When Harry Met Sally 2 with Billy Crystal & Helen Mirren from


Voiceover: (whispered) Exclusive. Billy Crystal: So after Sally passes away, Billy Crystal: it's not only about Harry dealing with the loss, Billy Crystal: but also about finding love again. Rob Reiner: Yeah, you know, because people love Rob Reiner: Harry and Sally. Rob Reiner: They want to know what they're up to now, Rob Reiner: even if one of them is dead. Billy Crystal: It's everything that the first movie was, Billy Crystal: but now to the baby boomer crowd. Josh Fadem: The boomer quadrant is blowing up. Rob Reiner: Oh, there's definitely an audience for this. Ali Wong: I have to say... Adam Scott: Oh, it's genius. It's genius. Adam Scott: Guys, this is the perfect way to do this. Billy Crystal: I'm so glad you think so. Adam Scott: I just have one little tweak. Adam Scott: Not a big deal. (bouncy piano music) It's just like the brochure, it's pretty great. Billy Crystal: Yeah, yeah. Mom wouldn't have wanted you in that big house all alone. She'd want you making new friends, Dad. Billy Crystal: I know. (music continues) The liver and onions please. I want my flax seed all on the side and I just want low sodium butter. Helen Mirren: And then for dessert I'll have the tapioca pudding, Helen Mirren: but I want sugar free whipped cream Helen Mirren: but if you don't have sugar free, Helen Mirren: then I'll just have a scoop of cottage cheese Helen Mirren: with seedless berries but if you don't have seedless, Helen Mirren: I won't have anything at all. Thank you. Helen Mirren: What? Helen Mirren: (mumbled) Have I got something on my mouth? Helen Mirren: Harry, you don't want to be with someone like me. Helen Mirren: I'm difficult. Billy Crystal: Are you kidding? I love everything about Billy Crystal: you and trust me, when you realize you want Billy Crystal: to spend the rest of your life with Billy Crystal: (stumbles over words), the thing; I'm getting old. Helen Mirren: Harry. (Billy screams) Billy Crystal: What did you do to me? Helen Mirren: Well, you said you wanted to spend Helen Mirren: the rest of your life with me. Billy Crystal: Yeah, 10, 15 years tops, but not eternity. Female Voice: B52. Bingo. Helen Mirren: Oh, bollocks. Maya Rudolph: So you dad's got a new girlfriend, huh? Jennifer Crystal Foley: Apparently. Maya Rudolph: Seems nice and pale. Jennifer Crystal Foley: He says she hates the sun. Billy Crystal: Come on ref, open your eyes. Suck it, old man. (laughs) Helen Mirren: Hungry? Helen Mirren: Oh! Billy Crystal: What's the matter? Helen Mirren: His balls are in the way. Billy Crystal: Well, give them to me. Helen Mirren: They're too big. Billy Crystal: Pass the whole sac. Rabbi: I will now cut the foreskin. (baby crying) Helen Mirren: Down. Group: Mazel tov. Jennifer Crystal Foley: Grandpa, take a picture. Billy Crystal: Everybody smile now. Billy Crystal: Oh, I'm liking that. Helen Mirren: You don't eat the entertainment before Helen Mirren: they entertain. Who does that? Billy Crystal: Spleen. Helen Mirren: I don't feed between meals. Billy Crystal: I'll roll down the window. Billy Crystal: Aw, shit. (man is whinning) Helen Mirren: Ugh, yuck. Coumadin, dammit. Officer: Bed bugs? Mike Tyson: Bed bugs, my ass. We gotto kill us Mike Tyson: some mother fucking grampires. Mike Tyson: Yep, yep, yep, yep. Helen Mirren: (moaning in pleasure) Yes! I'll have what she...Ahh! Billy Crystal: Fantastic, right? Rob Reiner: We got to give it to you, we didn't see it. Billy Crystal: Didn't see it. Ali Wong: I think it-- Adam Scott: I think it was great. Adam Scott: I think we have something really, really special. Adam Scott: You guys are firing on all cylinders. Adam Scott: I feel like...I just have one little tweak. Adam Scott: Not a big deal. Helen Mirren: So anyway, he was chowing down Helen Mirren: on this forearm. Billy Crystal: No, it wasn't a forearm. It was his thigh. Billy Crystal: I was chowing down on this thigh Billy Crystal: and here comes this little girl. Helen Mirren: Well anyway, he's always had Helen Mirren: this huge appetite. Billy Crystal: I have a very big appetite. Helen Mirren: Yeah.

The remake of 'When Harry Met Sally' that everyone has been waiting for is finally here. Starring Billy Crystal, Helen Mirren and featuring the many talents of Rob Reiner, Adam Scott, Mike Tyson, Rob Riggle, Maya Rudolph, Jennifer Crystal Foley, Mike O'Malley & Josh Fadem.

Starring:  Billy Crystal, Helen Mirren, Rob Reiner, Adam Scott, Rob Riggle, Maya Rudolph, Jennifer Crystal Foley, Mike Tyson, Mike O'Malley, Josh Fadem and Ali WongFeaturing:  Jenifer Lewis, Andrew Miller, David Sherman, Sara Wells, Renee Taylor, Noell Caroll, Martin Dusig,  Catherine Lydon   Soccer Girls: Ella Foley,  Anya Maynard, Ella Jean-Sprecher, Tess Feldman, Scarlet Orner, Maeve Carney, Poppy Miller, Blusette MillerBirthday Girls: Dylan Foley,  Tess Feldman, Ella Jean-Sprecher, Zoe Jean-Sprecher, Laila Mortensen, Scarlet Orner, Zoe Jean-Sprecher & Arrena DornDirected by:  Lindsay CrystalWritten by: Mike Foley and Howie MillerExecutive Producers:  Billy Crystal,  Mike FarahProduced by:  Allison Hord, Betsy Koch, Samantha SprecherAssociate Producer:  Liz Lanteri Director of Photography:  Clyde Smith Edited by:  Pat BishopColor Correction: Dustin BowserAssistant Director:  Tim Ketchersid2nd Assistant Director:  Matt MazanyScript Supervisor: Kristin OwingsProduction Designers:  Alexi Gomez, Caity Birmingham, and Martin Vallejo Sound: Chad Ubovich for BoTown SoundVFX: Tooth Animation by Dentity FXDental Prosthetics by Gary ArcherSFX Makeup:  Peter MontagnaSFX Makeup Asst:  Steve LaPorte Hair/MU:  Joy ZapataHair/MU Asst:  Norma Lee Wardrobe Stylist: Wendy GreinerWardrobe Asst:  Liz DicksonKey Costumer: Dana Loats  Camera Operator:  Mat AlcornAsst Camera Operator:  Ian JayGaffer: James ChildresKey Grip: Chris RauchBest Boy Grip:  Joel MarichG&E: Casey Desmet, Paul Brown, Cody Caldwell, Mike Primm, Matt RogersDIT: Thatcher Kelly  EPK:  Jordan Martin Still photographer:  Tiffany RoohaniProduction Assistants:  Alistair Walford, Paul Heikens, Andrew Grissom, Eric Norwine, Saba Zerehi, Russ Fung, Jon ZiskalSpecial Thanks to: Hollenbeck Palms, Bill and Peggy Heideman, Paul Linden, Gene Dugan and Alternative Rentals and Gary Archer