What Is the Mannequin Challenge? Teens Freezing in Place


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Back in 2015, a Google algorithm mistakenly auto-tagged black people as gorillas.

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For the past week or so, a new viral challenge has been sweeping across the nation, ensnaring teens everywhere in its powerful talons. As with the TZ Anthem, if you haven’t heard of the Mannequin Challenge (#mannequinchallenge), you will soon.

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Snapchat’s Twitter mentions are full of people begging for the old app back.

It’s only grown more intricate from there. Entire high schools are banding together to try and produce the best videos.

Ontario high school #baseballedition #Mannequinchallenge pic.twitter.com/pbFI3iXopD

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The whole incident was reportedly over a $2 bet with another player.

#Mannequinchallenge how we do???