontrast is like a piece of artPhoto: Restaurant Kontrast

The county that encircles the capital city offers fjord and forests, land and sea, small and medium-sized towns and many exciting attractions and activities.

Nordre Lauer på HvalerPhoto: Sten Helberg

SommerPhoto: Ninni Aarhus Tranum

Photo: Jon Klasbu

Møtelokale på Victoria Hotel HamarPhoto: Victoria Hotel

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Quality Hotel MastemyrPhoto: Quality Hotel Mastemyr

InspiriaPhoto: Inspiria

Brygga11 Geir SkeiePhoto: Brygga11 Geir Skeie

Våler kirkePhoto: Skyphoto

Gamle HvamPhoto: Ninni Aarhus Tranum

Vigeland Sculpture Park Photo: VisitOSLO/Nancy Bundt

More than 1000 islands along an endless coastline, and 100 beaches. Charming villages, great fishing lakes and bright yellow fields.

Akershus festning (Akershus Fortress) Photo: VisitOSLO/Thomas Johannessen Photography

By the shores of the Oslo Fjord.

Between Oslo and the Swedish border lies this diverse and exciting region – Inner Østfold. Explore the pristine nature, which offers peace and quiet, as well as canoeing, bike rides and fishing. The region is full of variety, and offers nightlife and shopping as well as beautiful nature.

Scandic HavnaPhoto: Scandic Havna

Båt cafePhoto: .


Hurdalsjøen hotellPhoto: Hurdalsjøen Hotell

Allsang på GrensenPhoto: Halden Turist

FestningPhoto: Halden Turist

Photo: Mekonnen Wolday

Photo: Ice-karting, Vålerbanen

Sarpsborg is situated in the heart of Østfold. The city has long history being the third oldest city in Norway and the country’s first capital. Here you can find a lot of different activities both in door and outdoors.

KonventionsgårdenPhoto: Trandem

Kids playing in the snowPhoto: VisitOSLO/Oslo Vinterpark

Søstun gård i EidskogPhoto: Søstun gård i Eidskog

Photo: Høyt og Lavt Vestfold

Oslo Winter ParkPhoto: VisitOSLO/Oslo Vinterpark

KonferanseromPhoto: Rica Elgstua Hotel

VaringskollenPhoto: Varingskollen

Akrobaten & BarcodePhoto: Rolf Thoresen

Museumsbutikk Norsk SkogmuseumPhoto: Norsk Skogmuseum

Kortreist mat, Skaslien Gjestgiveri Photo: Visit Osloregionen,Kortreist mat fra Skaslien Gjestgiveri

Drøbak - FrognPhoto: Akershus Reiselivsråd

Halden is an idyllic little town nestled down by the fjord. Cobblestone streets, nice shops, cosy restaurants, river promenades and the guest harbor are all within easy reach downtown. Above the town center looms the mighty Fredriksten fortress.

Kongsvinger festning fra luftenPhoto: Bård Bratlie

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Påskebutikk, Norsk SkogmuseumPhoto: Bård Løken, Norsk Skogmuseum

Høyt og LavtPhoto: Høyt og Lavt Vestfold

BadelandPhoto: Quality

Fergen Olava på SkjærhaldenPhoto: Stein Kristian Martinsen

OldtidsveienPhoto: Christian Andersen

Norsk Skogmuseum BjørnPhoto: Øyvind Lund

Photo: Trude S

Haldens festning badet i flomlysPhoto: Halden Turist

Radisson BLUPhoto: Radisson BLU Oslo Airport

Sykkeltur FinnskogenPhoto: Morten Holt

AktiviteterPhoto: Terje Rakke / Nordic Life

Landskap ved MjøsaPhoto: Trond Lillebo

MøllebyenPhoto: Møllebyen

Reiser og opplevelser butikkenPhoto: Reiser og opplevelser

TusenFrydPhoto: TusenFryd

Inspiration and information to make the most of your stay in Oslo.

Pekka KuusistoPhoto: Kaapo Kamu

Oslo Winter ParkPhoto: VisitOSLO/Oslo Vinterpark

Kanotur på Storsjøen, Odal Kano og FritidPhoto: Kanotur på Storsjøen, Odal Kano og Fritid

Resepsjon Quality Hotel FredrikstadPhoto: Quality Hotel Fredrikstad

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Two good neighbours, Fredrikstad & Hvaler belong together. If you visit one, you will not want to miss out on the other. The Fortified town and the beautiful archipelago of Hvaler is a must see.

Skambankt, Øyafestivalen 2014 Photo: Erik Moholdt/Øyafestivalen

Shopping i LarviksdistriktetPhoto: Jarle A. Melby

Haugar Vestfold KunstmuseumPhoto: Vestfoldmuseene

HaldenkanalenPhoto: Steinar Fundingsrud

Historic meeting place since 1814.

Quality Hotel Grand FarrisPhoto: Quality Hotel Grand Farris

hafslund hovedgårdPhoto: hafslund hovedgård

Lake Mjøsa, manor farms, River Glomma, the Finnskogen forest, charming cities and towns. Glass, treetop huts, local food, bike, skiing, and angling. Just to mention a few of the things you can experience in Hedmark.

Kids playing in the snowPhoto: VisitOSLO/Oslo Vinterpark

Lambda terassePhoto: Estudio Herreros

KanoPhoto: Grete Elgetun

Oscarsborg Festning - vakkert beliggende midt i OslofjordenPhoto: Forsvarsbygg Nasjonale Festningsverk

SpinSpider TusenfrydPhoto: TusenFryd

Akrobaten & Barcode Photo: Rolf Thoresen

Larvik, Stavern and Lågendalen offer great experiences in beautiful nature, gorgeous archipelago, cosy villages and happy, friendly people.

Benches in MøllergataPhoto: VisitOSLO/Didrick Stenersen

Hurdal SkisenterPhoto: Hurdal Skisenter

Bærums VerkPhoto: Bærums Verk

Refsnes GodsPhoto: Refsnes Gods

Allsang på GrensenPhoto: Halden Turist

Møtelokale på Victoria Hotel HamarPhoto: Victoria Hotel

Children's Oslo Photo: Skiforeningen/Stian Elton

Rast på Skafferiet, HelgøyaPhoto: Øyvind Wold

The weather in Oslo today:

SykkelPhoto: Grete Elgetun

Map OsloPhoto: Google Maps

Norsk JernbanemuseumPhoto: Norsk Jernbanemuseum

FjordfestenPhoto: Fjordfesten pressebilde

Hurdalsjøen HotellPhoto: Hurdalsjøen Hotell

Photo: Vinger Hotell, konferanse

Farris BadPhoto: Farris Bad

SvinesundsbroenPhoto: Halden Turist

Photo: Gravity Sports Larvik

Oslo - Official City AppPhoto: VisitOSLO

Sjusjøen. Norges vinterdestinasjon #1Photo: Frederik Garshol

Moss and its surrounding region has a varied and rich cultural landscape with lots of great hiking and biking trails. Here you will find exciting cultural activities such as concerts, shows, art exhibitions and festivals.

Bærums VerkPhoto: Bærums Verk

MølenPhoto: Monica Klingenberg

Forests, water, culture and health. That is the Elverum Region!

Radisson BLUPhoto: Radisson BLU Oslo Airport

Metro LekelandPhoto: Tom Haga

Tønsberg GjestehavnPhoto: Bård Haug

Two gems along the Oslo Fjord.

Drøbak - FrognPhoto: Akershus Reiselivsråd

LobbyPhoto: Best Western Hotel Horten

Diverse FolloPhoto: Akershus Reiselivsråd

HankøPhoto: Visit Fredrikstad & Hvaler

Art for all in the world - Eduardo KobraPhoto: Visit Vestfold

TusenFrydPhoto: TusenFryd

Verdens Ende Photo: EL, Visit Vestfold

Photo: Torderøds Venner

VictorihavenPhoto: Victorihaven

TønsbergPhoto: Jørn Tore Røed

Quality Hotel MastemyrPhoto: Quality Hotel Mastemyr

AktiviteterPhoto: Anja Basma

Ramme GaardPhoto: Ramme Gaard

Hva skjer i Østfold?Photo:

Oslo JazzfestivalPhoto: VisitOSLO/Thomas Johannessen