The Ellen DeGeneres Show 12 Days of Christmas Ticket Giveaway



dear ellen I had to stop working in September I worked for Milwaukee public schools”i had to have knee surgery I would love to win so I can share with my grand kids I cant afford Christmas because i don’t have a job


Hi Ellen. I have lost my spirit for living and carrying on with this life. My Christmas’s are all nightmares. I have continued bad luck and I never have won anything nice. It would be a blessing from above to be on your show and try to lift this old ragged spirit up again. Pick me so I can regain hope for a better future. I have nothing now. I used to spread love now I spread sorrow. Please pick me! :uh:

Ellen, I would love to get to travel to see your show. My friend, Suzy and I would love to attend one of your tappings and it would be awesome for us to see you in person. Please give me this opportunity. I am disabled and stay in the house most of the time and I would love to have the chance just to get away for a while. Thank you in advance and God Bless.

Ellen my aunt and i watch your show everyday. Sadly to say my aunt doesn’t leave the house very much do to her legs and breathing problems. She watches your show everyday till the very last minute where she just has to say anyways with you. It will mean so much to me if i could take her to just one of your Christmas shows, that’s all she ever talks about is going to one of your shows. So please help me make her wish come true. Wishing you all the best.

Hi ellen show i miss you on t.v. for the summer .my birthday is 9/30/67 and p.wilson to. i wish for the hoilday that my dauther will have the best hoilday.and my dauther son who is 2yrs. she need rent moneys $2;000 doller for rent. my have pt work.dauther man do not work. she payment all the bills. buy foods for son.i will loove see help for domini for hoilday i geit sick money prom for .she is good mom.but i love my dauther domini payne. i need help with my birthday powerball lotterys number.domini payne. love mom wanda [email protected]

Hi Ellen, My name is Payton and i am 13 years old and I live in Lake Tapps WA (near Seattle). I always love turning on the TV at 4pm and sitting on the couch with my mom and younger sister. If your wondering I am watching your show with Jon Bon Jovi right now. Please please please choose me for the 12 days of give always. I love your show and don’t stop being awesome!!!

Please my mom had 11 children and im the baby of the family im 12 and i want some of them to go so please i love your show

Hi Ellen I would love to go to your show. I work at a vet in SB for 7 yrs .I have 3 teens I love very much but I need some big girls time please invite me to your show love you Ellen. Love joanna

Would love to attend one of your shows, especially one of the Christmas shows. Ellen, you make me feel warm inside, how nice it must be to be rich enough to give so much away, it surely is better to give than receive.

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